Friday, August 24, 2012

Social Media Standings

This is a fun segment I plan on doing during the season to recognize the fans and fanbases who are most interactive with me via social media outlets.  Most specifically, Twitter.

Follow me @eliunderwood (I'll follow you unlike the majority of so-called "bloggers") and feel free to continue Tweeting at me with your Sunflower League football comments, questions, score updates, etc.  Retweets and favorites are also highly appreciated and will be used for fan polls during the season.

I'll try to respond as much as possible.  Hopefully this will help to speed up the exchange of information in the league, most specifically scoring updates on Friday nights and other nuggets during the week.  If you do Tweet at me please include which school you're affiliated with (e.g. OS, SMW, LEAV) and if it's during a game please feel free to Tweet the players who've scored,  how they scored, etc., if you want, as this will help my other followers receive more detailed updates as well.

Here are the Social Media Standings, with some of the most interactive Twitter users mentioned (I would strongly encourage you to follow these users as well).  These are completely subjective in nature and completely appreciative on my behalf.

1. Olathe South Falcons

2. Lawrence Chesty Lions

3. SM West Vikings

4. SM East Lancers

5. SM South Raiders

Unafiliated: @CoachJimAdam, @Hovpen

*If you don't want your Twitter username published please let me know and I'll remove it.

So far this year there have been five groups primarily dominating the Twitter interaction, but Olathe South players and fans have taken their game to a new level in recent weeks--and I appreciate it.  It's a heck of alot more fun when I can interact with the players, fans and coaches.

And I have to give a shout out to Olathe South, SM West and SM South for their team websites.  Each of those three sites, individually, have generated more traffic to my site than the combined traffic I receive from the other nine team sites.  Don't waste your time going to your team website and then linking here for that purpose--but if you're a webmaster of a team site and haven't linked here, please do, because I've linked to you.

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Pitt 80 said...

Please keep us updated on all college recruiting starting Sept 1 when college coaches can start contacting players by phone once a week and twitter and e-mail anytime. What Sunflower League players will be heading to the next level?