Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sub-State Score

Friday, November 19

Olathe North 13, Olathe East 6

*Game review to be posted later this weekend.


EagleFreshman said...

Wow, this was not the high supsense Sub-State game I was expecting. Though I am over joyed that Olathe North won, I really wish there was a little bit more offensive results. 13-6 is far from what I expected to be a 3?-2?

This is one of the few times that I've been worried about Olathe North losing a game. But after seeing Heights' stats, I'm a little nervous about ON's performance throughout the playoffs. However, I have no idea how good the West Division. Until a few weeks ago, I didn't know anything about Heights or Dodge City. Are the other teams on west just pushovers, or is Heights really the best they have?

I mean no disrespect to any West Division teams. I just simply don't know much about those team. Anyways, we'll never no who is the best until after State.

Good Luck Eagles.

-Austin L.
Eagle Freshman #56

anb9924 said...

That number 9 for Olathe North had a great game. Key player in the game. I hope he got the game ball from his coach.

EagleFreshman said...

Yeah, Kyle Swartz #9 is one of our teams best linebackers.

Anonymous said...

^ and a outstanding punter too!!
Way to go Eagles and good luck at the State game!

Anonymous said...

Olathe Northwest is the best Olathe school. Period.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoever said that is stupid ONW was the only Olathe school that didn't make it to the playoffs

EagleFreshman said...

Hey moron, checkout ONW's record so far

2004: 2-7
2005: 4-5
2006: 3-7
2007: 3-6
2008: 1-8
2009: 4-6
2010: 3-6

Yea... not the best records ever. (I mean they almost never win)

Anonymous said...

ya onw hasnt had a winning season in how long oh ya forgot never

Anonymous said...

He was being sarcastic obviously u dumbfucks

anb9924 said...

#9 punted great as well. Is he getting any attention from colleges?

EagleFreshman said...

There hasn't been much tlak about him commiting to a college, but I think he has a scholarship from one of the nearby schools. (KU,Nebraska,K-State, etc.)

Anonymous said...
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EagleFreshman said...

I don't care, your unnecessary
comment means nothing.