Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunflower League Extra: Week Four

Brad Strauss, right. LJ World.
Top 5 Player Ratings

1. Brad Strauss, Lawrence, Quarterback
Week Three Stats: 15-of-27 passing, 305 yards, 3 TDs; 18 carries, 87 yards, 1 TD; 1 defensive interception

First he puts up 392 yards of total offense and four touchdowns.  Then he makes the game sealing interception on defense.  Is there anything Strauss can't do?  It's been awhile since we've had a player who consistently puts up ridiculous numbers the way Strauss does.  If you get a chance this season try to make it to an LHS game to see him in action.

2. Gabe Guild, SM South, Running Back
Week Three Stats: 16 carries, 236 yards, 3 TDs

If Strauss is the most important player to any one team in the league then Guild has got to be the second most important.  I'm already looking forward to SM South's week eight game against Blue Valley North to see how many yards Guild can put up in that one (it doesn't hurt that several of my good friends attended BVN).  In the meantime, expect the big yardage totals to continue.  Right now he's on pace to hit 2,000 rushing yards if the Raiders make the playoffs.

3. Kyle McFarland, Lawrence Free State, Quarterback
Week Three Stats: 12-of-21 passing, 235 yards, 2 TDs; 9 carries, 35 yards; 1 defensive interception

While McFarland had an up and down game on Friday (he threw three interceptions) it was obvious that without his big plays Free State wouldn't have been in the game to begin with. He might throw the best deep ball in the league and on both sides of the ball he's impressive (he leads the league in defensive interceptions with three).

4. Brett Sterbach, SM West, Running Back
Week Three Stats: 31 carries, 223 yards, 2 TDs

Sterbach is like a clone of Connor Middleton, Olathe Northwest's dominant back from last season who was undersized in stature, only, and dominated the league week in and week out.  Sterbach has established himself as one of the top running backs in the league and is closing in on rushing for over 1,000 yards for the second season in a row. 

5. Connor Rellihan, SM East, Wide Receiver
Week Three Stats: 5 receptions, 76 yards, 2 TDs

Is Rellihan the best receiver in the league?  He's playing like it.  The talented senior could easily have had a bigger game against Olathe Northwest but the Lancers' starters were benched most of the second half.  Don't look now but if SM East is going to beat Olathe South on Thursday much of it's going to come down to how well Rellihan can create seperation from the Falcon's secondary. 

Honorable Mention: Jordan Darling, SM East; Jason Randall, Leavenworth; Patrick Blackburn, SM East; Hayden Frazier, Olathe East; Matt Elliott, Olathe South; Frank Seurer, Olathe South; Tyrone Jenkins, Lawrence; Remington Whitley, Olathe South; Will Thompson, Lawrence.

Stat Check

Passing Yards
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 684, 6 TDs
Holdyn Halperin, Olathe Northwest: 675, 2 TDs
Jordan Darling, SM East: 601, 5 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 405, 3 TDs
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: 361, 4 TDs
Jon Prueter, SM South: 220, 3 TDs
AJ Verdini, SM West: 152, 1 TD
Nick Finazzo, SM North: 142
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 127, 3 TDs
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 120, 1 TD
Lucas Karlin, SM Northwest: 107, 1 TD
John Blazevic, Olathe East: 78

Rushing Yards
Gabe Guild, SM South: 581, 4 TDs
Brett Sterbach, SM West: 504, 6 TDs
Hayden Frazier, Olathe East: 433, 5 TDs
Jason Randall, Leavenworth: 398, 4 TDs
Russell White, Olathe South: 381, 5 TDs
Henry Bell, SM North: 297, 5 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 265, 1 TD
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 240, 2 TDs
Tyrone Jenkins, Lawrence: 237, 3 TDs
Patrick Blackburn, SM East: 233, 5 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 226, 3 TDs
Jesse Patterson, SM North: 221
TJ Cobbs, Free State: 220, 5 TDs

Receiving Yards
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 305, 4 TDs
Will Thompson, Lawrence: 296, 2 TDs
Nathan Power, Olathe Northwest: 286, 1 TD
Tye Hughes, Free State: 161, 1 TD
Drake Hofer, Lawrence: 158, 2 TDs
Jeff George, Leavenworth: 150, 3 TDs
Chase Gitlin, Olathe Northwest: 129
Eric Mayo, Lawrence: 117, 2 TDs
Adam Harter, Olathe Northwest: 113
Andre Maloney, SM West: 111, 2 TDs
Devin Martin, SM South: 97

Josh Ammel, Leavenworth: 42
Jeramie Fischer, SM South: 36
David Stewart, SM East: 32
Jordan Donnelson, Leavenworth: 31
Robert Rice, SM West: 31
Corban Schmidt, Free State: 31
Sawyer Hawkins, Olathe South: 31
Rashaun Owens, SM West: 28
Alex Durr, Olathe Northwest: 27
Sterling Lehman, Olathe South: 27
Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 27
Keith Loneker, Free State: 25
Justin Magott, Olathe South: 25
Marquan Osbey, SM West: 25
Al Smith, Olathe East: 25

Max Bullard, SM West: 3
Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 3
Nick Oliver, SM South: 2
Braden Smith, Olathe South: 2
Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 2

Kyle McFarland, Free State: 3
Matt Elliott, Olathe South: 2
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 2
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 1 (1 TD)
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 (1 TD)
Khalil Hattley, SM Northwest: 1 (1 TD)
Demarko Bobo, Free State: 1 (1 TD)
Hayden Frazier, Olathe East: 1
Andre Maloney, SM West: 1
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 1
Abdul Ra'Keim, SM South: 1
Chase Hanson, Olathe South: 1
Tye Hughes, Free State: 1
Isaiah Macklin, SM West: 1
Will Oakley, SM East: 1
Jawaan Potts, Leavenworth: 1
Tory Powell, SM West: 1
Jonathan Pressler, SM North: 1
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 1
Stan Skwarlo, Free State: 1
David Stewart, SM East: 1
Troy Wilkins, SM East: 1

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 1 KR TD
Tye Hughes, Free State: 1 PR TD
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 PR TD

*SM Northwest has not submitted statistics.
*Lawrence has not submitted defensive statistics. 


The Biscuit said...

Eli my man we need a forced fumbles/fumble recovery stat especially since my Lancers would be killing that stat line... Man Im juiced for Thursday night! Who wants to fly me home so I can go to it? It's going to be an amazing atmosphere, my guess is standing room only. Go EAST! Beat OS!

SMS watcher said...

Thru 1/3rd of season, Jon Preuter of SM South has highest QB rating in Sunflower league of 152.5!

Who's Your Daddy said...

I feel sorry for John Blazevic. He proved last year he can pass well. With only 78 yards passing on the season and 40 coming on one play I would be pissed. The one dimensional play calling does a disservice the players on Olathe East. So many athletes leave that program underutilized and disappointed.

The Biscuit said...

SMS... lol