Saturday, November 26, 2011

State Championship Saturday

Saturday, Nov. 26

Olathe South vs. Wichita Heights
The game is being broadcast on Time Warner Cable channel 5.

First Quarter

Olathe South's Teddy Colbert scores on a 62-yard touchdown run.

Olathe South 7, Wichita Heights 0.

Wichita Height's Marquel Moore caps off an 80-yard drive with a two-yard touchdown run.

Olathe South 7, Wichita Heights 7.

Wichita Heights recovers a fumble on a muffed kickoff by Olathe South.  Jon Wilcoxson scores several plays later on a 15-yard touchdown run off an option pitch.

Wichita Heights 14, Olathe South 7

Second Quarter

Jordan Ward caps off a drive with a two-yard touchdown run.  Quarterback Frankie Seurer fuels the drive with several long pass plays.  The extra point is botched.

Wichita Heights 14, Olathe South 13

Wichita Heights closes out a drive with a 25-yard touchdown run from Marquel Moore.  He goes untouched on the pitch play.

Wichita Heights 21, Olathe South 13

Olathe South caps off another long touchdown drive with a touchdown run from Jordan Ward, this time from one yard out.  The two-point conversion try comes up one yard short.

Wichita Heights 21, Olathe South 19

Third Quarter

After forcing a Wichita Heights fumble and subsequent touchback, Olathe South regained possession of the ball at their own 20 yard line.  Jordan Ward took a carry up the middle 87 yards for a touchdown.  Olathe South was successful on the two-point conversion.

Olathe South 27, Wichita Heights 21

Wichita Heights responds quickly.  After a long pass from Matt Reed to Marquel Moore puts Wichita Heights into the Olathe South redzone, Reed was able to cap things off with a one-yard touchdown run.  Heights misses the all-important PAT.

Olathe South 27, Wichita Heights 27

A Jordan Ward fumble sets Wichita Heights up with the ball near the Olathe South redzone.  Two plays later Kenneth Iheme punches in a touchdown on a run from six yards out.

Wichita Heights 34, Olathe South 27

Fourth Quarter

Olathe South forces and recovers a Wichita Heights fumble at their own one yard line.  On the very next play Frankie Suerer finds Drew Johnson on a 99-yard touchdown pass.

Olathe South 34, Wichita Heights 34

Wichita Heights drives 88 yards to the Olathe South eight-yard line.  They kick a field goal to take a three-point lead, with just over three minutes left in the game.

Wichita Heights 37, Olathe South 34

Olathe South is faced with a 4th and 10, but converts on a wheel route to Matt Elliott.  Two plays later, Jordan Ward takes a carry 42 yards for a touchdown, with 45 seconds remaining in the game.

Final Score
Olathe South 41, Wichita Heights 37

Olathe South rides Jordan Ward on his 26 carries for 263 yards and four touchdowns as they claim their first state championship in school history.  Congratulations to Olathe South, this was one of the best football games I've ever seen!  More information and postgame write-ups to come.


Diablo del Sol said...

We have ourselves an incredibly good game

Adam Sullivan said...

could not believe that 99 yard td pass. amazing

Diablo del Sol said...

I couldnt believe the 24 yard wheel on 4th and 10.