Monday, November 10, 2008

News and Notes

The reality of SM West's season being over has began to set in an it's always easier to analyze everything when the emotions from a season ending loss are less previlant. However, three days removed from the upset loss and their is still alot of questions as to how the Vikings lost to a team that lost its first seven games of the season.

I would like to start off by saying that BV Northwest is playing their best football of the season, obviously, and that their win against SM West was probably their best victory in the Mike Zegunis era. It marked the first career playoff victory for Zegunis as a head coach, and it happened to be a major upset of an undefeated team.

Unfortunately that win came against SM West. As dissapointing of a loss as it was, I feel that BV Northwest was really clicking on all cylinders in the game. It seemed as if the Huskies quarterback Mike Petersen was incapable of throwing an interception, and receiver Casey Strohl was getting past the Viking defense all night. Heck, BV Northwest's kicker Eric Phillips even booted a 52 yard field goal at the end of the second half. That is only five yards short of the state record. Simply put, BV Northwest did just about everything right, whereas the Vikings weren't nearly as fortunate.

The game that is now very interesting is to see how BV Northwest does against Blue Valley. Right now Blue Valley (9-1) is playing about as well as anybody, inluding BV Northwest. The game will show alot as to whether or not BV Northwest is as good as the team they have been placing on the field that past few weeks. If the Huskies can pull another upset, watch out! But the Tigers from Blue Valley will definately not be overlooking this one.

On the other side of the East bracket Olathe North (8-2) is facing Lawrence Free State (7-3). That game could develop into a shootout. Lawrence Free State has improved alot over the season and Olathe North is fresh off their upset of Olathe East. Both teams have explosive offenses primed for moving on to the next round of the playoffs.

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Stealth16 said...


Get your facts straight~!!!

The long field goal in last week's stunning upset over the over-confident Vikings was done by Eric Phillips, Husky kicker for the last 3 years!