Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Night Scores

Thursday, Oct. 13

Blue Valley Northwest 49, Olathe South 34
Lawrence Free State 20, Olathe Northwest 14

Friday, Oct. 14

Lawrence 28, Olathe North 19
Olathe East 34, Blue Valley West 14
Leavenworth 49, Wyandotte 0
SM East 21, Blue Valley North 3
SM Northwest 41, SM North 34
SM West 33, SM South 17


TheImpaler said...

I think the BVNW win just shows that what most of us thought at the start of the year was correct, the Sunflower league is not very good this year, too much talent lost last year. I think the East has no chance of winning the state championship this year in 6A. Projected pairings from the West side of the state:

(1) Wichita Heights (9-0)
(8) Wichita South (4-5)

(4) Dodge City (6-3)
(5) Juction City (7-2) or Washburn Rural (7-2)

(2) Manhattan (9-0)
(7) Garden City (5-3)

(3) Wichita NW (7-2)
(5) Derby (6-3)

That MAN-JCT-TOP-TWR district is brutal again as always and anything can happen there. Heights looks absolutely untouchable this year.

NoOne said...
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Diablo del Sol said...

All of these extremist-Olathe North fans are a cancer to this board.

NoOne said...

Glad you notice, illegal alien. BTW No one even care about you...Typically...

Adam Sullivan said...

Lawrence up 14-6 on OLN. Check for live updates

footballer21 said...

NoOne he ment the entire east side of Kansas you idiot

TheImpaler said...

Some really knuckle draggers at O North I guess...oh well. Vikes looked pretty good tonight, should be a good showdown with Lancers for District champs. Big games next week OE-BVNW, SMW-SME, ON @ LFS but of course we'll have to wait for the really big showdown between SMN and LV until week 9!

TheImpaler said...

Just kidding Pioneers! Man it's got to reel good for Leavenworth to put a 49-0 smackdown on someone!

Viking Dad said...

Smw 33 SMS 17. Good Game, Coach Lonnegan at South did a good job to keep it close.

EagleSenior said...

ON vs LAW sub-varsity scores.
Fresh 53-16 ON (5-2)
Soph 30-14 ON (4-3)
JV 28-14 ON (6-1)

Wow, for once the subvarsity at ON has gone 3-0 in one week.

The Freshmen bounced back pretty nicely after a 14-7 loss to Olathe South last week, Cole Murphy and Venus Triplett are showing promise at starting QB and RB respectively next year at the varsity level.

The Sophomore team have finally gotten on track, they will be going into Lawrence Free State with a 3-game win streak after dominating opponents Olathe South and Lawrence at home and aiding the JV at Leavenworth in a 66-6 rout.

The JV squad has absolutly dominated since giving up a 20-14 loss to SMW in week 3, they have out scored opponents 177-32. I have little doubt that they will win their last to games considering that they have the home field advantage.

Team Level Players of the Week

Freshman: #10 Cole Murphy
Sophomore: #30 Jerry Phommachack
JV: #3 Elbert Johnson

BONUS: Starting Offensive lineups for Sophomore and JV teams.

QB: #18 Chaz Burgess Fr
RB1: #49 Daniel Webb
RB2: #46 Maricio Chio
H/FB: #30 Jerry Phommachack
WR1: #80 Byrun Cubit
WR2: ?#96?Treyvonn Headley
TE: ?#98?Sean Knoles
LT: #52 Cody Anastasio
LG: #68 Christian Ibarra
C: #63 Austin Lockwood
LG: #60 Jake Baker
LT: #63 Hudson Edwards

Junior Varsity:
QB: #10 Cole Murphy Fr
RB1: #3 Elbert Johnson Jr
RB2*: #32 Venus Triplett Fr
H/FB: #32 Venus Triplett Fr
WR1: #13 Dontez Sanchez Jr
WR2: #39 Braden Johnson Jr
TE: #81 Brendan Hays Jr
LT: #72 Tyler Bacon Fr
LG: #70 Alex Jones Sr
C: #63 Austin Lockwood So
LG: #62 Cody Anastasio So
LT: #78 Austin Christensen Jr
*= RB2 means backup runningback

Special Notes:

- This is unconfirmed, but this may be the best record ever for JV in Olathe North History. If they can win their last two games, then the record will be undisputed.
- Apologies for not posting the Freshman lineups. I cannot due to lack of info.

EagleSenior said...

P.S.- Should I start my own blog for the Olathe North Subvarsity??
I'd like to know what people think of my posts before I do.

Also, I feel that the ON Varsity did pretty well, they just couldn't contain Brad Strauss and he just kept firing passes in every direction.

Diablo del Sol said...

Please do, I honestly don't really care much about Olathe North sub-varsity scores and summaries of their games. In the nicest way possible, of course.

FootballRulez said...

Dakota Collins is back.

TheImpaler said...

I don't mind seeing the scores, the recaps are a bit much for those of us who aren't ON fans though. In the nicest way possible.

EagleSenior said...

thank you Impaler for atleast being a little polite about my recaps.

Todd Haley said...

Your recaps are stupid and nobody cares.

EagleSenior said...

Dude, if you don't care about my recaps, don't read them. There is no need for you to be a jerk about it. That is why I respect Impaler, he doesn't insult people all the time.

Todd Haley said...

Your stupid posts wreck this great website

EagleSenior said...

Thank you for proving me right about you being a jerk.