Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sunflower League Extra

Remington Whitley, #31, on the right making the tackle,
was instrumental in shutting down Olathe North's offensive
attack on Friday.  Photo courtesy the Kansas City Star.
1. Brad Strauss, Quarterback, Lawrence
Week Six Stats: 8-of-14 passing, 134 yards, 1 TD; 14 carries, 115 yards, 4 TDs; 1 KR TD

Lawrence Head Coach Dirk Wedd was quoted this week in the Lawrence Journal World decribing Strauss as "the type of player that comes along once or twice in your coaching career."  It was a pretty strong statement considering Wedd's long history at LHS, and definitely something to keep in mind.  Don't forget--Strauss is only a junior.

2. Willie Cauley, Wide Receiver, Olathe Northwest
Week Six Stats: 5 receptions, 136 yards, 2 TDs

Cauley receives a one-spot jump in the rankings based on his strong performance against SM North.  The consistency he's displayed throughout the season is perhaps what has been most impressive about his body of work.  He's on pace for one of the best statistical seasons from a wide receiver in league history.

3. Gabe Guild, Running Back, SM South
Week Six Stats: 22 carries, 186 yards

With his efforts on Friday Guild eclipsed the 1,000-yard rushing mark on the season.  He is the only running back in the league to have topped that mark thus far, and he's averaging a hair under 182 yards per game.  While his team has only collected one win, it certainly hasn't been due to a lack of effort on Guild's behalf.

4. Treshawn Root, Running Back, Olathe North
Week Six Stats: 16 carries, 86 yards

Root was bottled up pretty well by the Olathe South defense, but one average performance (by Root's standards) won't bump him down four spots off the list.  The talented senior is still averaging 9.5 yards per carry and how he performs down the stretch will be a big indication of how well Olathe North does.

5. Remington Whitley, Linebacker, Olathe South
Week Six Stats: 16 tackles (1 tackle for loss)

This could be a cup of coffee for Whitley, or he could become a mainstay in the Top 5 Player Ratings.  Whitley's efforts were critical in shutting down Olathe North's aforementioned Root and Orange Mooney last Friday.  His 16 tackles were as many as we've seen out of a defensive player in a big game all season, and he ranks in the top five in the league in interceptions with three.

Honorable Mention: Tanner Gentry, Olathe North; Orange Mooney, Olathe North; John Kelsh, Olathe East; Kendall Kelly, Olathe East; Dalton Rook, Olathe Northwest; Connor Middleton, Olathe Northwest; Kyle McFarland, Free State.

Stat Check

Passing Yards

Dalton Rook, Olathe Northwest: 1,364, 15 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 1,303, 8 TDs
Jordan Bruce, Olathe North: 833, 11 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 831, 9 TDs
Armani Williams, SM West: 734, 5 TDs
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 714, 5 TDs
Nick Pirotte, SM East: 711, 4 TDs
Mark Dabeck, Leavenworth: 586, 4 TDs
Ryan Theis, SM North: 461, 5 TDs
John Blazevic, Olathe East: 429, 4 TDs

Rushing Yards
Gabe Guild, SM South: 1,090, 9 TDs
Orange Mooney, Olathe North: 819, 9 TDs
Treshawn Root, Olathe North: 807, 5 TDs
Connor Middleton, Olathe Northwest: 709, 12 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 700, 6 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 647, 10 TDs
John Kelsh, Olathe East: 640, 6 TDs
Kendall Kelly, Olathe East: 606, 10 TDs
Danny Manning, SM Northwest: 601, 5 TDs
Tre Burt, SM West: 490, 5 TDs

Receiving Yards
Willie Cauley, Olathe Northwest: 831, 11 TDs
Tanner Gentry, Olathe North:  501, 9 TDs
Ryan Patterson, Free State: 468, 3 TDs
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 435, 5 TDs
Anthony Buffalomeat, Lawrence: 398, 4 TDs
Erick Mayo, Lawrence: 383, 2 TDs
Drake Hofer, Lawrence: 336, 2 TDs
Joel Spiller, SM West: 321, 2 TDs
Elliot Faerber, SM East: 318, 2 TDs
Mason Perez, SM North: 316, 5 TDs

Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 92
Alex Anthony, Olathe Northwest: 81
Alex Waugh, Leavenworth: 67
Tony Wagner, Olathe North: 66
Jeramie Fischer, SM South: 64
Austin Jackson, Leavenworth: 61
Colin McCarty, SM North: 61
Gage Smoots, Olathe North: 58
Connor Middleton, Olathe Northwest: 57
Joe Dineen, Free State: 55

Interceptions (Based on return yardage)
Tim Mayes, Olathe Northwest: 4 (1 TD)
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 4
Calloway Schmidt, Free State: 4
Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 3
Sean Wilkes, SM North: 3

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Teddy Colbert, Olathe South: 1 KR TD
Tanner Gentry, Olathe North: 1 PR TD
Matt Elliott, Olathe South: 1 KR TD
Andy Hiett, SM East: 1 PR TD
Jake Horner, SM Northwest: 2 KR TD
Avery Parker, Olathe Northwest: 1 KR TD
Mason Perez, SM North: 2  KR TD
Taylor Sheffield, Olathe South: 1 KR TD
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 1 KR TD
Troy Wilkins, SM East: 1 KR TD
Junior Williams, Olathe East: 1 KR TD

Stats courtesy Mid-Statesports.com


@theRev_Carnahan said...

Eli- we love your blog (we as in both my boys and I). They have grown up enjoying Sunflower League football, growing up in the Olathe system and in the last 5 years in Lawrence. We find you blog informative and accurate in it's reporting. thank you for the time you invest to make it happen and we continue to spread the news about your blog to all who enjoy SL football. We all love the attention Brad Strauss is getting this year as well! He is a great kid with a competitive spirit I have never seen in a high school athlete, not to mention an incredible skill set; a great choice as your top player so far this year and amazingly only a junior! Go Chesty Lions!

TheRedzone said...

Kelly/OE performance of 180yds and 3td's in consecutive games only makes honorable mention this week, wow..