Friday, October 15, 2010

Vikings open District Play with a Win

Thursday, October 14

SM West 23, SM South 7
While SM West didn't put up the gaudy offensive numbers they had in past weeks, the Vikings handled business accordingly in their district opener. They got on the board midway through the first quarter when quarterback Armani Williams found receiver JJ Shara on a 31-yard touchdown pass. Before halftime kicker Mark Whitrock booted a 37-yarder to put the Vikes up 10-0. In the third quarter the Vikings found the endzone again through the air, this time on a 56-yard pass from Williams to DeAndre Graves. SM South, trailing 17-0, compiled a nice drive later in the quarter and quarterback Alex Forslund put the final touches on it with a 6-yard touchdown run. From then on neither team had much success offensively, but SM West was able to add two more Whitrock field goals, from 27 and 34 yards.

**Note: Next week's matchup between SM West and SM East has been selected by KC Metro Sports as the Hy-Vee High School Game of the Week and will be televised to the metro. The last time the game between these two teams was featured as the Game of the Week was in 2005, when SM West won 17-7 after trailing 7-3 at the half.


TheImpaler said...

Wow, I'm baffled. AFter the offensive explosion against Lawrence, with Armani Williams looking unstoppable, West comes out and throws a total of 4 passes in this entire game? 3 Quarters of Tre Burt up the middle and a fourth quarter of Will Livingston up the middle. South just put 9 in the box and run blitzed most plays. Armani three 4 passes, two for long touchdowns, one that was just underthrown and intercepted (would have been a TD if he'd thrown it 2 feet further and the fourth pass was just a jump pass at the receiver's feet to avoid an unblocked blitzer. I don't get it. Not that I'd ever question coach C. Maybe he's got a whole new scheme in the works for SME and thought he could beat SMS by at least 13 with the most conservative vanilla offense imaginable? I guess it worked but it was obvious the Vike receivers could beat the South DBs at will and he still only threw 4 passes. I hope there's a little more fire next week!

the EAST chicken said...

sounds to me like they were holding their cards pretty tight. I assume Easts entire coaching staff was there to scout as Wests will be at Easts game tonight. Im not so sure East can hold their cards as West did and still win. Have to win tonight to set up one of the bigger games of the season in the city next week. GO EAST! BEAT BVN!

the EAST chicken said...

Like Rodney Dangerfield said, "No respect..."
First off like Ive said before on here Thank you Eli for covering the Sunflower League as well as you do. The Kansas City Star which once covered every single game in the metro has faltered in covering our great league. According to the Star, SME is 3-1. They havent ran their box score in the paper for 3 games this season, NO RESPECT. They have only really mentioned East twice, once a side Q&A with QB John Schrock (most underrated QB in the metro) and the other time was the first game of the year vs SMNW. The first couple times the box score was Lancer-less I was kind of glad, thinking to myself that its a good thing to stay off the radar but now it has just gotten ridiculous and is a clear sign of NO RESPECT. As we loyal Sunflower League followers know the Lancers are having a historic season, 6-1 so far and looking good while doing it, with the only loss to defending state champ ON at ODAC. All Im saying is The Stars coverage has been straight disrespect not only to the Lancers but to our league as a whole. So thank you Eli and GO EAST!

Anonymous said...

To get your box score published in the star the AD has to call it in and they will run it.

This is SME they will not get any respect unless they win a state championship and they really shouldn't get any unless they do. Win for a few YEARS and then respect will be EARNED not given.