Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Report

Week Two Matchups
All game times 7 pm unless otherwise noted

Lawrence (0-1) at SM South (0-1) (Thursday Night Game)
Both teams had relatively close losses in week one--SM South lost by eight points, and Lawrence lost by three. It will be interesting to see if Lawrence keeps with the staunch run game or mixes things up.

Lawrence Free State (0-1) at SM East (0-1) (Thursday Night Game)
Both teams had fairly disappointing games in week one. SM East will be working towards helping their head coach Chip Sherman win his 200th career game, while Free State will trying to gain back some of the credibility they lost after their five-turnover loss last week.

Olathe Northwest (1-0) at Olathe South (0-1)
Was the intensity we saw from Olathe Northwest in week one for real? Does Olathe South really plan on throwing the ball around the field 40+ times on a regular basis? We will likely find out in this week two contest.

Leavenworth (0-1) at SM North (1-0)
Opposite ends of the spectrum in this game. SM North is coming off a huge win, and will be doing all in their power to garner a 2-0 record. Meanwhile Leavenworth is coming off a 71-6 beat down.

Shawnee Mission Northwest (1-0) at Olathe North (1-0)
Sure Olathe North dropped 71 points on Leavenworth in week one, but how will they do against what should be a very competitive opponent? This game will really be a base for what we can expect from the Eagles, and the Cougars for the rest of the season.

Olathe East (1-0) at SM West (1-0)
This matchup also strikes me as a very intriguing game. SM West didn't play as well as they would have hoped in week one, but still came away with a W. Olathe East took down one of the league favorites in week one, and a win against SM West would make a relative upset two weeks in a row.

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