Monday, October 3, 2011

Week Five Review

Three Up
Brad Strauss and Lawrence left SM East
in the dust with their 31-0 effort on Friday.
Photo courtesy the Lawrence Journal World.

Olathe South
By going undefeated through the first five games the Falcons have helped to set up a big time game with Olathe North this week.  Their late comeback against Olathe Northwest gave them the victory and all the confidence in the world.

It appears the Chesty Lions are back on track--for now.  They will likely be favored to win in two of their final four games, and if they continue to play they way they did against SM East there's a a good chance they'll close out the season with better than a 2-2 finish.

SM South
SM South claimed its first victory under head coach Ryan Lonergan.  As usual, the Raiders offense was high-flying and running back Gabe Guild's 342 rushing yards might have broke a SM South school record.

Three Down

SM East
The Lancers need to figure things out.  They are underperforming given their overall talent pool, and they haven't stepped up in any of their big games this season.  Their playoff bid is looking less and less like a sure thing.

SM North
The Indians seem to have almost regressed as the season has continued.  The newest low was their 35-point shutout loss against Free State.  The rest of the schedule isn't exactly murderer's row, but SM North hasn't shown us much.

The Pioneers have held true to their usual struggles in year two under Kevin Kopecky.  The 0-5 start, while not surprising, is an all too common theme for the program.

Week Five Players of the Week

Gabe Guild, SM South: Guild may have broken a school rushing record with his performance Friday night.  In total, Guild ran the ball 30 times for 342 yards and three touchdowns.  His efforts helped SM South to a 42-35 victory, their first of the season.

Brad Strauss, Lawrence: Strauss was nearly uncontainable for SM East's defense this past week.  In leading his team to a 31-0 victory, Strauss completed 9-of-17 passes for 186 yards and a touchdown, including rushing for 192 yards and a touchdown on only nine carries.  He's now totaled over 1,500 yards of offense for Lawrence on the season.

Willie Cauley, Olathe Northwest: Cauley had arguably the best game of his short football career against Olathe South, catching 11 passes for 223 yards and one touchdown.  The only downside to his performance was the fact that his team lost after a late Olathe South comeback.

Week Six Power Rankings

1. Olathe North (5-0): The Eagles will face their second major test of the season this Friday when they take on the undefeated Falcons from Olathe South.

2. Olathe South (5-0): A combination of explosive plays and gritty determination has Olathe South at 5-0, with a shot a pulling an upset against Olathe North this week.

3. Olathe East (4-1): The Hawks collected their fourth win in a row with their usual combination of a stellar run game and solid defense.

4. Lawrence (3-2): The 31-point win over SM East was a bit of a shocker, but it just goes to show the explosiveness of the LHS offense when it's clicking on all cylinders.

5. Lawrence Free State (4-1): The Firebirds haven't played a tough schedule by any means, but you can't discount them for having won four games in a row.

6. SM East (2-3): There are lots of questions and few answers surrounding SM East at this point in the season.  How the respond against Free State will tell us quite a bit about the team.

7. SM West (2-3): The Vikings should continue their alternating win-loss pattern this week when they take on Leavenworth.

8. Olathe Northwest (2-3): The Ravens just can't ever seem to catch a break.  Despite putting up great offensive numbers their defensive woes are preventing them from doing much damage.

9. SM Northwest (1-4): The Cougars played well offensively but their horrid defensive efforts prevented them from holding onto a win against SM South.

10. SM North (1-4): The Indians seem to be bidding their time waiting for their easy district slate.  They've put up just three touchdowns in the past three weeks.

11. SM South (1-4): SM South finally got into the win column after five weeks of play.  Like many other teams, if they could step it up defensively they could make a solid run at the playoffs.

12. Leavenworth (0-5): Game number two in a four week stretch of road games has the Pioneers traveling to SM West.


TheImpaler said...

The Impaler's mid-season district previews:

Dist 1. WYAN (2-2), SMNW (1-4), SMN (1-4), LV (0-5). Here we go again. Wow, what an awful district, I sure hope they break this up next year. You can't even say for sure the Cougs are the best team this year because they graduated so much talent and don't seem to have replaced any of it. Still, WYAN and LV are as bad as ever so I'll have to pick this one the same as last year: 1. SMNW (3-0,4-5) 2. (SMN 2-1,3-6)

Dist 2. BVN (0-5), SMS (1-4), SMW (2-3), SME (2-3) Almost as bad especially with the seeming collapse of the Lancer program. It's just hard for me to imagine West can't run the table with 4 opponents remaining who are 3-17. Probably a toss up between East and South for second at this point. 1. SMW (3-0,6-3), 2. SME (2-1,4-5)

Dist. 3 OE( 4-1), OS (5-0), BVNW (3-2), BVW (3-2). On paper at least the best district. I really don't think the Jaguars can compete here but BVNW might knock someone off. I could see this district winding with OE, OS and BVNW at 2-1 and BVW 0-3 and coming down to tie-breaks. I'm going to stay with my preseason picks. 1. OS (2-1,7-2), 2 OE(2-1,7-2)

Dist 4. ON (5-0), LFS (4-1), LAW (3-2), ONW (2-3) In practice this may be the toughest district. I think that depends on whether Free State is for real. They've played a very weak schedule, we'll see if they can get by SME this week. 1. ON (3-0,9-0) 2. LAW (2-1,6-3)

Which would make the first round pairings as follows:

1. ON (9-0) v. SME (4-5) (@ CBAC)
2. OS (7-2) v. SMN (3-6) (@ ODAC)
3. SMW (6-3) v. LAW (6-3) (@ SMS)
4. SMNW (4-5) v. OE (7-2) (@ SMN)

Eaglelover1 said...

Little lancers go home to the comforts of the swim and debate teams. Where is the sme blogger who made personal threats against me. I m sure he has his head buried in the sand. Their team is pitiful just pitiful. I bet coach Sherman jumps ship like he did in salina.