Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week Seven Game Recaps

Lawrence 28, Olathe North 19

Lawrence High's Anthony Buffalomeat.  Photo courtesy
the Lawrence Journal World.
For the first time since 2006 Olathe North has suffered consecutive losses.  This week their loss came at the hands of a red-hot Lawrence High.  In the first quarter Olathe North looked to be in control.  They shut out LHS and scored a touchdown on a 36-yard pass from Jordan Bruce to Tanner Gentry.  A missed PAT gave the Eagles a 6-0 advantage heading into the second quarter.  From there, LHS took control of the game.

Seconds into the second quarter Brad Strauss found Anthony Buffalomeat on a six-yard touchdown pass to make things 7-6, LHS. Strauss found receiver Drake Hofer on a 15-yard touchdown pass later in the quarter, before completing a yet another touchdown pass--a 21-yarder to Erick Mayo--to give the Chesty Lions a 21-6 lead.  Olathe North kept things honest with another Bruce to Gentry touchdown pass with just seconds remaining in the second quarter.  A failed conversion made things 21-12 in favor of Lawrence.

Olathe North pulled within two points when Bruce hit Gentry on 19-yard touchdown pass midway through the third quarter, but Lawrence responded with a drive that was capped off with a 31-yard touchdown run from Strauss to make things 28-19.

Blue Valley Northwest 49, Olathe South 34

At the half, with Olathe South leading 21-20, it looked like this game could come down to the wire.  However, a strong close to the third quarter, and dominating fourth by BV Northwest, left Olathe South with their first loss of the season, and questions surrounding their shot at making the playoffs.

BV Northwest jumped out to a 14-0 lead in the first quarter on a six-yard touchdown run from Austin Swailes and an 18-yard touchdown pass from Garrett Fugate.  Olathe South matched that with two touchdowns on a one-yard run from Jordan Ward and a 15-yard touchdown pass from Frankie Seurer to Justin Maggot.  BV Northwest came back with an 18-yard touchdown pass from Fugate, but failed to convert the PAT.  They led 20-14.  Olathe South was able to chip in one more touchdown before the half on a three-yard run from Ward, to make things 21-20 in favor of the Falcons.

Fugate gave the Huskies the lead again in the third quarter when he ran in a touchdown from six yards out.  After a successful two-point conversion, BV Northwest led 28-21.  Olathe South added a 79-yard touchdown run from Teddy Colbert before BV Northwest seperated themselves.  Fugate found Swailes on touchdown passes of 37 and 31 yards to give the Huskies a 42-28 lead.  Olathe South was able to find the endzone one more time on a 20-yard pass from Suerer to Drew Johnson to make things 42-34, but Fugate capped off the game with a 12-yard touchdown run, his sixth touchdown of the day, to close out things at 49-34.

Lawrence Free State 20, Olathe Northwest 14

In the year of the missed PAT in the Sunflower League, perhaps this game will go down as the case study.  Free State scored first when Shawn Knighton took a carry 20 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter.  A miss PAT gave the Firebirds a 6-0 edge.  Knighton added a one-yard touchdown run in the second, and following a successful two-point conversion, Free State led 14-0.  Olathe Northwest quarterback Cole Dahlquist, starting in place of the injured Dalton Rook, connected with Willie Cauley on a 22-yard touchdown pass later in the quarter.  After a failed PAT, Olathe Northwest trailed 14-6. 

The Ravens added another scoring drive that was capped off with a one-yard touchdown run from Connor Middleton, which they combined with a successful two-point conversion to tie the game at 14.  The last score of the second quarter proved to be the last of the game when Kyle McFarland found Kyle Joice on a 12-yard touchdown pass... which was followed up by a missed PAT.

Olathe East 34, Blue Valley West 14

No game report available.  

Leavenworth 49, Wyandotte 0

For once it was the Pioneers from Leavenworth engineering a dominant first half and eventual victory.  In the first quarter alone Leavenworth posted 35 points.  The first two scores came on touchdown runs of 12 and one yard from Jason RandallEric Harris took an interception back 14 yards for a score to make things 21-0.  Judson Cole then found Eli Keppler on an eight-yard touchdown pass to make things 28-0.  Just before the end of the first quarter Cole added another touchdown pass on a 37-yarder to Randall.  In the second quarter Leavenworth scored touchdowns on runs of 38 and five yards from Randall.

SM East 21, Blue Valley North 3

BV North actually scored first in this game, chipping in a 19-yard field goal from McClain Sharp in the first quarter of play, but that was all the damage the 0-7 Mustangs would do.  Nick Pirotte was able to complete a 52-yard touchdown pass to Connor Rellihan later in the quarter to make things 7-3.  Jeff Cole added a one-yard touchdown run in the second quarter which gave the Lancers a 14-3 halftime lead.  SM East's final score came in the fourth quarter on a one-yard run from Pirotte.

SM Northwest 41, SM North 34 OT

It doesn't seem to matter how poorly SM Northwest is playing, they always find a way to claim a "W" in the Hula Bowl.  The Cougars dominated the first quarter by a score of 20-0.  Their three touchdowns came on a 25-yard run from Colton Dirks, a 30-yard punt return by Kelby Quint, and a one-yard run by Danny Manning.

SM North first got on the board with a 44-yard run from Henry Bell in the third quarter to make things 20-7.  SM Northwest answered with a drive and eventual seven-yard touchdown run from Dirks to go up 27-7.  From there SM North kicked things into another gear, scoring four straight touchdowns.  First Ryan Theis found Mason Perez on a 54-yard touchdown pass, which was followed by a 37-yard touchdown run from Bell.  Theis found Perez again, this time on a 43-yard touchdown pass, before Armando Contreras hauled in a four-yard touchdown pass from Theis.

That score gave SM North a 34-27 lead, but it didn't last.  Late in the game Luke Fields caught a flee-flicker pass that went 30-yards for a touchdown for SM Northwest to tie the game, and force overtime.  In overtime SM Northwest scored first on a four-yard touchdown run from Manning.  SM North was unable to score a touchdown resulting in a loss.

SM West 33, SM South 17

In the fist quarter SM West put up 10 points, scoring a touchdown on a four-yard run from Brett Sterbach and adding a 26-yard field goal from Mark Whitrock.  SM South matched the 10 points in the second quarter on a 29-yard field goal from Dainan Swoope and a three-yard touchdown run from Alex Forslund.

The game was tied 10-10 at the half, but the second period of play belonged to the Vikings.  Armani Williams started the scoring on a 57-yard touchdown run to give SM West a 17-10 lead.  In the fourth quarter Tre Burt scored on an eight-yard touchdown run to give SM West a 24-10 lead.  Gabe Guild found the endzone for the Raiders on a 30-yard run to make the score 24-17 early in the fourth quarter.  SM West came back with a 19-yard field goal from Whitrock and an 11-yard interception return for a touchdown by Tori Powell to close out the game.


TheImpaler said...
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TheImpaler said...

Distric recaps

Team Dist Rec. Overall Wk. 8 Wk. 9 Proj Dist. Proj overall Proj seed

LAW 1-0 5-2 ONW LFS 3-0 7-2 2
ON 0-1 5-2 LFS ONW 2-1 7-2 5
LFS 1-0 5-2 ON LAW 1-2 5-4 N/A
ONW 0-1 3-4 LAW ON 0-3 3-6 N/A

SMW 1-0 4-3 SME BVN 3-0 6-3 3
SME 1-0 4-3 SMW SMS 2-1 5-4 8
SMS 0-1 1-6 BVN SME 1-2 2-7 N/A
BVN 0-1 0-7 SMS SMW 0-3 0-9 N/A

BVNW 1-0 4-3 OE BVW 2-1 5-4 N/A
OE 1-0 6-1 BVNW OS 2-1 7-2 6
OS 0-1 6-1 BVW OE 2-1 8-1 1
BVW 0-1 3-4 OS BVNW 0-3 3-6 N/A

SMNW 1-0 2-5 LV WYAN 3-0 4-5 4
SMN 0-1 1-6 WYAN LV 2-1 3-6 7
LV 1-0 1-6 SMNW SMN 1-2 1-8 N/A
WYAN 0-1 2-5 SMN SMNW 0-3 2-7 N/A

MAN 1-0 7-0 TWR JCT 3-0 9-0 2
TWR 1-0 6-1 MAN TOP 2-1 7-2 5
JCT 0-1 5-2 TOP MAN 1-2 6-3 N/A
TOP 0-1 3-4 JCT TWR 0-3 3-6 N/A

DOD 1-0 4-3 MAI GAR 3-0 6-3 4
GAR 1-0 4-2 GOD DOD 2-1 5-3 7
MAI 0-1 2-5 DOD GOD 1-2 3-6 N/A
GOD 0-1 2--5 GAR MAI 0-3 2-7 N/A

WHT 1-0 7-0 WSE DER 3-0 9-0 1
DER 1-0 5-2 WE WHT 2-1 6-3 6
WSE 0-1 2-5 WHT WE 1-2 3-6 N/A
WE 0-1 2-4 DER WSE 0-3 2-6 N/A

WNW 1-0 5-2 WN WS 3-0 7-2 3
WS 1-0 3-4 WCM WNW 2-1 4-5 8
WCM 0-1 1-6 WS WN 1-2 2-7 N/A
WN 0-1 0-7 WNW WCM 0-3 0-9 N/A

Adam Sullivan said...

Thats not how the SMN/SMNW game went. Fields caught a 30 yard flea flicker pass for a touchdown to tie the game up late in the fourth. it then went into overtime where manning had a touchdown run. North then failed on 4th and goal in overtime to lose.


Adam is right. It was a flea flicker pass to Fields that happened at the end of the fourth quarter. Tying the game creating overtime in the SMN/SMNW game.

FootballRulez said...

Impaler, could SMW winning their districts have anything to do with your bias towards them?

Todd Haley said...

No, just the fact that they beat SMS and BVN is a cake walk

MahValley said...

Missing from the SMNW/SMN game was the fake punt attempt by SMNW. For some reason with about 4:30 to go in the 3rd SMNW attempts a fake punt that led to a SMN score and completely changed the face of the game. Good thing SMNW players were able to come back and eventually win in OT. Game should not have even been close.

TheImpaler said...

Perhaps. I do think SMW is playing better then SME right now. I think they have more weapons with Williams, Burt and Spiller. SME has a better defense. Both have good kicking games. I think it will be close but yes, I have to go for my Vikings. If Collins is back that will make it tougher but I still like West's chances. We'll find out Friday. Everybody got to Fox4s website and vote for SMW-SME for game of the week!

rallygirl8 said...

Collins is back.

TheImpaler said...

Actually, there are a couple of my picks that are far more unlikely than SMW, they only need to win Friday.

O South needs a virtual miracle to win their district now but I still think they're the best team. They need to beat BVW by 13 or more, need OE to beat BVNW by 13 or more and then they need to beat OE in week 9 by at least 13. If any of those things don't happen they could miss the playoffs altogether.

Also, Manhattan barely got by Topeka High and Washburn Rural beat Junction City 35-14 so this could be TWR's year in that district. Manhattan's going to have to play their best to win that one like I picked.

alex forslund said...

i think that i'm pretty good but im no Dakota Collins and if he's actually back SME will be unstoppable come playoff time

Ninja turtle said...

Nick pirotte is better than Armani Williams.