Thursday, October 20, 2011

Game Scores

Thursday, Oct. 20

SM South 35, Blue Valley North 18
SM Northwest 24, Leavenworth 22

Friday, Oct. 21

Olathe East 48, Blue Valley Northwest 27
Lawrence Free State 19, Olathe North 14
Olathe Northwest 21, Lawrence 3
Olathe South 46, Blue Valley West 29
SM West 30, SM East 25
SM North 69, Wyandotte 6


Adam Sullivan said...

SMNW 17 Leav 14 4 minutes left

Adam Sullivan said...

Final Leavenworth 22 SMNW 24

Adam Sullivan said...

Final BV North 18 SM South 35

TheImpaler said...

The following teams can clinch their districts tonight:

SMW clinches with a win over SME

SMNW clinches with a SMN win over WYAN

BVNW clinches with a win and an OS win over BVW.

No one can clinch the LAW/ON/LFS/ONW district this week.

FootballRulez said...

SME can clinch a win over SMW*

TheImpaler said...

Not so, football. SME must win tonight AND next week to clinch. A win tonight and a loss to SMS next week would either give SMS the title based on head to head or if SMW would win next week as well, you'd have a 3 way tie which would come down to points. SME cannot clinch this week. SMW has already beaten SMS so only they can clinch this week.

Adam Sullivan said...

live scoring updates from around the league.

Adam Sullivan said...

Big night around the league

SMN 41 Wyn 0 Half
OLNW 21 Law 3 2nd
OLE 28 BVNW 14 2nd
OLS 20 BVW 10 2nd
LFS 13 OLN 0 2nd
SMW 17 SME 2 2nd

Live updates -

Child please said...

Have you notice how quiet ON and SME fans have gotten? Karma is a bitch!

TheImpaler said...

SMW 30 SME 25 Final Congrats Vikings!!! District champs!

ON and LAW both LOSE LFS now 2-0 in district.

OE blows out BVNW, OS wins

SMN rolls, SMNW district champs

Impaler gains two more games on Olathe News bozo.

FootballRulez said...

Child Please, living on welfare is a bitch.

TheImpaler said...

District recaps

Team Dist Rec. Overall Pts Wk. 9 Proj Dist. Proj overall Proj seed
LAW 1-1 5-3 -4 LFS 2-1 6-3 2
ON 0-2 5-3 -14 ONW 1-2 6-3 N/A
LFS 2-0 6-2 +11 LAW 2-1 6-3 5
ONW 1-1 4-4 +7 ON 1-2 4-5 N/A

SMW 2-0 5-3 +18 BVN 3-0 6-3 3
SME 1-1 4-4 +8 SMS 2-1 5-4 8
SMS 1-1 1-6 0 SME 1-2 2-7 N/A
BVN 0-2 0-8 -26 SMW 0-3 0-9 Eliminated

BVNW 1-1 4-4 0 BVW 2-1 5-4 6
OE 2-0 7-1 +26 OS 3-0 8-1 1
OS 1-1 7-1 0 OE 1-2 7-2 N/A
BVW 0-2 4-4 -26 BVNW 0-3 3-6 Eliminated

SMNW 2-0 3-5 +3 WYAN 3-0 4-5 4
SMN 1-1 2-6 +12 LV 2-1 3-6 7
LV 1-1 1-7 +11 SMN 1-2 1-8 N/A
WYAN 0-2 2-6 -26 SMNW 0-3 2-7 Eliminated

TheImpaler said...

Sadly ON is not eliminated from playoff contention. THey need LFS to beat LAW and they need to beat ONW by 10 or more to get a birth. Looks like a BVNW @ SMW first round game again. OE gets the 1 seed with a win. SMNW is assured of the 4 seed. LV-SMN is an elimination game. OS is out with a loss but win the district if they win by 13 or more. SME-SMS is an elimination game.

NoOne said...

Child do all other Olathe schools are quiet too and your point is....
All sunflower teams suck this year anyway, bitch.

EagleSenior said...

The reason I've been quiet is that I don't feel there is much to say. The Eagles played their hearts out, it just didn't end in their favor. I have nothing but respect for our varsity. Plus, you are right Impaler that we are still in this!!

Vikingdad said...

Eli, Viking going to make your up catagory this Week? I think so. They look poised to make a run at State. I know they are a young team, but they are starting to peak when a lot of the other power teams are starting a decline, O North, and the Lions. West will be rested for the first round, after playing a down Blue Valley North team. Thank goes to TheImapler for picking West last night, and Boo to those SMN Bloggers who Picked East. By the way, East forgot to bring the Nut Cup last night. Callaghan had to hand it to thier coaches last year in front of Metro sports and the world. Chip Sherman is a real good Man and Coach, but one of his assistants should have had the class to bring the cup and recripricate the gesture. This just shows the lack of class the football progam at East has.

FootballRulez said...

SMW has no class, Vikingdad. After the game, the players and fans were behaving like assholes, yelling things such as "suck it" and "fuck you" to the players (yes, your classy SMW players did this too). I'm doubtful about how you define real "class".

Vikingdad said...

Sorry Footballrulez, My wife and I were both on the field seconds after the final click of the clock and never heard these types of comments. Many young children, siblings of the players, were also down on the field, If I had heard these type of comments, I would have reported it to the coach and and West administration who were also in the middle of the players and fans. But Easts' lack of class, forgetting to bring the Nut Cup, is proof of thier belief of being superior to other schools. Which they may be true in swimming, golf, and tennis at this time. Your language is strong and shows a lack of education, hopefully this is not what East kids learn.

TheImpaler said...

Playoff scenarios:

District 1:

This one’s easy. SMNW is district champ and will be the 4 seed. They will host the runner up in district 4, best chance would be Free State (but could be any team from that district).

The SMN-LV Winner will be the runner up and will face the 2 seed, probably the winner of district 4, most likely Lawrence but possibly LFS but not ONW. If ONW wins their district SMN-LV winner would face SMW.

WYAN is eliminated.

District 2:

Also very straight forward. SMW is district champion. The will almost certainly be the 3 seed. The only way they can move up to the two seed is if ONW wins district 4 in which case ONW would be the 3 seed and Vikes would move up to 2 seed. Also if LFS lost their game but won their district anyway (Very unlikely), the 2/3 seed would come down to a coin flip as both would be 6-3 and they didn’t play. If the vikes are the 3 seed (98%) they will host the runner up in district 3 (could be OS, OE but most likely BVNW.

The SME-SMS winner is runner up here and will play the 1 seed who will be the winner of district 3 (probably O East, but possibly O South).

BVN is elimnated

District 3:

This one’s more complicated but the district champion will be the 1 seed and the runner up will play the 3 seed (probably SMW). BVNW can not be district champ. OE is district champ if they win. The are also district champ if they lose by less than 13 and BVNW wins. If OE wins and BVNW loses, OS is runner up. If OE wins and BVNW wins, BVNW is the runner up.

Now, if OS wins (by any score) and BVW wins OS is district champ , OE is runner up. If OS wins by more than 13 and BVNW wins, OS is district champ and 1 seed, OE is runner up.

BVW is eliminated.

District 4:

This district is ridiculous. Every team can still make the playoffs and miss the playoffs. The ONLY thing decided here is ON cannot be district champs. The district winner (unless it’s ONW) will be the 2 seed and play the SMN-LV winner. The runner up will play at SMNW. If ONW wins the district they are the 3 seed and would play the runner up from district 3.

Now, they easiest thing is if Free State wins, they are district champs (and Strauss is out for LAW). If LFS wins and ONW wins, ONW is runner up. If LFS wins and ON wins by less than 10 ONW is runner up. If LFS wins and ON wins by 10 or more, ON is runner up.

IF LFS loses things get complicated. If LAW wins and ONW wins then we have a three way tie which comes down to points and any of those three teams could be district champs. LFS is +11 coming, ONW is +4 and LAW is -14, so LAW would need to win by more than 10 points more than ONW, LFS would need to lose and have ONW win by less than 3 points total. ONW would need to win by more than 10 points less than Lawrence. It’s interesting because ONW can win and miss the playoffs and they can also lose and make the playoffs. Truly bizarre.

If LAW and ON win, LAW is champion and LFS is runner up.

No one is eliminated.

Most likely playoff matchups:

(1) OE (8-1)
(8) SME (5-4)

(4) SMNW (4-5)
(5) LFS (6-3)

(2) LAW (6-3)
(7) SMN (3-6)

(3) SMW (6-3)
(6) BVNW (5-4)

EagleSenior said...

Impaler, you just blew my mind with that District 4 scenario. haha. Nice work coming up with how district 4 can turn out

Ninja turtle said...

Viking dad maybe what football rulez is referring too is shaking hands after the game

Blair tate said...

Smw walked on the field with chains and a bat. Thry had seven takeaways only scored 30 held to several redzone fieldgoals and a picksix sme also fumbled in the endzone take away the turnovers from a rusty qb and the score is more like 56-14
West players were talkkng trash all night they proved nothing by only being put in the shot with the turnovers get your facts straight

Govannon Grey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheImpaler said...

I think you should read the last paragraph in that district again, govannon, I said that exact thing:

If OS wins by more than 13 and BVNW wins, OS is district champ and 1 seed, OE is runner up.

Govannon Grey said...

Yeah, that's why I deleted the last post. I saw you had it covered.

onwravenpride said...

TheImpaler: I enjoy your analysis and breakdown of the districts.

I am not sure I follow and agree with your math about district 4 in the case that ONW wins. I do not see any way they can NOT make the playoffs if they win. However, Lawrence could win and not make it in.

Each team can only carry 13 points maximum from each game. Lawrence and ONW are separated by 11 points.

For grins, let's say that ONW wins by 1 (the minimum a team can carry). That would put ONW +8.

If LAW wins by 13, they would be +9. Free State would be -2. LAW would win, ONW runner-up.

If LAW wins by 1, they would be -3 and FS +10. FS is champs, ONW runner-up.

If LAW wins by 3, they would be -1 and FS +8. FS and ONW would both be +8, and FS would win the head-to-head tiebreaker.

If LAW wins by 4, they would be +0 and FS +7. ONW is champs, FS runner-up.

I could go through every other Lawrence margin of victory, but I don't see how ONW can be eliminated if they win. If Lawrence wins by a lot, then FS would drop lower than ONW. If Law wins by a little, then they don't have enough points to catch ONW.

footballer21 said...

The fact that Olathe south can go 8-1 and be the outright league champion and not make the playoffs is ridiculous. playoffs should be based on overall record

TheImpaler said...

Is Dakota Collins playing QB for the Raiders?

TheImpaler said...

It's the worst playoff system in the world, football. Manhattan could also conceivably end up 8-1 and miss the playoffs while a 2-7 Leavenworth team could make the playoffs plus a 4-5 SMNW team is a district champ and gets a home game. It's ludicrous but no one seems to care.

Govannon Grey said...

Well, no one with the power to change it seems to care anyway. BV is in the same situation in 5A, if they win by not enough points, they would be 8-1 League Champs and be sitting at home. With at least tied for the best record in 5A east KS.

Maybe Missouri changing their playoff system next year will inspire KS to do the same... I hope anyway.

VikingMom said...

phew SMW really dodged a bullet if SME hadnt shot themselves in the foot with 7 turnovers that game would have been way different

TheImpaler said...

Good work Raven, I believe you are correct. ONW is in with a win. Now all you have to do is beat an angry O North team! Best of luck.

Oh, and 'vikingmom', if, if, if....If the
Vikes hadn't commited about a dozen penalties on offense they would have hung 50 on the Lancers. The East defense didn't stop West all night, West only stopped themselves. And I don't believe the West kids behaved in such a manner for a minute. Coach C would never tolerate that. In my 8 years as a West Band parent I was always impressed by all the kids who put in the long hours for these extra-curricular activites. Football, band, dance team, pretty much all of these kids are hard workers, and excellent students.

I can, however, understand how the Lancers would forget to bring the nut cup...not having had it for 16 years, I'm sure it's simply not something they would think of. Honest mistake. Probably won't have it again for another 16 years so no worries.

Vikingdad said...

Thanks TheImapler, Well said and right on.

Blair tate said...

Most of you dont play football and dont really know what happens on the field just saying. .