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Sunflower League News & Notes, and statistics

Olathe North quarterback Cole Murphy is going for
his 19th career victory, as a starter, on Friday against
SM East. Photo KC Star.
Eli's News and Notes

**SM East running back Wyatt Edmisten and Free State quarterback Bryce Torneden lead all remaining Sunflower League players with 26 touchdowns apiece. If either player records four more touchdowns, they will join the prestigious 30-Touchdown Club. Since 2000, just nine Sunflower League players have scored 30 or more touchdowns in one season.

**Torneden is also closing in on the 1,000/1,000 Club, representing players who've both passed and rushed for 1,000 yards in the same season. The 1,000/1,000 Club is more exclusive, as just four league players have accomplished the feat since 2000.

**If Olathe North wins the 6A state title, and quarterback Cole Murphy starts both the game this week against SM East (as expected), and the state title game, Murphy would have 20 career victories as a starting quarterback to his name. Just six players have accomplished this since 2000 (four if you want to get technical).

(For more information on Sunflower League statistical feats, refer to the 'Hall of Fame' tab.)

**If you're looking for a lifetime achievement award, look no further than Olathe North running back Venus Triplett. The talented three-year starter still has at least one game remaining, but his rushing totals through 33 career starts tells a tale of tale of dominance: 680 carries, 3,715 rushing yards, and 57 touchdowns.

**Olathe North head coach Gene Wier has a 6-2 record in Sub-State games. Free State's Bob Lisher is 1-2, and SM East's Dustin Delaney is 1-0.

**Top Five List: Best Sunflower League Sub-State games since 2000

1. Olathe North 16, Blue Valley 14, 2009
Eagles' Jared Morss chips in game-winning 33-yard field goal as time expires.

2. Olathe East 22, Lawrence 18, 2005
Hawks overcome early 12-0 deficit, win on the lone score of the second half.

3. Olathe North 12, Olathe East 10, 2002
Botched snap prevents Hawks from attempting game-winning field goal as time expired.

4. Lawrence Free State 14, Blue Valley 7, 2008
Free State puts together miraculous road victory against heavily favored 10-1 Blue Valley.

5. SM West 31, Lawrence Free State 14, 2006
Two 11-0 teams, with a combined six FBS players, produces big play after big play.

Statistical Leaders

Passing Yards (QB rating) (Wins-loss record as starter)
Gunnar Englund, SM East: 1,176 yards, 19 TDs (123) (14-1)
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 1,034, 11 TDs (111) (18-7)
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 958, 10 TDs (86) (8-3)

Rushing Yards
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 1,237, 21 TDs
Wyatt Edmisten, SM East: 1,216, 26 TDs
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 1,190 15 TDs
Gunnar Englund, SM East: 644, 6 TDs
Jackson Gossick, SM East: 528, 6 TDs
Calvin Jones, SM East: 508, 4 TDs
Vinnie Shabazz, Olathe North: 464, 4 TDs
Carson Bowen, Free State: 436, 4 TDs
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 403, 6 TDs

Receiving Yards
Joel Spain, Free State: 553, 13 TDs
Alec Dean, SM East: 498, 8 TDs
Jeighlon Cornell, Olathe North: 347, 4 TDs
Josh Moore, Olathe North: 264, 3 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 252, 2 TDs
Sky Tate, SM East: 208, 4 TDs
Tye Carter, Free State: 163, 4 TDs
Charley White, SM East: 136, 2 TDs

Kyle Ball, SM East: 102
Jadon McGaha, Olathe North: 90
Rider Terry, SM East: 69
Jack Anderson, SM East: 67
Marcel Spears, Olathe North: 64
Jay Dineen, Free State: 61
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 57
Paul Bittinger, Free State: 53
Shane Hofer, Free State: 53
Jesse Kendricks, Olathe North: 50

Kyle Ball, SM East: 10
Sam Williams, SM East: 5
Josh Moore, Olathe North: 4

Andrew Keating, Free State: 5
Charley White, SM East: 5
Joel Spain, Free State: 4
Vinnie Shabazz, Olathe North: 3
Isaiah Simmons, Olathe North: 3

Free State: 31 (17 ints, 14 fum rec.)
Olathe North: 23 (12 ints, 11 fum rec.)
SM East: 21 (12 ints, 9 fum rec.)

Passing Yards
Olathe North: 1,255 (114 ypg), 13 TDs
SM East: 1,176 (107 ypg), 19 TDs
Free State: 985 (90 ypg) , 10 TDs

Rushing Yards
SM East: 3,878 (352 ypg), 55 TDs
Free State: 2,696 (245 ypg) , 28 TDs
Olathe North: 2,690 (245 ypg), 38 TDs

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