Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday Report: SM East Week

The whispers of an undefeated regular season are covering the SM West community this week. Under Tim Callaghan, SM West has accomplished that feat once, in 2006. The 2006 squad was led by the likes of Blake Lawrence and David Leonard, of whom are now playing at Nebraska, and Wyoming respectively. SM West finished the 2006 season 12-1, losing to Hutchinson in the 6A State Championship game.

The game that will decide the regular season final tally, is against SM East. There is something about this rivalry that always makes the game competitive, despite the fact that SM West has won every game between the two teams over the last decade.

After losing track star and starting running back Terrance Thomas to graduation, SM East has gravited towards more of a passing centered offense. Players who would normally be racking up rushing yards are instead adding yardage through receptions.

SM East is led by their 5-foot-11, 200 pound bruiser, senior Marcus Webb. Webb has been a fixture for SM East since he began starting for the Lancers his sophomore season in 2006. Lined up as a receiver for the Lancers, Webb has just under 500 yards receiving on the season. He is also a key player on the defensive side of the ball.

SM East's other bruiser, junior Kevin Hertel, has also been dominant on the offensive side of the ball accounting for over 300 receiving yards.

No player on the SM East roster has rushed for over 500 yards. Based on that stat alone, it is pretty obvious that SM East has been doing a majority of their work through the air with the help of Webb, and Hertel.

SM East's current District point total is sitting at 0 after losing by more than 12 points to SM Northwest. SM West has a total of 19 points based on the 12 points awarded for beating SM North, and the seven previous points received from defeating SM Northwest. Essentially SM West is sitting pretty right now. The District point system gets very confusing when viewed in furthur detail but essentially SM West would have to lose to SM East by more than 19 points and based on that score, SM Northwest would have to win by a certain total for SM West to not make the playoffs. But, in all likelyhood SM West will take care of business Friday and win the district crown.

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