Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sunflower League Extra

Top 5 Player Ratings -Final

1. Brandon Willingham, Running Back, Olathe East
Week Nine: 27 carries, 179 yards, 3 TDs

Willingham (right) ended the regular season with yet another big game on the ground. His three rushing touchdowns put him at 18 for the season, and he now sits just 72 yards short of the 1,500 yard mark.

2. Adonis Saunders, Running Back, Olathe North
Week Nine: 25 carries, 171 yards, 2 TDs; 1 defensive interception

Saunders played extremely well on both sides of the ball against Olathe Northwest. His interception in the game provided a preview of what Kansas coaches envision Saunders doing at the next level.

3. Dylan Perry, Quarterback, Lawrence Free State
Week Nine: 26 carries, 187 yards, 4 TDs

Perry only completed three-of-nine passes for nine yards but he didn't need to do any more than that. As usual, his speed was too much for the opponent and he found a way to manufacture four rushing touchdowns.

4. John Schrock, Quarterback, SM East
Week Nine: Injured, Did Not Play

Schrock's injury still has some question marks surrounding it, and the length of time he is out for remains in question. With Schrock SM East can beat anyone--we'll see how well they can play without him.

5. Victor Simmons, Quarterback, Olathe North
Week Nine: 21 carries, 162 yards, 2 TDs

Simmons makes it back onto the list after several weeks on the honorable mentions scroll. He had a big game Friday and this was about the point in time last season where Simmons really lifted his game to the next level. Let's see if he does it again.

Honorable Mention: Austin Fulson, Stephen Mangelsdorf, Will Livingston

Final Regular Season Power Rankings
*Rankings are subject to change on a week-to-week basis
**See previous post for commentary on Power Rankings

1. Olathe East (8-1)
2. Olathe North (8-1)
3. SM East (8-1)
4. SM West (7-2)
5. Olathe South (6-3)
6. Lawrence Free State (5-4)
7. SM Northwest (5-4)
8. Olathe Northwest (3-6)
9. Lawrence (3-6)
10. SM South (2-7)
11. SM North (2-7)
12. Leavenworth (1-8)

Stat Check

Passing Yards
John Schrock, SM East: 1634, 9 TDs
Stephen Mangesldorf, SM Northwest: 1,345, 13 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 1,321, 10 TDs
Dylan Perry, Lawrence Free State: 964, 7 TDs
Alex Forslund, SM South: 852, 6 TDs
Armani Williams, SM West: 814, 10 TDs
Kyle Goodburn, SM North: 690, 5 TDs
Corey Kipp, Olathe Northwest: 512, 3 TDs
Frank Suerer, Olathe South: 409, 4 TDs
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: 368, 3 TDs

Rushing Yards
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 1,428, 18 TDs
Nick Sands (right), Olathe South: 1,332, 14 TDs
Adonis Saunders, Olathe North: 1,260, 16 TDs
Victor Simmons, Olathe North: 1,067, 7 TDs
Dylan Perry, Lawrence Free State: 1,022, 13 TDs
Will Livingston, SM West: 788, 7 TDs
Tre Burt, SM West: 782, 7 TDs
Austin Fulson, Olathe East: 747, 12 TDs
Preston Schenck, Lawrence Free State: 672, 6 TDs
Adam Lowe, SM East: 620, 5 TDs

Receiving Yards
Elliot Faerber, SM East: 650, 5 TDs
Nick Bandy, Olathe Northwest: 494, 3 TDs
Krey Bradley, SM East: 442, 2 TDs
Kenny Mings, SM Northwest: 413, 6 TDs
Shawn Laurent, SM South: 388, 3 TDs
Desmond Wyatt, Lawrence Free State: 370, 5 TDs
Grant Ellis, SM East: 356, 1 TD
Austin Flory, Lawrence: 342, 3 TDs
Jordan Chapman, SM West: 305, 3 TDs
AJ Spencer, SM Northwest: 296, 2 TDs

Denzell Simpson, SM West: 98
Tanner Ginavan, Olathe South: 95
Kyle Swartz, Olathe North: 88
Tristan Opie, Olathe Northwest: 85
Josh Mais, SM East: 79
Dylan Hanson, Olathe South: 75
Seth Hartman, SM East: 74
Vince Gerstner, Olathe East: 70
Austin Fulson, Olathe East: 66
Sam Todd, Olathe North: 66

Mason Perez, SM North: 6
Nick Bandy, Olathe Northwest: 3
Grant Ellis, SM East: 3
Kenny Mings, SM Northwest: 3
Taylor Sheffield, Olathe South: 3
Dylan Smith, SM West: 3
Ryan Theis, SM North: 3 (1 TD)

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Nick Bandy, Olathe Northwest: 1 KR TD
JaQuan Brunt, SM East: 1 KR TD
Kendal Harland, Olathe South: 1 PR TD
Kenny Mings, SM Northwest: 1 PR TD
Cordi Pascal, SM West: 1 KR TD
Preston Schenck, Lawrence Free State: 1 KR TD, 1 PR TD
AJ Spencer, SM Northwest: 1 PR TD

Field Goals
Mark Whitrock, SM West: (7/7)
Nick Prologo, Olathe Northwest: (5/6)
Daniel Gutierrez, Olathe North: (5/8)
Sean Jones, SM West: (3/3)
Jared Douglas, Olathe South: (3/4)
Anthony Rosen, Lawrence: (2/2)
Alex Allen, SM Northwest: (2/3)

Photos courtesy the Kansas City Star


Anonymous said...

Not a big ONW fan but I think Nick Bandy has 4 receiving touchdowns. SMS, OE, SME & Law. I figure we should give credit wher credit is due.

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt admit being an ONW fan either.

Anonymous said...

Eli, you ranked the SME John Schrock #4 in "Top 5 Player Ratings"......WOW!

Just what I thought, an fucking idiot!!!

Anonymous said...

Should he be higher or lower?

Anonymous said...

Eli provides an outstanding perspective on Sunflower League Football, a league which nearly every media outlet in the Kansas City area seems to ignore. It's a well-written and UNBIASED blog about high school football. It is not somewhere for you to spew unintelligent (and nearly unintelligible) sewage. So, please do not come onto this site and call the author a "fucking idiot", because that, sir, is exactly what you are.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you said. (The comment right before this one). Regardless of all the things that are wrong with that comment, you said it anonymously. You sure are brave posting unintelligent comments on a FREE blog. If you are such a expert on this subject matter start your own site and just try, try to accomplish an ounce of what Eli has. Keep the trash off the comments section. If you disagree, fine, but disagree in a respectful manner.

Anonymous said...

Very true thats plain and simple dumb. Eli does a great job with all of the website you find me a league website better than this. Also Eli talks to coaches and media about everything he posts. By the way ill post my name Josh Carroll

Anonymous said...

More "ANONYMOUS" comments above ^^ was that brave enought? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what that loser says, crybabies.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a SME parent, schrock is out for the season but after what he did this year he deserves to be in the top 5 players at the end of the year. Good luck to schrock in the future and go lancers this week! Go get the falcons!

TheImpaler said...

I thought Schrock was only out for two weeks. If he's out for the season, I don't see East beating any of the other top 4 teams in the playoffs. Hey Eli, do you know or can you find out, will SMW fans be sitting on the West or East side of South stadium Friday night?

Anonymous said...

SMW always sits on the west side, regardless of being home or away. Thus the "WEST SIDE" Vikings

Anonymous said...

It is up to the home team. The home team is Northwest. Northwest wants to be on the home side (West side) and West will be on the Visitor side (East side).

Anonymous said...

John Schrock is a unique and extremely talented player that had a monster year, but don't count East out. These kids can play.

Anonymous said...

whoever said john schrock doesn't deserve being a top 5 player is completely wrong. he had an incredible season and led this team to be district champs, set a school record for most wins, and a share of the league title. and even though he is out for the season, robby moriarty is just as strong of a quarterback as john. they shared the position for the past two years. SM East will surprise everyone in the playoffs-just wait.

Anonymous said...

which team do you think has been the biggest disapointment this year?

TheImpaler said...

O South got a lot of pre-season press ranked in the top 10 in Metro Sports rankings, I believe #9. Although they've gotten past a lot of weak teams, they have not shown they can compete with the big four and in fact also lost to Free State and almost to SMNW. The get one last shot this week.

Anonymous said...

The Impaler, O-South was only ranked 9 for a day as a typo (it was supposed to by Olathe East in that spot, and was soon corrected) OS was ranked 24 preseason.

Eli, how is Nick Sands not even honorable mention? You have Livingston with almost half as many yards and TDs as Sands. I know that you probably see his high carries as a way to inflate his yards, but If Livingston had that many carries, he'd be broken in half. Toughness has to count for something. The fact sands rushed for 160 yards against the top rush d in the sunflower (OEast) should count for something, no?

Anonymous said...

I think it is time for everyone to pile on the "TheImpaler".
Or should he be called "Jimmy the Geek" for his oh so great predictions. Or better yet! Hey TheImpaler Go away for the rest of the year. No one cares what you think anymore.

Eagle1 said...

Theimpaler.......go back to your ouji board. Your predictions are an embarrassment to you.