Sunday, November 27, 2011

Olathe South 41, Wichita Heights 37

Olathe South's Jordan Ward scored a late go-ahead
touchdown on a run of 41 yards.  Photo courtesy
the Wichita-Eagle.
Kansas Class 6A State Championship

Olathe South 41,
Wichita Heights 37

You would be hard pressed to ever witness a high school football game as exciting as what took place in the 6A State Championship between Olathe South and Wichita Heights on Saturday in Topeka.  It could go down in Kansas high school football history as one of the greatest games of all time.

With just minutes remaining the fourth quarter Olathe South was faced with a 4th down and 10 in their own territory.  If they didn't convert the first down the game was virtually over. 

Olathe South snuck Matt Elliott out of the backfield on a wheel route towards the sideline and quarterback Frankie Seurer found him with a perfectly timed pass.  Elliott caught the ball and raced 24 yards, converting the first down and putting Olathe South in great position to score. 

Two plays later Jordan Ward took a handoff up the middle, broke through the Wichita Heights line of defense and dashed 41 yards for a touchdown.  He was hit at the five yard line but he managed to drag the defender to the goal line where he made a staggering reach for the endzone, resulting in a touchdown and an Olathe South lead.

Wichita Heights received the ensuing kickoff with just over 40 second remaining in the game, but they were unable to drive down the field and score.  The loss broke their 25-game winning streak.

The scoring explosion began when Olathe South's Teddy Colbert took a handoff and raced untouched 63 yards for a touchdown early in the first quarter.  Wichita Heights wasn't able to corral the ensuing kickoff, and Olathe South recovered the ball near the Wichita Heights 10-yard line.  However, Wichita Heights' defense stood tall and forced an Olathe South field goal, which went wide left.

The miss gave Wichita Heights the ball at their own 20-yard line.  They responded with an 80-yard touchdown drive which was capped off with a two-yard touchdown run from Marquel Moore.

On the ensuing kickoff Olathe South did just as Wichita Heights had done previously, fumbling the kickoff and turning the ball over to Wichita Heights deep in their own territory.  A few plays later Jon Wilcoxson took a toss 15 yards for a touchdown to give Wichita Heights a 14-7 lead.

Unfazed, Olathe South drove down the field on their next possession and capped off the drive with a two-yard touchdown run from Ward.  Olathe South missed the PAT, however, and trailed 14-13.

Wichita Heights looked unstoppable on their next drive, completing several long passes and dominating with their run game.  They scored when Moore took a pitch and went 25 yards untouched for a touchdown.  The score gave Wichita Heights a 21-13 lead.

Before halftime Olathe South compiled another long drive which ended with a one-yard touchdown run from Ward.  A toss play to Colbert on the two-point conversion attempt looked like a sure thing, but he was stuck at the one-yard line by Wichita Height's Chris Martin, resulting in no points.  At halftime Wichita Heights led 21-19.

Wichita Heights came back early in the second half with a vengeance, driving the length of the field in no time on their first possession.  A toss to Moore looked like a sure touchdown, but an Olathe South defender jarred the ball loose just before he was able to cross the goal line.  The ball squeaked through the back of  the endzone resulting in a touchback, and Olathe South ball.

Two plays later Ward scored his third touchdown of the game when he took a dive carry straight through the heart of the Wichita Heights defense and raced 83 yards for a touchdown.  A toss play to Elliott on the two-
point conversion was successful, and Olathe South led again, 27-21.

It was at this point in the game that Wichita Heights nearly made their kill-strike.  Quarterback Matt Reed completed a 42-yard pass to Moore which put Wichita Heights in the redzone.  Several plays later Reed punched in a touchdown from a yard out.  Wichita Heights botched the extra point, which left the game tied at 27.

Olathe South's Taylor Sheffield stripped Wichita Height's
Marquel Moore of the ball just before Moore was able to
cross the goal line early in the fourth quarter.  Photo cour-
tesy the Wichita-Eagle.
Olathe South regained possession, but then gave it right back when Ward fumbled the ball in Olathe South territory.  Two plays later Kenneth Iheme took a pitch six yards for a touchdown.  The successful PAT gave Wichita Heights a 34-27 lead.  At this point Wichita Heights was looking unstoppable.

Olathe South was forced to punt on their next possession.  Wichita Heights drove down the field in no time and came within one yard of a touchdown.  Moore took a toss and as he was about the cross the goal line when Olathe South's Taylor Sheffield laid a hit that caused him to fumble.  Olathe South recovered the loose ball at their own one-yard line.

Right on cue with the scoring in this game, Seurer dropped back and found a wide open Drew Johnson on a fade route on the first play of the drive.  Johnson caught the ball in stride and raced 99-yards for a touchdown.  The score tied the game at 34.

Wichita Heights started their next drive with poor field position at their own eight-yard line, but they still managed to drive 88 yards to the Olathe South four-yard line before being stopped on third down.  Wichita Heights converted a 25-yard field goal from David Hoyer, gaining a 37-34 lead with just minutes remaining in the game.

Several plays later Seurer found Elliot on the wheel route, as Olathe South went on to win their first state championship in the program's history. 

Box Score

Wichita Heights (12-1) 14 7 13 3 — 37

Olathe South (12-1) 7 12 8 14 — 41

OS—Colbert 63 run (Douglas kick)
WH—Moore 2 run (Hoyer kick)
WH—Wilcoxson 15 run (Hoyer kick)
OS—Ward 2 run (miss kick)
WH—Moore 25 run (Hoyer kick)
OS—Ward 1 run (run failed)
OS—Ward 83 run (Elliott run)
WH—Reed 1 run (miss kick)
WH—Iheme 7 run (Hoyer kick)
OS—Johnson 99 pass from Seurer (Douglas kick)
WH—Hoyer 25 FG
OS—Ward 41 run (Douglas kick)

Individual Statistics

Rushing—Heights, Moore 21-196, Iheme 11-96, Wilcoxson 7-96, M. Reed 18-89, C. Reed 2-3, Byrd 1-9. Olathe South, Ward 27-263, Colbert 6-84, Wilbur 4-12, Seurer 6-10, White 1-4, Elliott 5-(-2).

Passing—Heights, M. Reed 3-4-86. Olathe South, Seurer 4-5-183-0.

Receiving—Heights, Moore 1-42, C. Reed 1-24, Iheme 1-20. Olathe South, Johnson 2-129, Magott 1-30, Elliott 1-24.


Govannon Grey said...

OS scored on TDs of 99, 87, 63, and 41 yards against the fastest team in the state. Whoever called them O Slow early this year needs to bury themselves in a hole and not come back out.

NoOne said...

WoW! Steroids actually works!!! Way to go #52 roid rage!!!

NoOne said...

and yes they re slow...

EagleSenior said...

correction for govannon they are the fastest OFFENSE in the nation. Though OS did do a very good job congrats.

revolnoclaF said...

NoOne, you are pathetic.... Talking trash after your boys had a miserable season.... It is not steroids, it is genetics and a lot of hard work in the weight room.... Something that all of the Sunflower League schools should pay more attention to.... All of the south players worked their tails off this year in the weight room and there is not doubt in my mind that it paid off..... BIG!!!!

Crawl back into your little hole and watch all of the talent transfer from your miserable school.

You can say what you want and I will state FACTS:

Olathe South IS the Kansas 6A STATE CHAMPION this year.

Olathe South IS the Sunflower league champion this year.

Olathe Souths IS the fastest team in the Sunflower league this year (ask your boys Mooney and Root).

Olathe North does not have a coach.

NoOne is a pathetic little troll....

If you need us, we will be in the weight room....


Slugger said...

One Heart BEEP!

S.Y.A. said...

No One is obviously still recovering from a beat down put on him by good ol #52. Must have felt like a roid rage for you to keep talking about it, however, NO One, that is just from the intense weight training and conditioning and HARD WORK that was undertaken by the ENTIRE OS Football team. Perhaps you should try some weights and hard work and then you'll quit crying about the beatdown you got and maybe you can get into the playoffs next year. See, we don't need to talk trash - we won and it feels really good.

Govannon Grey said...

EagleSophomore, are you correcting the fact that OS is the fastest Offense in the nation, or Heights is? A) No one is talking nation, that's ridiculous, some team in Florida probably has that distinction.
B) If you're implying OS's defense is slow, but their offense is fast, that's not correct either as from what I could count five OS players play offense and defense, so it should be just about the same.
C) If you're talking about Heights Defense not being fast, you probably don't know that Skylar Gatson (#22) their saftey, is the fastest kid in the state and is most likely to win the 100m dash in 6A this year (He finished 3rd behind Adonis Saunders and Will Livingston last year). Their other safety Justice "Jet" Moreland isn't nicknamed Jet because he's slow, and is most likely going to be a D1 safety.

NoOne said...

hahahaha!!! Faglcons were never that fast!!! In fact Olathe East were the faster than the Faglcons they just happens to be stronger team this year pumping up with steroids! Ask your little boy Jared Douglas about the steroid that he has been taking it since he was in 8th grade.
Orange Mooney still said he is the faster runner back of the league so I rather to listen to either Mooney or Douglas over you "revolnocglaF" ever you never were a player so shut up.

NoOne said...

By the way, what's so damn special about so-called "weight room" with there commenters?
Sound like you guys doing gang bangs in there, sweating and much for "Faglcons".

Child please said...

NoOne sounds like you protest too much. Did Jerry Sandusky get to you sometime earlier? Olathe South won, they deserved it. Move on already!

EagleSenior said...

When I was talking about the fastest offense in the state I was referring to Heights, but the wholoe thing was merely a joke. Both teams played their hardest and I think OS really showed what they can do. Again, congrats to OS for their first state championship!

NoOne said...

@child molester LOL @ you since when you care? And "Sandusky"?? No wonder your a victim of child molester...Move on sickfuck.

Govannon Grey said...


Oh, Okay.