Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Social Media Standings: Sectional Playoff Round

SM West beat LHS 20-14 in week one in a game
that was played in the remnants of Hurricane
Isaac.  Their rematch this week in Sectionals
has been a hot topic of debate. LJWorld.
Social Media Standings

Follow me @eliunderwood.  I'll follow you back.  Here's a look at some of the top Tweets from the top Tweeters this postseason.  Top Tweets will continue to be published weekly throughout the postseason. 

*Not all teams have submitted stats from their Regional playoff games.  When those have all been submitted I will post the updated statistics.


"Props to Derby for their 70-7 dub last night over 1-8 Wichita N, proving how screwed up the Kansas HS playoff system is!"

"had the privilege of coaching Nate (Trinkle), he was a great leader, competitor and a super kid! Thank you for posting the girls letter."

"He'll (Brett Sterbach) have to carry the ball 40 times to get it (200 yards rushing against LHS)." 

"One close game last night in the 6A playoffs and I was glad to be there! Two great teams went toe to toe and Chesty stood tall at the end! " 


"he (Brett Sterbach) told me he'd get +1500 at the start of the season! also he didn't even play the second half against ON or SMN. #BigNumbers"

"I hope Maloney gets a lot of attention from scouts next year.. He's a #playmaker"

 "Bet sterbach is right around that 1900 mark after this week"

"this week we take Lawrence together with Olathe East... #tailgatingtogether #nordicnasties #oeoeo"


"excited to see them. im also excited for a night in lawrence friday, 2 great games"

"social media coming out tonight? Excited to see the individual rankings"


"This is a completely different OE team... Still calling for (Coach Jeff) Meyers head? Lancers NEED a TO now!"


"Can you imagine the town on Lawrence if both of the high schools win? It'd be like last year for Olathe South and East"


"would actually consider that idea (joining up with SMW's student section on Friday night)" 


"David Stewart dislocated his shoulder had it popped back in place and hasn't missed a down on defense"


"Student section really came out tonight. #LIONPRIDE was high! #roadtostate #livingtofightonemoreweek "


"I can think of a lot of players (who've been better than Strauss), not just on the FS team, but on SMW, I don't know. Writing off Winslow, Dineen, and Mcfarland"


"that's (SM West playing on the road despite a higher seed) one of the worst rules ever made"


"getting pumped for this Friday night! Did a section in video announcements. What are you thinking??"


TheImpaler said...

I notice LAW had a pep band at G/E. SM District needs to pull their heads out of their rear ends and allow a pep band to travel to road games outside the district especially in the playoffs.

What Do I Know? said...

So excited for the better team, school, and fan base to win this week.

Free State Fan said...

I am a low tech man living in a high tech world. It is a miracle I can figure out how to write in a blog.