Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week Nine Game Recaps

Lawrence High's Tyrone Jenkins did an
admirable job filling in at the quarterback
spot for the Chesty Lions.  Photo courtesy
the Lawrence Journal World.
Lawrence 20, Lawrence Free State 0

Lawrence High's Tyrone Jenkins began the season as a second-string running back behind Charles Jackson.  After Jackson suffered a season-ending injury earlier in the year, Jenkins was promoted to the number one tailback spot.  After starting quarterback Brad Strauss was injured last week, followed by injuries to the second and third string quarterbacks, Jenkins was named the starting quarterback against Free State.

The Chesty Lions worked primarily out of the Wildcat formation, but Jenkins was able to connect on three passes for 94 yards and a touchdown, which kept the Free State defense honest to the passing game all night.  LHS scored first when Jenkins capped off a drive in the first quarter with a three-yard touchdown run to make things 7-0, Lawrence.  The Chesty Lions regained possession again midway through the second quarter and converted a 30-yard field goal from Anthony Rosen to go up 10-0.  A Free State turnover allowed LHS to regain the ball, where Jenkins found Erick Mayo on a 68-yard touchdown pass.  LHS led 17-0 at the half. 

Free State's hopes for a comeback were thwarted by a tenacious LHS defense, which forced three turnovers on the day.  LHS added one more score, a 29-yard field goal from Rosen late in the fourth quarter to seal the game at 20-0.

Olathe South 36, Olathe East 18

Olathe South needed to win by 13 points to qualify for the playoffs, but it wasn't going to be easy against an Olathe East team that had won seven straight games.  Olathe East bolstered that notion when running back John Kelsh took a carry on the second play of the game 64 yards for a touchdown.  Olathe South's lone response in the first quarter came when Teddy Colbert split the Olathe East defense up the middle on a 60-yard touchdown run, to make things 7-6, in favor of Olathe South, at halftime.

Olathe South owned the third quarter, collecting two touchdowns and 15 points.  The first score came on a five-yard run from Jordan Ward.  The second came when quarterback Frankie Suerer found Drew Johnson on a slant route that went 78 yards for a touchdown.  Olathe South led 22-6 at the start of the fourth quarter. 

Olathe East didn't give up on their hopes of ending Olathe South's season.  Kendall Kelly added two rushing touchdown for the Hawks, one from eight yards and the other one yard.  However, Olathe South combated those scores with two of their own.  The first was a 20-yard touchdown run from Matt Elliott and the second, which came in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, and the other was a four-yard run from Ward which gave the Falcons the 13-point cushion they needed.

Olathe Northwest 56, Olathe North 28

Hard to say anyone saw this coming.  Perhaps the frustration of being the "little brother" school finally reached a boiling point for Olathe Northwest.  Either way, their thorough second-half domination of Olathe North was not only unexpected, but also just the second win ever for the Ravens over an Olathe foe in the eight year history of the school.

Olathe Northwest led at the half, 28-21.  The Ravens' scores had comes on runs of 20 and 10 yards from Connor Middleton, in addition to a 57-yard running back pass from Middleton to Willie Cauley, and a 39-yard touchdown pass from Dalton Rook to Bryce Grimm.  Olathe North kept things honest with two short touchdown runs from Orange Mooney and Jordan Bruce, and a 29-yard touchdown pass from Bruce to Ju'wan White.

Middleton's first half heroics were impressive, but he went Simone-esque in the second half.  He ripped off consecutive touchdown runs of 44, 25, one, and 32 yards in the half.  Those scores gave Olathe Northwest a 56-21 lead.  Olathe North's final salute for the season came on a 16-yard touchdown pass from Bruce to Trey Geiger late in the fourth quarter.  The loss was the Eagle's fourth in a row.

SM East 27, SM South 0

SM East finally operated they way they had been wanting to all season-long.  The Lancers scored first on a 19-yard touchdown pass from Dakota Collins to Connor Rellihan in the first quarter.  Their second touchdown came in the second quarter on a 14-yard pass from Collins to Elliot Faerber.  In the third quarter the Lancers kept at it, when Adam Lowe scored on a 68-yard touchdown run.  The final nail in the coffin came in the fourth quarter when Collins found Faerber on a 13-yard touchdown pass.

SM West 34, Blue Valley North 31

This game was entirely too close for comfort for the Viking faithful.  A game against an 0-8 squad from BV North ended up going down to the fourth quarter before SM West was able to pull ahead for the victory.  BV North was led by Cale Gottsch who completed 19 of 60 passes for 494 yards and two touchdowns.  Gottsch gave the Mustangs a 31-27 lead in the third quarter when he took a carry 15 yards for a touchdown.  SM West was able to respond in the fourth with a four-yard touchdown run from Joel Spiller, putting them up three points for good.

SM Northwest 54, Wyandotte 20

The Cougars final district game turned out to be as easy as expected, as they scored the first four touchdowns of the game and led 28-8 at halftime.  Tristian Anderson had a solid game for SM Northwest, scoring three touchdowns--the first two on runs of three and one yards, followed by an 80-yard interception return for a touchdown. 

Leavenworth 35, SM North 14

No game report available.


alex forslund said...

that games was trash SMS sholdve beaten SME we out played them in every asspect of the game

Todd Haley said...

ON fans are very quite. Wow 4 straight losses, what the hell happened? I guess Orange Mooney really is a cancer.

TheImpaler said...

Viking dad, what the heck happened Friday night? I didn't get to the game. Looking at the box score it looks like our defense just didnt' show up, doesn't look like we had a lot of turnovers. Sterbach sure had a break out game. Top three rushers in the city Friday were from Sunflower league. Hard to believe or D gave up 31 points to freakin' BVN after we shut down SME pretty well. Going to have to play better if we're going to go very far in playoffs. Nice to have the 1 seed though.

Vikingdad said...

Defense had the worse game it had all year. BVN stayed in a no huddle offense all night. Defense could not react to this. Cornerbacks were palying 10 yards off the wideouts. Quickout passes and run after catch hurt us. open field tackles were bad. Our cornerbacks are good at coverage pass 10 yards. Too small to make one on one tackles. We only turned it over once. Sterbach had a great game after he fumbled the ball in the 1st quarter. We should be ok against LVN, but we need to tighten up the secondary in the second round. We played OE tight after giving up the 1st 21 points. Thier right end Baltimore, was almost no issue in that game. I think we will play them better this time. We will miss Trey Burt!

TheImpaler said...

Tre get hurt? I'm not so sure we'll be playing OE, they looked AWFUL aginst OS and ONW is the hottest team in the league right now. If ONW beats OE we'll get them at SMS, if it's OE we'll have to go to Olathe again. Of course it seems like every week the 'hottest team in the league' loses anymore.

Vikingdad said...

I think I may have said too much. I know our opponents read this blog. At least the opponents that know how too read. sorry SME.

Vikingdad said...

Just kidding, All Repect East, just fun.

NoOne said...

LOL @ Todd....everyone are quiet too. Last game at ONW was a fixed game...the refs...i mean, oh my god! ONW has ZERO penalty!
And they really want to kill Root and Mooney and they did by twisting their ankles and guess what? No unsportmanship penalty call!!!!!
OS,OE and of course ONW will not make it to the sub-state for sure.

Child please said...

NoOne, tell me again about fixing the game. Is there some large gambleing scene in Olathe that I am unaware of, that would have someone, what "paying off officals to throw the game" Thus allowing some gambler who put down a large amount of money on a wager that ONW would beat ON. Yea that makes sense.
The other Olathe teams may not make it to Sub-State, But at least their players aren't turning in their equipment this week. I'm not even an Olathe resident at all but find it funny that the ON fans can dish out the stuff, but when they lose, oh no everybody leave them alone!

EagleSenior said...

I can't wait to see Elbert Johnson tearing it up next year. and Todd, Orange was hurt in the first QUARTER, he had no control over the loss. So just shut it, it's not like you will win state anyways.

TheImpaler said...

Yes, it's true, I fiendishly picked ON to win just to drive up the line then dropped all my dough on ONW +12. Made a killing. Who won state last year?

KalFarley40 said...

my teams favorite ceral is captain crunch

Eli Underwood said...

Good weekend for Olathe Northwest's Willie Cauley. Not only did he help his team to an upset of Olathe North and a playoff berth, but he also made a commitment to play basketball for John Calipari at Kentucky.

NoOne said...

ChildMolester...Wah wah wah

Child please said...

Noone such a cleaver come back. I now know not to mess with such a witty NoOne as you anymore.
I'm sure there is room on the OS, ONW and OE pep club busses to all there games they have this week if you need a ride.

FiveFour said...

haha and its the return of Todd Haley, though i do want Shawnee mission east to win. I will have to say youll be pretty quiet this friday