Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week Seven Sunflower League Extra

Olathe North's Cole Murphy enters the
MVP Ratings after yet another solid
showing. Photo LJWorld.
MVP Ratings
Player rankings are subject to change on a week to week basis.

1. Joe Dineen, Quarterback, Free State
Week six stats: 14-of-27 passing, 97 yards, 1 TD; 13 carries, 39 yards

SM East's defense slowed Dineen as well as any team's been able to this fall, but in the end Dineen's and Co. still came out on top. With 17 touchdowns to date, hitting 30 touchdowns for the year is still well in sight for him.

2. Venus Triplett, Running Back, Olathe North
Week six stats: 19 carries, 180 yards, 3 TDs

Triplett is probably playing as well as any player in the league and his team's performance on the field is reflecting that. If he continues on this terror he'll put up incredible numbers and Olathe North will be very difficult to beat.

3. Jason Randall, Running Back, Leavenworth
Week six stats: 29 carries, 170 yards, 1 TD

Randall produced, but Leavenworth did not. Typically Randall's stats are a gauge for the type of performance the Pioneers have on a given night, but that doesn't take away from the outstanding numbers he put forth.

4. Cole Murphy, Quarterback, Olathe North
Week six stats: 3-of-5 passing, 105 yards; 13 carries, 62 yards

Murphy finally breaks into the MVP Ratings after what has been an outstanding junior campaign. We're only at the halfway point on the year, but Olathe North's state title chances rest as much if not more with Murphy than with Triplett.

5. Connor Leach, Quarterback, Olathe East
Week six stats: 6-of-10 passing, 83 yards, 2 TDs

Leach's 14 combined touchdowns are second in the league to only Dineen. Leach has, in my opinion, exceeded expectations for a kid who was competing for the starting job seven weeks ago. If he keeps it up he could quietly sneak up this list.

Honorable Mention: Christian Blessen, SM East; Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South; Jake Suerer, Olathe South; Drew Green, Lawrence; Luke Taylor, SM East.

Passing Yards
AJ Verdini, SM West: 928, 7 TDs
Joe Dineen, Free State: 896, 12 TDs
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 816, 7 TDs
Connor Leach, Olathe East: 639, 11 TDs
Will Schneider, SM North: 627, 4 TDs
Christian Blessen, SM East: 603, 6 TDs
Cole Dahlquist, Olathe Northwest: 507, 4 TDs
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 498, 7 TDs
Landry Hodges, Leavenworth: 479, 3 TDs
Chase Allen, SM South: 461, 4 TDs
Nyle Anderson, Lawrence: 349, 3 TDs
Jack Hatzfeld, Olathe Northwest: 292, 1 TD
Jake Horner, SM Northwest: 199, 1 TD

Rushing Yards

Jason Randall, Leavenworth: 905, 9 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 816, 12 TDs
Luke Taylor, SM East: 801, 5 TDs
Cody Sestrich, Olathe Northwest: 501, 4 TDs
Jalen Branson, Olathe East: 470, 5 TDs
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 514, 3 TDs
Drew Green, Lawrence: 496, 2 TDs
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 483, 6 TDs
Joe Dineen, Free State: 449, 5 TDs
Jordan Brown, Olathe East: 445, 5 TDs

Receiving Yards

Nick Perez, SM North: 453, 4 TD
Andre Maloney, SM West: 353, 4 TDs
Chase Gitlin, Olathe Northwest: 343, 3 TDs
Mitchell Tyler, SM East: 314, 2 TDs
Justin Hobbs, SM West: 271, 3 TDs
Khadre Lane, Free State: 260, 2 TDs
Nathan Power, Olathe Northwest: 257, 2 TDs
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 256, 2 TDs
Nick Oliver, SM South: 253, 5 TDs
Keith Loneker, Free State: 223, 3 TDs

Devin Shockley, SM Northwest: 101
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 87
Drew Green, Lawrence: 74
Nathan Guthrie, Olathe East: 74
Jadon McGaha, Olathe North: 70
Kyle Ball, SM East: 62
Jake Hoskins, SM Northwest: 60
Rasheed Brady, SM South: 57
Marcel Spears, Olathe North: 56
Lucas Werner, Free State: 56
Jimmie Swain, Olathe North: 55
David Burton, Olathe Northwest: 51
Trenton Clark, Olathe East: 51
Jordan Donnelson, Leavenworth: 50
Andre Pettit, SM West: 50

Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 5
Jimmie Swain, Olathe North: 5
Rasheed Brady, SM South: 4
Nick Oliver, SM South: 4
Blake Winslow, Free State: 4
Kyle Ball, SM East: 3
Drew Green, Lawrence: 3
Mitch Holsinger, Olathe Northwest: 3
Keith Loneker, Free State: 3
Jonathan Pressler, SM North: 3

Forced Fumbles
Devin Shockley, SM Northwest: 5
Parker Evans, Olathe East: 4
Jake Hoskins, SM Northwest: 3

Fumble Recoveries
Drew Green, Lawrence: 4
Blake Bersted, Olathe Northwest: 2
Joe Dineen, Free State: 2
Keith Loneker, Free State: 2
Ariska Savior, SM Northwest: 2
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 2
Devin Shockley, SM Northwest: 2
Branden Trinkle, Olathe East: 2
Ethan Wall, Olathe Northwest: 2

Joel Spain, Free State: 4
Ethan Wall, Olathe Northwest: 3
Adam Harter, Olathe Northwest: 3
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 2
Kyle Evans, Olathe East: 2
Adam Harter, Olathe Northwest: 2
Braxton Love, Olathe East: 2
Isaiah Simmons, Olathe North: 2
David Spivak, SM East: 2
Charlie White, SM East: 2

Defensive Touchdowns
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 1 (fum)
Kaleb Brooks, Olathe North: 1 (fum)
Coleman Clanton, Olathe South: 1 (int)
Adam Harter, Olathe Northwest: 1 (int)
Anthony Hunt, Leavenworth: 1 (int)
Keith Loneker, Free State: 1 (fum)
Price Morgan, Lawrence: 1 (int)
Justin Narcomey, Free State: 1 (int)
Isaiah Simmons, Olathe North: 1 (int)
Sam Williams, SM East: 1 (fum)
Blake Winslow, Free State: 1 (int)

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Jake Horner, SM Northwest: 2 KR TDs
Andre Maloney, SM West: 1 PR TD
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 1 PR TD


Austin Lockwood said...

The stupid stats werent fully posted today but Jimmie Swain has 5 Sacks for sure.

Austin Lockwood said...

Isaiah Simmons also had 2 Interceptions just fyi

MahValley said...

Never trust these stats, period!.

SMEaster1214 said...
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Austin Lockwood said...

Im sorry I mean the team didn't post them yet so they cant be updated on here

Eli Underwood said...

As has been stated in the past, incomplete stats are a product of the coaches not submitting their stats to Mid-State Sports in a timely manner.

MahValley said...

Sorry about that broad statement Eli. I should have been more clear on these stats, should have said that some programs do a great disservice to there players, fans, etc. on recording correctly and reporting in a timely fashion.

Your work in running this site is always impecable.