Friday, November 4, 2011

6A Regional Playoff Scores

Friday, Nov. 4

Olathe South 37, Lawrence 14
SM West 52, Leavenworth 7
Olathe East 40, Olathe Northwest 23
SM East 38, SM Northwest 21


TheImpaler said...

SMW 52 LV 7.

Imp 4-0 this week.

Good games set up for next week:

SMW (7-3) @ OE (8-2)
OS (9-1) @ SME (6-4)

Pitt80 said...

Sm East vs Olathe South (9-1)
Sm West vs Olathe East

WOW! What a week

Wichita Heights (10-0) vs Garden City
Manhattan (10-0) vs Derby

Who do you like?

EagleSenior said...

Congrats to OE and OS on their victories, I can't wait to see them play each other at Sub State in 2 weeks! haha

Slugger said...

Wow, Rematches of some of the more competitive games for OE and OS this week.

OE and SMW was a great game earlier this year. Virtually even on total yards and yards/play. East won the turnover battle and that won the game.

SME gave OS one of the more physical games earlier this year. Exepct the same again.

Sniper - as much as I would like to see OS and OE go at it again, neither team better be looking past this weekend, or they will be watching from the stands next weekend.

EagleSenior said...

your right Slugger, I was merely joking haha. Both SME and SMW are in a good position to takeout either Olathe school

TheImpaler said...

Hey Pitt, how 'bout them 'Bods?!

FootballRulez said...

If SME has no turnovers, the game is theirs.

Govannon Grey said...

It'll be interesting for these two rematches. They always say it's hard to beat a good team twice, so that an advantage to the SM schools.

Govannon Grey said...


TheImpaler said...

I think we have wound up with the best 4 teams at least from a 'how they're playing at the end of the season' standpoint. SMW-OE is always a war and SME seems to be getting back to full strength and with a good passing game and good run defense they matchup well with OS. Should be great games.

Shawnee Mission district football it's time to nut up or shut up, you were totally donminated by Olathe in the regular season, you need to take a step back toward respectability and win at least one of these games. And a SME-SMW rematch in substate would be awesome.

perfectprediction said...

OE 21-smw 17
OS 14-sme 17

alex forslund said...

i'll tell you all someting... if South had made the playoffs and i was healthy we'd win state. no doubt in my mind

KSB said...

you are the raiders alex forslund! you and guild are the machine that churns the wheels for the other 50+ kids that dress out for that team too brotha man. keep up the great work! - love your SMW-faithful

Blair tate said...


Blair tate said...

Sme defense ate gabe and alex for dinner in there game hope getting shutout on your last game ever sits well alex

alex forslund said...

you shut your mouth blair! if i was quarterbacking your sons team, you guys wouldnt have a BUST year. oh and how is special teams treating little brooks?