Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sunflower League Stat Check: Sectionals

Tye Hughes, left, strolled into the
endzone for his second touchdown
of the night, and 11th of the season,
on Friday against Olathe North. LJWorld.
Passing Yards
Holdyn Halperin, Olathe NW: 2,119, 9 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 2,110, 23 TDs 
Jordan Darling, SM East: 1,701, 11 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 1,487, 18 TDs
AJ Verdini, SM West: 993, 9 TDs
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 842, 7 TDs
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: 760, 7 TDs
Dontez Sanchez, Olathe North: 697, 6 TDs
Lucas Karlin, SM Northwest: 643, 2 TDs
Jon Prueter, SM South: 600, 4 TDs
Nick Finazzo, SM North: 260
John Blazevic, Olathe East: 243, 2 TDs
Landry Hodges, Leavenworth: 226, 2 TDs

Rushing Yards
Brett Sterbach, SM West: 1,702, 19 TDs
Gabe Guild, SM South: 1,470, 12 TDs
Hayden Frazier, Olathe East: 1,449, 14 TDs
Jason Randall, Leavenworth: 1,030, 9 TDs
Russell White, Olathe South: 1,012, 12 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 948, 11 TDs
Alex Pruss, Olathe Northwest: 906, 7 TDs
Kelby Quint, SM Northwest: 836, 9 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 731, 14 TDs
TJ Cobbs, Free State: 664, 14 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 643, 6 TDs
Elbert Johnson, Olathe North: 587, 4 TDs
Patrick Blackburn, SM East: 572, 10 TDs
Henry Bell, SM North: 525, 6 TDs

Receiving Yards
Will Thompson, Lawrence: 809, 6 TDs
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 797, 5 TDs
Nathan Power, Olathe Northwest: 702, 3 TDs
Tye Hughes, Free State: 588, 9 TDs
Erick Mayo, Lawrence: 568, 10 TDs
Drake Hofer, Lawrence: 542, 6 TDs
Chase Gitlin, Olathe Northwest: 533, 2 TDs
Andre Maloney, SM West: 464, 9 TDs
Eli Keppler, Leavenworth: 368, 3 TDs
Matt Elliott, Olathe South: 335, 4 TDS
Manny Psihountas, Olathe Northwest: 310, 1 TD
Jake Horner, SM Northwest: 301

Jeramie Fischer, SM South: 103
Josh Ammel, Leavenworth: 101
Corban Schmidt, Free State: 98
Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 98
Marquan Osbey, SM West: 86
Max Bullard, SM West: 85
Jordan Donnelson, Leavenworth: 84
Alex Durr, Olathe Northwest: 81
Keith Loneker, Free State: 81
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 78
Rashaun Owens, SM West: 78
Asaph Jewsome, Lawrence: 76
Hunter Haralson, Lawrence: 75
David Stewart, SM East: 75
Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 71
Lovelle Jones, SM Northwest: 71

Blake Winslow, Free State: 7.5
Max Bullard, SM West: 6
Keith Loneker, Free State: 6
Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 5.5
Kieren Severa, Lawrence: 5.5
Josh Seybert, Lawrence: 5
Lee Spight, SM West: 5
Kyle Ball, SM East: 4
Kharon Brown, Lawrence: 4
Cody Stanclift, Free State: 4
Ariska Savior, SM Northwest: 3.5
Ryan Ahlgren, Olathe East: 3
Austin Chambers, SM West: 3
Jeramie Fischer, SM South: 3
Connor Holsinger, Oalthe Northwest: 3
Braden Smith, Olathe South: 3
Chaz Union, SM South: 3

Matt Elliott, Olathe South: 4
Erick Mayo, Lawrence: 4
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 4
Demarko Bobo, Free State: 3
Joe Dineen, Free State: 3
Jake Hoskins, SM Northwest: 3
Andre Maloney, SM West: 3
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 3

Force Fumbles
Ryan Ahlgren, Olathe East: 5
Dominique Atkinson, SM East: 3
Corban Schmidt, Free State: 3

Fumble Recoveries
Chaz Union, SM South: 4
Rasheed Brady, SM South: 3
Sawyer Hawkins, Olathe South: 3

Defensive Touchdowns
Demarko Bobo, Free State: 2 (2 ints)
Jake Reed, Olathe North: 2 (2 ints)
Cooper Arner, SM West: 1 (int)
Bryson Baldon, Olathe East: 1 (int)
Carson Bown, Free State: 1 (int)
Jalen Branson, Olathe East: 1 (int)
Jordan Brown, Lawrence: 1 (fum)
Joe Dineen, Free State: 1 (int)
Khalil Hattley, SM Northwest: 1 (int)
Eli Keppler, Leavenworth: 1 (fum)
TJ Stinson, Leavenworth: 1 (fum)
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 (int)
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 1 (int)
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 1 (int)
Joel Spiller, SM West: 1 (fum)
Cody Stanclift, Free State: 1 (int)
Chaz Union, SM South: 1 (fum)

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Tye Hughes, Free State: 2 PR TDs
Jason Randall, Leavenworth: 2 KR TDs
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 1 KR TD 
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 PR TD
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 1 PR TD
Brandon Trinkle, Olathe East: 1 PR TD 
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 1 KR TD  

Field Goals
Joey Reed, SM West: (6/8)
Riley Adam, Olthe Northwest: (5/5)
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: (4/6)
Jorge Rivera, Olathe North: (3/3)
Will Humphrey, SM East: (3/4)
Dainan Swoope, SM South: (3/4)
Alex Allen, SM Northwest: (2/2)
Jonathan Killeen, SM Northwest: (2/3)
Ryan Ahlgren, Olathe East: (2/6)
Antonio Schoenich, Free State: (1/1)
Logan Swartz, Olathe South: (1/1)

Punting Average (minimum 10 punts)
Chase Hanson, Olathe South: 38.5
Joey Reed, SM West: 37.2
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 36.7
Alex Springer, SM Northwest: 33.9
Cameron Sherron, SM South: 33.6
Nathan Guthrie, Olathe East: 33.6
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 33.5
Saxon Mingus, Free State: 32.6
Dainan Swoope, SM South: 32
Devin Anctil, Olathe Northwest: 31.5
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: 31.4
Ju'wan White, Olathe North: 30
Nick Finazzo, SM North: 25.9
Riley Curran, Olathe East: 25

Stats courtesy
Lawrence defensive stats courtesy Trae Green 


Bird Hunter said...

Having seen I believe every team in the league play either in person or on film and looking at the offensive numbers and the talent at each school; I'd say Olathe Northwest clearly had the best offensive line in the league this year.

Bird Hunter said...

Having seen I believe every team in the league play either in person or on film and looking at the offensive numbers and the talent at each school; I'd say Olathe Northwest clearly had the best offensive line in the league this year.

HUH? said...

^^Hahahaaahhhaahaha^^ no such thing about Olathe Northwest.

Bird Hunter said...

Explain why not; the skill position players at ONW are less talented and slower than any other school in the SFL but yet there offensive numbers are as good as any team in the league. If you watch every offensive team in the league and compare them to ONW I think you'll see that the O Line at ONW was by far and away the strongest part of an offense that put up very good numbers.

TheImpaler said...

Curious on the stats from the SMW-BVNW game... what were Maloney's rushing and receiving yards, Verdini's QB stats line and total penalty yards for both teams. Do you have access to those numbers?

Eli Underwood said...

I don't have Maloney's stats but his highlights from the BVNW game are available here: