Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week Five Game Scores

Thursday, Oct. 2

Lawrence 19, SM South 7
Olathe Northwest 37, SM North 20

Friday, Oct. 3

SM East 42, Lawrence Free State 14
Olathe North 38, Leavenworth 22
Olathe South 31, SM West 21
SM Northwest 27, Olathe East 7


Austin Lockwood said...

There is NO WAY that the team to mess up against SM North will be ONW. Come on Ravens!

Sunflower football news said...

@EagleGrad, it was a helluva game! SMN held tough and played great offensively against the Ravens D.

ONW played well though, their RB #14 is a horse. Probably by far the strongest player on their team.

Gridiron Fan said...

Safe to say that Olathe East has been exposed.

TheImpaler said...

Good job Cougs! C'mon Vikes getting better every week, let's smoke the fading Hawks next week.

Gridiron Fan said...

I never understood the hype with Olathe East this year. Looking at their remaining schedule and their poor showing against SM North coupled with tonight's big loss, I don't see them winning another game this season. The remaining teams in their schedule are getting better each week. East keeps falling. Eventually something has to change with that program. Too much talent to not have championships

Eli Underwood said...

Olathe East is a tough program to figure out, but the bottom line is always the same: they finish with a winning record and a playoff berth every single year.

While they haven't looked good lately, I wouldn't at all be surprised if they closed at 3-1 and enter the playoffs at 6-3 overall. They have some things to iron out for that to happen, but it seems like they typically find a way to iron out their issues in the regular season.

But maybe this is the year they don't? Who knows. The next four weeks will be fun.

Varsity Blues said...

Olathe East was down two key starters last night, Jalen Branson and Derek Miller. Also, their other injured starter, James McGinnis, was moved to an out of state rehabilitation facility this week as he recovers from his brain injury. OE was vulnerable this week, and SMNW capitalized on it.

In regards to OE v. SMN, or ONW v. SMN for that matter, the days of SMN being shut out are behind them. There is some serious talent on that team, along with excellent coaching. The SMN QB as a sophomore looks better than Ryan Willis did as a sophomore. It will be fun to watch SMN and their QB develop in the next few seasons. Don't sleep on SMN, they will upset someone who isn't prepared.

SME looks like the real deal this year. It's good to see that all of their hard work over the summer to prepare for the season has paid off. (I'm guessing that their head coach didn't take the summer off to travel to Europe.)

Unknown said...

He's probably is the strongest but he's definitely not the best running back on the roster. Look for #41 Dominique Bruce. He led the team in rushing with 8 carries for 99 yards. #14 only had 74 yards despite what Kansas City Star wrote. It was inaccurate.

Unknown said...

Don't count Free State out yet, they have some of the injured players returning this week and next. Just in time for playoffs. This team can still be a solid contender. They have played strong against a couple of the top two opponents in the sunflower league, so don't sleep on them.