Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sunflower League Week Seven Game Scores

Thursday, Oct. 16

SM South 21, Blue Valley North 9
SM East 83, Harmon 0

Friday, Oct. 17

SM West 36, SM Northwest 10
Olathe South 42, Blue Valley Northwest 20
Lawrence 20, Olathe Northwest 17
Lawrence Free State 42, Topeka Washburn-Rural 14
Leavenworth 29, Schlagle 8
Olathe North 49, Olathe East 3
SM North 58, Wyandotte 13


Austin Lockwood said...

HOLY HELL poor Harmon

Gridiron Fan said...

83 points??

That's ridiculous...

SMEaster1214 said...

I was at the HHS/SME game last night until shortly into the 3rd quarter and i have to say...and i don't know how to say this without sounding condescending (because that is not how it is intended at all!), I have a level of respect for those 17 (that's right, 17 kids dressed out!) Harmon kids that goes beyond anything i can recall in a really long time. It would have been so easy for them to just pack it in but they stood tall, at least while i was there. The entire time i was there they didn't (seem to) give up or roll over at all. I didn't notice any finger pointing or yelling at each other on the field or on the sidelines.

Anyway, congrats to SME and a big shout out to those 17 Harmon kids!!!

Sunflower football news said...

I couldn't agree more SMEaster, I was impressed with the Harmon kids too, and total class by our student body and fans cheering for them after the guys shook hands with them at the conclusion of the game.

Harmon, you will make it back to the top one of these days. Believe me it can happen!

Free State Fan said...

People will look at the score only and shake their heads, get upset, etc, but sometimes teams actually have to hold the score down because the talent levels are just that different. SME is a classy school with classy coaches and I have no doubt they did what they could to not run it up. It isn't like they all of the sudden started scoring points on people. They could have scored more on FS, but didn't. My salute to HHS too. It takes a lot of character to endure what those 17 young men are going through.

Eli Underwood said...

SM East pulled their starters at the end of the first quarter.

But to reiterate, yes, this was an unfortunate situation that neither side could have avoided (kudos to the Harmon players who have battled through the season).

If the KSHSAA was really proactive they would create some clemency relegation clause that placed certain schools, like many in Wyandotte County, in Class 4A where they could compete more effectively. I don't think it would upset anybody. I mean, Harmon has lost 28 straight games.

If I'm not mistaken, since 2000, there's only been ONE (1) occasion where a KCK school won a game in the playoffs, and that was in 2004 when Turner beat Gardner-Edgerton in 5A Regionals, then got caked by Blue Valley in Sectionals (note: KCK schools will occasionally make it into the playoffs on the merits of having an awful district).

For the record, SM South alum Bryan Salsgiver is doing a fantastic job at Washington. We'll see what he's able to do with that program going forward. They sit at 4-2 right now, and have a decent shot at the playoffs.

Sunflower football news said...
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Sunflower football news said...

Right on Eli, Bryan Salsgiver (SM South) is doing great at Washington, sitting at 12-12 while Jeremy Milne at Turner (Olathe North) is 10-14.

Both are in their 3rd season as Head Coaches and making great impact on their young student-athetes, all both coming from some very good SFL pedigrees as Sunflower Football alumns themselves.

These two both have great futures at the HS level, and in the future, possibly returning to the SFL when others retire in the future. Jeremy Owen, also an Olathe North alumn (1st year as Eudora Cardinals HC) will also be one to keep an eye on!

Austin Lockwood said...

Do you mean Jesse Owens?

Sunflower football news said...

That I do EG, my bad. Jesse is an awesome Coach.

Free State Fan said...

At the non-varsity level, and even at the varsity level in some cases, there can be a running clock if both sides agree or there is a point spread. Baseball calls it the "mercy rule". It might be a good idea in these unavoidable mis-matches to do so. About 100 years ago when I officiated, I did a game and both coaches said they wanted a running clock in the second half - before the game even started. In other words, they both knew the outcome before the game started. Seems like this would have been a perfect game to do the same (if they didn't... wasn't there, don't know.)

bldb said...

There was a running clock at the start of the 2nd half, as dictated by KSHAA rule. Coaches did not have choice because the spread was more than 60 at half.