Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Player Spotlights: Venus Triplett

Triplett making a catch
against Olathe East.
Venus Triplett
Olathe North

Position: Running Back
Height: 5-foot-8
Weight: 175 lbs.
Year: Junior

Stat to Note
As a sophomore, Triplett carried the ball 181 times for 948 yards and 11 touchdowns in the Eagles' 10-game season.

Scouting Report
There are several guarantees in life: death, taxes and dominant Olathe North running backs.  If you've followed the Sunflower League in any capacity over the last decade you know how strong of a legacy Olathe North's running back position carries with it.  Names like Darren Sproles, Maurice Mack and James Franklin are just a few of the league legends that have come out of the Olathe North's backfield.  Triplett's name was being mentioned around Olathe when he was in junior high, and last season he showed us a glimpse of his potential.

Anything Triplett lacks in stature he makes up for in pure athleticism.  His strong and compact build, combined with his excellent quickness and speed (he compares favorably to former Olathe North running back Justin Gore) helped him to collect Second Team All-Sunflower League honors last year.  Those attributes, plus the experience he's gained, combined with an improved Olathe North squad project a big season for Triplett in 2013.

Olathe North head coach Gene Wier is a wizard at getting his best players maximum touches and production.  If history holds true -- and Triplett stays healthy -- don't be surprised if Triplett is in the 1,500-yard rushing neighborhood by season's end.  He's just too good of a running back to not have a breakout year this fall.


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Govannon Grey said...

So, what's everyone's pre-season power rankings at this point? At least the top half?

Move the Chains said...
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Move the Chains said...

1. SMW
2. LFS
3. Olathe East
4. Olathe South
5. Olathe North
6. SME

SMW has the depth and experience as well as defending state champs. I think 3-6 are there for the taking. LAW could easily be in the mix but they lost some potent weapons on offense. Sleeper team is Leavenworth.

Eli Underwood said...

I'm targeting early August for the release of my Preseason Power Rankings. The thing I've noticed during the compilation process this year is that after slots 1 and 2 there seems to be a major jumble from slots 3 down through 10.

With the coaching changes and whatnot, it's really a crapshoot with quite a few teams. But that does suggest it will be a pretty exciting fall. And for what it's worth, the teams I've chosen #6 and #5 in the 2011 and 2012 Preseason Power Rankings, respectively, have won state titles the past two years.

With limited depth at the high school level a key injury or two could completely sabotage a season. Likewise, most kids don't play until their junior or senior seasons. A steller junior class can come out of nowhere in many cases.

TheImpaler said...

Isn't the kid who played QB at SMS back this year? And a fair number of other starters?

Eli Underwood said...

Jon Prueter, the quarterback, graduated, but they do return as many starters as any team in the league.

xhawkdad said...

Lets go Hawks

xhawkdad said...

Lets go Hawks

Who's Your Daddy said...

xhawkdad. Don't be a rookie. You only need to publish once. Lol

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