Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thursday Report

Regional Round Playoff Matchups
All game times 7pm on Friday unless otherwise noted

SM West (7-2) at SM Northwest (5-4)
Where: SM South District Stadium
Last Meeting: SM West defeated SM Northwest 37-13 in week two.

Who to Watch For

SM West
The favored Vikings go as their running game goes. Junior running back and starter Tre Burt injured his ankle in the Vikings' week eight loss against SM East, and did not play last week against BV North. The Vikings other go-to running back is senior Will Livingston, who rushed for 273 yards and one touchdown in Burt's absence Friday. Whether or not Burt is back for Friday's game won't change the fact that SM West has the horses to pound the football, and intends to do so. Defensively the Vikings are led by safety Denzell Simpson (above making tackle), who leads the Sunflower League in tackles with 98.

SM Northwest
SM Northwest has their fair share of playmakers as well. Quarterback Stephen Mangelsdorf has played exceptionally in the later half of the season, and he has a bevy of athletes to distribute the ball to including Kenny Mings, Antoine Smith, and James Gregory. Also, don't forget about defensive end/tight end Drew Goodger, who is easily one of the best pass rushers in the league.

What to Expect
It's hard to imagine SM West winning by 24 points the way they did earlier in the season. SM Northwest has really clicked as a unit and they have a good deal of confidence following their 3-0 run to end the season. This game also involves a rivalry to some degree, and neither team wants a loss to their rival to be last of their high school career. Expect a hard fought battle, and a closer game than what we saw in week two.

Historical Stat
The last time either one of these teams won a playoff game was in 2007, despite a combined three playoff appearances in four chances since then.

SM North (2-7) at Olathe North (8-1)
Where: ODAC
Last Meeting: Olathe North defeated SM North 42-0 on October 2, 2009

Who to Watch For

Olathe North
No doubt about it, Olathe North is loaded across the board. The Eagles superior athleticism is enough to handle most teams, but they are also a fundamentally sound group. Leading the charge are the Eagle's two KU commits, Adonis Saunders and Victor Simmons. The two have combined to rush for 2,327 yards and 23 touchdowns this season. On the defensive side of the ball big hitter Kyle Swartz (right) leads the team with 88 tackles and a sack.

SM North
The Indians' most recognizable name is Kyle Goodburn, who has led the team from his quarterback position to the tune of 690 passing yards and five touchdowns this season. Defensively SM North's most dominant player is cornerback Mason Perez, who quietly leads the Sunflower League in interceptions with six.

What to Expect
Olathe North is a heavy favorite in this game. SM North reaped the benefits of a very easy district to reach the playoffs and the team nearly lost to Leavenworth last week in the qualifying game. For Olathe North, this game is the start of the road to what they hope will be their second straight title, and ninth in school history.

Historical Stat
It was SM North who upset Olathe North, 7-6, on September 4, 2003, effectively ending Olathe North's 38-game winning streak.

Lawrence Free State (5-4) at Olathe East (8-1)
Where: CBAC
Last Meeting: Olathe East deafeated Free State 17-0 in week six

Who to Watch For

Olathe East
The Hawks' most prominent figure is running back Brandon Willingham who has recorded 1,522 all-purpose yards on offense and 19 touchdowns. Olathe East's secret weapon however is running back/linebacker Austin Fulson, a kid who is as underappreciated as any player in the Sunflower League (and I'm guilty of not giving him enough publicity this season). Fulson ranks eighth in the SL in rushing yards at 747, including 12 touchdowns, and he ranks ninth in tackles at 66, including four sacks.

Lawrence Free State
Free State's quarterback position is becoming alot like Olathe North's running back spot--it doesn't matter who lines up at the position, they're going to produce. This year's quarterback Dylan Perry has done just that, and he is a mere 36 passing yards short of breaking the 1,000 yard mark in both passing and rushing this season. Running back Preston Schenck also has big play ability and a knack for scoring touchdowns. On the season Schenck has scored six rushing touchdowns, two touchdowns on interception returns, a touchdown on a fumble return, a touchdown on a kick return, and a touchdown on a punt return.

What to Expect
Well, we thought we'd see fireworks the last time these two teams played, but all we got was a 17-0 defensive slugfest. Both offenses certainly have the potential to explode, but it seems unlikely given the stout body of work Olathe East has produced this season. One thing is for sure--if Perry isn't able to make any big plays Free State is going to have a very difficult time winning this game. The common theme in their losses has been low production out of Perry.

Historical Stat
These teams are 2-2 versus eachother since Jeff Meyers' infamous prediction that Olathe East would beat Free State in the Sectional Round of the 2006 playoffs.

Olathe South (6-3) at SM East (8-1)
Where: SM North District Stadium
Last Meeting: Olathe South defeated SM East 34-30 on October 9, 2009.

Who to Watch For

SM East
The Lancers lost arguably the league's top quarterback when John Schrock went down with a collar bone/shoulder injury in week eight. Fortunately for the Lancers their number two option isn't so bad. Robby Moriarty now has the reigns at the position--he started at quarterback for the Lancers last season and threw for 765 yards. The Lancers have the league's most potent passing attack thanks to their quarterback play and their top receivers, Elliot Faerber, Krey Bradley, and Grant Ellis. Defensively, Josh Mais and Seth Hartman make the majority of the tackles from their linebacker positions.

Olathe South
Olathe South's headline player is senior Nick Sands who is second in the league in rushing with 1,332 yards and 14 touchdowns. The Falcons also feature top offensive talent in Kendall Harland and Frankie Suerer. Tanner Ginavan is the headliner on defense, leading the team and ranking second in the league in tackles with 95.

What to Expect
Both teams are going to work to employ their styles on offense. SM East loves passing the ball, and then setting up running back Adam Lowe on on quick hitters when the defense is in pass-defense mode. Olathe South is just the opposite. The Falcons average 286 yards per game on the ground and they have yet to completely master their rushing attack. Which defense will better prepped to stop the other? The answer to that question may define the winner.

Historical Stat
These two teams met in the Regional Round of the 2005 playoffs, with Olathe South overcoming a halftime deficit to win 16-7.

Photos courtesy Facebook, the Kansas City Star


Diablo del Sol said...

Just a small edit, you put Fulson as Free State's QB.

TheImpaler said...

The Impaler's week 10 picks:

Last week: 7-0 Season: 51-8

Perfect last week but only broke even with the O News. Hopefully they'll take the Cougs and Falcons this week.

SMW (7-2) @ SMNW (5-4) West destroyed a seemingly disinterested Cougar team in week two 37-13. I do believe the Cougs are playing better now but the Vike defense has also really stepped it up in the last few weeks. I have a hard time seeing the NW D slow down a West offense with so many weapons and Manglesdorf and Mings will just not be enough in this game. I see a virtual repeat, albeit played at a higher level than the first game....SMW 34 SMNW 13

OS (6-3) @ SME (8-1) This is one of two first round game that is not a rematch from the season. Clayton, we just have to face it, Falcons are just a second tier team this year. They have come up short against all three top teams that they played and SHOULD have lost to SMNW if the Cougs could have kicked their extra points. Lancers, even De-Schrocked, are too well coached and should get by South. It won't help that the game is being played at SMN (why? shouldn't SMNW get THEIR home game in their home stadium at North?) making a longer trek for Falcon fans...SME 24 OS 17

LFS (5-4) @ OE (8-1) Hawks have been inconsistent at best in recent weeks. Free State rolls it up against weaker teams, but like O South have not gotten it done against any of the top teams this year. Hawks won this game 17-0 four weeks ago, they will win it again...OE 27 LFS 14

SMN (2-7) @ ON (8-1) The other (thankfully) first round game between teams that was not played this year. This would be the upset of the young century in KS HS football. Indians are no match for the mighty Eagles, who as we all know have no qualms about running up the score on lesser teams. This one will be ugly....ON 69 SMN 7

One note, the weather Friday night will be COLD!! This could make it more difficult in the passing and kicking games. I see this being a problem more for SME and SMNW than anyone else but West has also historically struggled in cold weather games.

Anonymous said...

The following factors will be big in the game between SE and OS... Wind and cold weather will make it tough for the OE passing attack. Lowe tweeked his ankle last week...

All things considered, OS will be victorious Friday night by a score of 24 to 14!!!!

Are you with me Clayton!!!

Go Falcons!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Impalar I was wondering you say SMW defense has stepped it up the last couple weeks. What about two weeks ago in week 8 when SME really had there way with them. I think west will win but it will be closer then you think

Anonymous said...

something tells me nw has more than 2 players

TheImpaler said...

East only scored 21 points and had to convert 5 or 6 4th down tries to get that. In addition, on East's first drive there was a blatant OPI push off that wasn't called...and on their third TD drive they were bailed out of a 4th and long on a defensive PI where the ball was thrown 10 yards past the way a catchable ball. All in all the Vike D did a pretty good job against East's was the West O that was lacking. Armani seemed baffled by the East coverage and West's speedy receiver's could not get open.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Kyle!!!! Awesome picture and keep going for the state champ!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the SE vs OS game is broadcast on the radio???

Anonymous said...

It might be on the radio I'm not sure but it will be broadcasted live at

Anonymous said...

^^^still, East pulled out a victory and played incredible defense

Anonymous said...

That also shows that east was able to pull it off when it matters on fourth down so even if west held them east was able to finish the job several times

TheImpaler said...

Absolutely correct, Vikes were unable to get the key stops on 4th down, no question East was the better team that night. I think this is a growing trend in football, we're seeing it even with Todd Haley and the Chiefs where coaches are eschewing field goals and going for it on 4th down in virtually any situation in plus territory. Personally, I think this strategy will backfire a lot of the time as in the Colts game where Haley's decision to begin the game with an onside kick and then not kick a field goal and go for it on 4th early gave away 6 points. Also in the Buffalo game, if he'd kicked the FG on 4th and 2 from the 20, we'd never have had to go to overtime. You've got one of the best kickers in the game and you're wasting him. But it's the fad now.

Back to the subject at hand, I thought the officiating in the SME-SMW game was very shoddy...there were any number of ragged starts by both teams where false start could have been called and East repeatedly broke the huddle with 12 guys and had one run off but it was never called until the last series when it was meaningless. Still there is no doubt East deserved the win and believe me, I'd like nothing more than a rematch in the semi-finals, preferably after we beat O East and SME beats ON in round 2! Go Vikes, go Lancers!

Anonymous said...

Nothing like trying to be an unbiased reporter. We all know you are a West Grad. But try and show some assemblence of a neutral feeling on your site. When you write mainly about the Vikes and champion their cause it gives you no creditabilty on covering the rest of the leauge.
SMW- blah, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see the bias coming from Eli. Yes from TheImpaler, but that is a fan's comment on the original blog post that is unbiased. So to the "SMW blah, blah, blah...where is the bias in the original blogs (not the comments from fans) SMW players in top 5 ... NOPE (which is right)

TheImpaler said...

I agree, Eli does a fantastic job of running this site in a fair and balanced manner. He clearly puts a LOT of work into this and has a great passion for the game. I don't agree with everything he posts (I'd rank LFS ahead of OS....LFS did BEAT OS and has played a much much tougher schedule) and I'd like to see him get some string reporters to write game summaries who were actually at the games rather than just recapping the Star's box fact if we could get REAL box scores with stats from each game, that would be fantastic. Both ideas probably a little much for a free blog about high school sports but just some ideas. For the record, I AM a West grad...but not SM West...West Waterloo, IA! Kids are both Viking grads though.

Diablo del Sol said...

So much for SME being a "tier 1" team. OS 28 -SME 24.

Anonymous said...

Vikes choke in first round again.... Shocker there

Anonymous said...

Hey Impaler "Hopefully they'll take the Cougs and Falcons this week." yeah, I don't think so. Maybe YOU should have taken the Cougs and Falcons this week, then you would have caught up with The Daily news. Oh well.

Eagle1 said...

Don't waste any time talking vikes football after week 9. Once playoffs hit the real vikes show up and lose first round. Maybe they can get a first round matchup with Leavenworth next year if Koepecky is still coach and keeps himself out of trouble. Once again the cream rises to the top this time of year and Olathe North steam rolls everyone. Same old same old. Maybe the vikes and lancers can play a game of flag football behind the bleachers Friday while north destroys the falcons.