Friday, September 19, 2014

Week Three Game Scores

Friday, Sept. 19

Olathe North 27, Olathe South 26 (2OT)
Lawrence Free State 31, Lawrence 12
Olathe Northwest 15, Leavenworth 6
SM East 41, SM Northwest 6
Olathe East 14, SM South 6
SM West 36, SM North 6


TheImpaler said...

Wow, missed extra points should not decide a game. Must have been quite entertaining.

Austin Lockwood said...


Who's Your Daddy said...

Olathe East only won by 8 points despite 5 interceptions. Congrats to Mcclellan and D. Miller who had two each. Its sad to see players being blamed for inadequate play calling. SM South was filling the hole before the snap on every play. Running the same plays with predictable formations for 23 years does not work. If Chase Miller hadnt had a key 4th down and three 3rd down pass conversions to keep drives alive East may not have scored. The offensive line has no fire out and sustains blocks as poorly as I've ever seen. Maybe getting Ryan Perrin back from injury this week will help with that problem. This team has the players to be very good if the coaches can figure things out. Play action please !!!

orangeluv said...

@ WYD - Finger pointing is not the way to keep a team's momentum going! A win is a win! Also remember that one of the offensive line's responsibilities IS to keep the QB safe!

Who's Your Daddy said...

OL, I would not consider an 8 point win over SM South as Momentum. Especially after a blowout loss the week before. I also made four or five positive comments about the OE team. The team has the ability to be very good but won't be if 22 players don't give 100% effort all the time. In the game of football lack of effort shouldnt be brushed under the rug it should be called out and used as incentive to improve next time. All the blame doesnt go to solely one group or even the players themselves. Its much more difficult to do your job when the other team knows what play your running before you snap the ball. Even the best players giving maximum effort wont succeed under those circumstances.