Friday, November 14, 2014

Kansas 6A & 5A Sectional Playoff Scores

Friday, Nov. 14

6A East
Olathe North 27, Blue Valley 14
SM East 41, SM West 0

6A West
Lawrence Free State 37, Junction City 17
Hutchinson 35, Derby 28

5A East
St. Thomas Aquinas 27, Leavenworth 7
Shawnee Heights 34, Pittsburg 14

5A West
Bishop Carroll 48, Wichita Heights 7
Salina South 49, Maize South 28


Anonymous said...

Argue if you want... Leavenworth "Neers" would have been easily at 6-0 if they played the other teams in the Sunflower League. we made adjustments and its been 29 years since we have been to this point.. We have one of the smallest teams for 5A.. We would have crushed on OE East, SM South, SM North, SM Northwest and SM West... The flexbone offense that SM East is crazy.... and it works but the Pioneers are going to come back hard next year.... LV went 5-1 against 5A schools and we upset Freestate and they are running strong.

Viking Fan said...

I know this is just bait but I have to take it. "easily 6-0" why talk crazy at this point. After losing in 5A you want to talk on 6A. I think most have been pretty nice and respectful to LV but why try to call out the other teams. SMW got whipped last night but they did beat OS (now argue that they weren't any good).
What are you talking about smallest 5A? You are the 3rd largest 5A school in the state (STA is almost half LV size). If you really do mean "team" that is also crazy talk, it's about school size not team size. If that's the argument then SMW is one of the smaller "teams" regarding numbers so should that classification drop?
I can't argue that the Vikings were a great team but LV was not a 6A powerhouse or they would have beat the others in 6A.
Be proud of your team's accomplishments, shout it from the rooftops but maybe slow down the "what if" style crap talk.
Still upset I took the bait.

Anonymous said...

1. Answer this... who had the hardest schedule between SMW and LV?..... LV
2.When I mean size I mean player size.... Leavenworth is not a big team they are along the smaller size.
3. Not trying to what if..SM West is a good team and any team any given night can be a great team.

Anonymous said...

Our coach was a former Coach at Olathe South and won state championships at South... so your telling me Leavenworth wouldn't have beat Sm north, Sm south, OE East, Sm South? Our defense in the league ranks in what position??... This is our coach second season at LV and he turned a program that had a 29 year losing streak into a historic moment. What happened against Freestate with the Vikes???

Anonymous said...

You guys got shut out by ON West... SM South almost took a W against you you.. BV North was a close game and they are 2-7.. statistically compared to us where is LV at... You guys are down right nasty in the past seasons no lie I have to hand it to you... but at the end of the day you are average team like us...even though we are 5A we are still playing 6A Teams...

Anonymous said...

Where is Leavenworth ranked #17 and SMW #18.... You got shut out by Sm Eeast also...

Anonymous said...

last notes LV PF 306 PA 193... SMV PF 221 PA 243... please say more

Gridiron Fan said...

Olathe North had a gift this past Friday in playing such a strong team as BV, something SM East didn't have. East will not be able to overcome this tested team and will lose to North on Friday.

Olathe North. 21

SM East. 10

Sunflower football news said...
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Sunflower football news said...


Just to stay up on the numbers you are running: While your HC was at OS, in the 10 seasons (98-07) he was there, the Falcons finished 2nd 6A three times: 99-04-07.

1999 - loss to Garden City 7-14 Finish: 10-2
2004 - loss to Hutch 13-30 FInish: 10-3
2007 - loss to Hutch 14-37 Finish: 9-4

All of those were some very good OS teams in their day, and probably even better in these recent years as well.

It is a good thing you are keeping up on your history trends as well as I have been writing, and compiling them for most everyone on here to learn about the team. LV has a great Football future ahead of it.

I could not agree more VikingFan. Best of luck to our 3 SFL teams in the Final 4 of 6A!!!