Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunflower League Week Seven Game Recaps

Olathe South couldn't stop Traevohn Wrench. KC Star.
Gardner-Edgerton 34, Olathe South 20

Olathe South lost their third game in four weeks and dropped to 4-3 overall after getting blasted in Gardner.  The game looked like it might be close early on.  After Gardner-Edgerton's Traevohn Wrench scored on a 81-yard touchdown run in the first quarter to give GE 7-0 lead, Olathe South answered in the second quarter compiling a solid drive and scoring on a one-yard plunge from Frank Seurer.  The score make things 7-6, GE.  In the second quarter Wrench broke loose again, this time scoring on a run of 67 yards.  At the half GE led 14-6.  Wrench added two touchdowns in the third quarter on runs of two and 63 yards.  Olathe South countered with another one-yard touchdown run from Seurer.  Marshall Wade capped off a GE drive in the fourth quarter with a six-yard touchdown run to make things 34-13, GE.  Later in the quarter, Olathe South scored on a nine-yard run from Dominick Barbosa.  Wrench torched the Olathe South defense for 308 yards and the four touchdowns on just 28 carries.

Blue Valley Northwest 28, SM South 21

Blue Valley Northwest didn't have an answer for Gabe Guild in the first half, as he burned the Huskies on several long plays including touchdown runs of five and 44 yards.  Ra'Keim Abdul also scored for the Raiders on a 12-yard touchdown run out of the Wildcat formation, giving SM South 21 first half points.  Blue Valley Northwest added two touchdowns in the first half on an eight-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Alex Winsor to Austin Moses and a a six-yard touchdown run from Reed Coda.  Blue Valley Northwest controlled the second half, however.  An 84-yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter from Coda tied the game at 21 all.  Guild went down with an ankle injury, and Blue Valley Northwest scored again on a 24-yard run from Coda to go up 28-21.  SM South had a late chance at a score with under a minute left, but they turned the ball over on downs in Husky territory.  Coda finished the night with 262 yards and three scores on 30 carries.  Guild finished with 244 yards and two scores on 24 carries.

Lawrence 46, Leavenworth 26

For a quarter it looked like Leavenworth might be able to keep up with Lawrence's juggernaut offensive attack.  The Pioneers scored first on a 14-yard run from Jason Randall before LHS countered with a drive and a one-yard touchdown run from Tyrone Jenkins.  Leavenworth scored next on a 32-yard run from Isaiah Ross to make things 12-8, Leavenworth.  But that was all she wrote for Leavenworth's lead.  LHS came back and scored on a 16-yard run from Brad Strauss and a one-yard run from Jenkins to go up 22-12 at halftime.  In the third quarter Strauss opened up scoring with a 33-yard touchdown pass to Erick Mayo then a 19-yard touchdown pass to Drake Hofer.  The second scored put LHS up 34-12.  Randall took the ensuing kickoff back 88 yards for a touchdown to pull the score to 34-18.  In the fourth quarter Strauss added a one-yard touchdown run, before Ross scored on a 27-yard run.  LHS' Jordan Brown capped all of the scoring with an eight-yard run in the last minute of the fourth quarter.

Lawrence Free State 49, Wyandotte 6

The Firebirds of Free State made quick work of Wyandotte, gaining a 42-0 halftime lead, and shutting down the Bulldogs' biggest threat, quarterback Dimonic McKinzy.  Free State's first half touchdowns came, in order, on runs of seven and six yards from TJ Cobbs, a 30-yard pass from Kyle McFarland to Chris Heller, a 70-yard pass from McFarland to Sam Hearnen, a one-yard run from McFarland and a 32-yard run from Joe Dineen.  In the third quarter Demarko Bobo added a 16-yard touchdown run to give Free State a 49-0 lead.  Wyandotte got on the board in the fourth quarter on a 12-yard run from Antonio Moore.  McKinzy was limited by the Free State secondary to 8 of 32 passing for 102 yards and an interception.

SM East 34, SM Northwest 7

SM East rebounded nicely from their shutout defeat last week against Free State while SM Northwest dropped their sixth straight game.  The Lancers scored in the first half on 12-yard touchdown run from Jordan Darling and an 18-yard touchdown pass from Darling to Christian Blessen.  SM East went to intermission up 14-0.  In the third quarter the Lancers tacked on 20 more points.  The scores came in order on a nine-yard pass from Darling to Blessen, a three-yard run from Sam Stewart and a two-yard run from Patrick Blackburn.  SM Northwest's lone score came in the fourth quarter on a one-yard run from Clay Drouilliard.  Darling completed 18 of his 27 passes for 248 yards and two touchdowns, just a week after throwing for a season-worst 75 yards in the loss to Free State.

SM West 58, SM North 0

No box score was available.  SM West led 49-0 at halftime and had no trouble dispatching the winless Indians of SM North.  The victory, SM West's fifth in a row, pushed the Vikings to 6-1 and sets up a big time matchup this upcoming Friday with SM East, who is also 6-1 on the season.  For SM North, the shutout defeat was the latest in a season of headaches.  Perhaps their best opportunity for a victory awaits this Friday when they face rival SM Northwest (1-6) in the Hula Bowl.

Olathe North 40, Olathe Northwest 7

No box score was available.  Olathe Northwest jumped out to a 7-0 lead on their opening drive but then the game did a complete 180.  Olathe North, led by running back Venus Triplett, scored 40 unanswered points to firmly establish themselves as dominant team in that corner of Olathe.  With the win, Olathe North is looking at a situation where if they win one of their remaining two games (against Gardner-Edgerton and Olathe South) they will all but ensure a playoff berth.  Both will be tall orders, and their season could very well come down to Olathe South in week nine.  Olathe Northwest is left searching for answers after the surprisingly bad loss which came after wins in consecutive weeks.

Olathe East 31, Blue Valley North 14

No box score was available.  Olathe East collected their third win of the season and second in the row against the Mustangs of Blue Valley North and former Olathe North head coach John McCall.  The victory sets Olathe East up well for week eight, when they face former Olathe East assistant Mike Zegunis, who's the head coach at Blue Valley Northwest.  The winner of that game will be in a great position to make the playoffs at 2-0 in district play.


Seth Nation said...

LHS played a great game, and has faced many of the leagues best backs this season (Sterbach, Guild, Frazier) However, Jason Randall from Leavenworth is about as explosive off the line as any of them, man the kid is quick. Definitly someone to watch out for

Northforlife said...

ON held him to 36 yard on 15 carries

Wii Not Fit said...
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Wii Not Fit said...

SMW vs. SME and LFS vs. LHS in back to back weeks? Sunflower League football at its finest.

Seth Nation said...

Four 6-1 teams, that are arguably the best four teams in the state right now, all shooting it out in the last two weeks, yes there is going to be some great games. Being a Lawrence native and having coached quite a few of the LHS and FS players when they were younger, that game on Oct. 26th, is going to be epic...Maybe the most hyped game in the 16 year series between both schools facing off.

TheImpaler said...

TheImp's week 8 power ratings:

1. got 4 teams at 6-1 the only way to break the tie is head to head. The 'Birds are 2-0 against the other teams.

2. SMW...The Vikes are 1-1 with close hard fought win over LAW and close hard fought loss to the 'Birds.

3. LAW...Lions 0-1 but a close hard fought week 1 loss to the Vikes

4. SME...Lancs have to be 4th, they're 0-1 and their loss was recent and a blow out.

5. OS...I guess you still have to put the Falcs here and hope their late season swoon ends SOON.

6. SMS...I'll keep the Raiders here for now but they have to win the last two games.

7. OE...Will face Raiders for the 6 spot next week.

8. ON...A real Jekyll & Hyde team, beat the hell out of the bad teams and lose miserably to all the good teams. Got to step up against GE this week.

9. LV...Pioneers will finish 4-5 but that's a big step forward although they have no chance at playoffs this year.

10. ONW...Just couldn't get over the hump.

11. SMNW...maybe. Cougs fall to 12th if they can't beat Indians this week. Have not shown anything since the win over ON.

12. shot at a win is this week, you can get out of the cellar, Indians.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Seth, Sorry Charlie but the best two teams in the State in 6A are Hutch & Derby. I'm sorry I love the Sunflower league but our best has no chance against those two.
Mark it down and when the State Championship game rolls around if a Sunflower team wins I'll buy you a steak dinner.

footballer21 said...

That is almost word for word what people said about Wichita Heights last year, their is no depth of talent out west like in the sunflower where you have the potential to get beat every week, some of those team that hutch and derby play make SMN look like a solid team, never count out a more battle tested team from the East, Heights had no idea how to play in a close game in the 4th quarter last year, and OS took advantage

Govannon Grey said...
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SMEaster1214 said...

@footballer21...exactly what I was thinking. No question hutch & derby are good but it's impossible to rule out any of the top 5 in sunflower league.

On another (non-football) note...SME, 2 days, 2 state championships, girls tennis Sunday & girls golf today, tennis state final doubles match was SME 1 v SME big deal!

SMEaster1214 said...
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Seth Nation said...

I would agree with footballer, Hutch and Derby are good, and if note from my comment I said "arguably" the best four in the state. The Sunflower league is the best league in the state, and teams here are more battle tested and ready. It will be a good playoff run......hopefully it will end with LHS #1 and I get a son with a state championship, and a steak dinner from Who's your daddy

Who's Your Daddy said...

Ok fellas let me bring you back down to reality. How many Div 1 Players does the sunflower league put out every year? The Wichita and western Kansas leagues put out a dozens. Remember when you played little league football and they had a light team. Well the sunflower league is the light team and those schools have the corn fed beef. Look at some of their rosters. Start with Hutch, Salina South, Derby. They have sometimes up to 10 lineman that weigh 275 lbs and over. With multiple backs that weigh over 205lbs. As much as I would like to bring the hardware home to Johnson County or Lawrence I just don't see it happening. Good luck the rest of the way. By the way Hutchs schedule has include teams such as Rockhurst, Derby, Salina South among others. Do your homework.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Footballer South won the game yes. But they also had Jordon Ward and Drew Johnson. Ward was the most instinctive runner inside the tackles that you will ever see. And don't forget about the fumble inside the one yard line. Followed by a 99 yard fluke play. If the fumble doesnt occur South loses by 3 TD's. If they played 10 times WH would win 9. Hats off to South for getting it done. Its not happening this year. Whoever the teams are.

Who's Your Daddy said...

I still love Lawrence to get to the Championship.

footballer21 said...

Well that's all I'm saying, even if derby or hutch is a better team, you only have to be better for one game, which I think a few sunflower teams are capable of doing.

Who's Your Daddy said...

I'm with you baller. Anything can happen on a given day. My point is that the Western Kansas teams have big strong fast kids that dedicate themselves to football. We have the Johnson County Bubble syndrome.
The talent is here but the question is how bad do the kids want to be the best. There is a reason that such a small number of D-1 talent comes out of this area. The Coaches spend more time on fundraising than they do program building. The entitlement mentality of the typical Johnson County player is the biggest obstacle.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Baller, One more thing. SMN could not beat one team in any of those conferences. Somebody must have hit you over the head. Look at their conference breakdown they have a ton of 7-0 6-1 teams as well.

footballer21 said...

That is a very good point there, that may be why some schools that are around less wealthy areas have preformed better in the past decade in the sunflower, and I haven't looked that closely this year but last year when heights was winning every game 63 - 0 it certainly seemed like the talent they were playing was in question