Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Night Scores

Friday, Oct. 28

Lawrence 20, Lawrence Free State 0
Olathe South 36, Olathe East 18
Olathe Northwest 56, Olathe North 28
SM East 27, SM South 0
SM West 34, BV North 31
SM Northwest 54, Wyandotte 20
Leavenworth 35, SM North 14


Diablo del Sol said...

OS 22 - OE 10

Diablo del Sol said...

OE - 12, my bad.

Diablo del Sol said...

OS 36 - OE 18

Diablo del Sol said...


NoOne said...

Diablo del get a life, wetback

TheImpaler said...

Playoff pairing:

(1) OS (8-1)
(8) SME (5-4)

(2) SMW (6-3)
(7) LV (2-7)

(3) ONW (5-4)
(6) OE (7-2)

(4) SMNW (4-5)
(5) LAW (6-3)

Hurray Vikings...horrible effot against BVN but you still get the 2 seed and a game against LV...and a probably rematch with OE in round 2 although it will be at Olathe.

OS/SME a VERY intriguing first round game, OS very weak pass defense against Faerber and Collins and a good run defense for SME...Much better matchup for SME than OE could have been.

Congrats Ravens also!

Sadly my worst week ever and the Olathe news writer winds up tying four games we disagreen on!

FootballRulez said...

SME vs. SMNW, Impaler, which means all your other district matchups are wrong too.

xxx said...

the real brackets are posted here:

Orange Mooney said...

(1) SMW (6-3)
(8) LV (2-7)

(4) ONW (5-4)
(5) OE (8-1)

(3) OS (5-4)
(6) LAW (6-3)

(2) SMNW (4-5)
(6) SME (5-4)

Take that Impaler

Adam Sullivan said...

Minka... OS is (8-1)

Adam Sullivan said...

and OE is (7-2)

TheImpaler said...

This makes no sense at all SMW Is the #1 seed??? at 6-3? Somebody goofed here And they seeded SMNW #2 at 4-5 ahead of O South at 8-1 so they flip flopped opponents. I suspect this is wrong or a joke or they've changed the seeding formula to something even more bizarre than it was.

Vikingdad said...

TheImpaler, is West the only team to go 3 and 0 in districts? Maybe that is why. I know o south, o east both lost 1 game in dist. Maybe this is why.

Vikingdad said...

smnw also went undefeated in districts, but had less wins than West. That would make them 2 seed.

TheImpaler said...

Okay, wow, it is is even more bizarre than I thought...district record is the first determinate for seed. Haha, just when you think it can't get any stupider, it does! Oh, well, we'll take it! Hopefully the suddenly amazing Ravens can beat the Hawks and the Vikes will get 3 home games.

EagleSenior said...

whoa whoa whoa, I am still annoyed that On lost, but what happened to LFS?!?!?! I can't believe they couldn't even score against LAW

Adam Sullivan said...

lawrence played great offense and kept free state off the field. free state only had the ball in lawrence territory four plays the entire night.

alex forslund said...

lets get some SMS talk on this blog! jesus this thing is bias