Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week Four Game Recaps

Brett Sterbach. KC Star.
SM West 18, Olathe East 8

This was one of the quickest games I've ever witnessed, as the run-orientated teams left the field at ODAC in under two hours time.  The game was as much of a blur. 

SM West jumped out to an early 6-0 lead when AJ Verdini found Andre Maloney on a five-yard slant route.  The Vikings pushed the lead to 9-0 later in the half on a 33-yard field goal from Joey Reed.  SM West added another Verdini to Maloney connection for a touchdown--this time from 29 yards out--to push the lead to 15-0 at halftime.

In the third quarter Reed added a second field goal from 32 yards out to make things 18-0.  Olathe East's lone score came on a 16-yard touchdown run from Hayden Frazier later in the half.  SM West running back Brett Sterbach was a mainstay throughout the game, adding 132 yards on 25 carries, his fourth 100-yard rushing performance of the season. 

SM East 3, Olathe South 0

If you were expecting offensive fireworks in this game you might have left disappointed.  However, if you're one who subscribes to old school defensive battles, this game was all you.  To slow SM East's high-powered offensive attack Olathe South came out in a hybrid 3-3-5 defense, giving their safeties plenty of depth to prevent long pass plays.  The scheme worked exceptionally well, limiting SM East's pass offense all night.  The one drive it faltered had to do with the run lanes it allowed up front.

On the drive which took place in the third quarter, SM East quarterback Jordan Darling carried the ball six times for 25 yards, all up the middle.  He also completed a 20-yard pass to Connor Rellihan which put the Lancers into scoring position.  That proved to be all they needed.  A resulting 19-yard field goal from Will Humphrey put SM East up 3-0 and in the driver's seat for good.  With the exception of one play where Olathe South's Russell White broke off a 40-yard run, it never really looked as though the Falcons clicked on offense.  The closest they came to scoring was reaching the SM East 29-yard line.  SM East's victory ended Olathe South's winning streak at nine games and positioned the Lancers as the league's only undefeated team.

Lawrence Free State 34, Olathe North 28

Tied at 28 late in the fourth quarter, Olathe North gained possession of the ball in their own territory and had a chance to drive and potentially notch a late fourth quarter score for a win.  Things did not go well for the Eagles, however.  The officiating crew lost track of the downs and took a down away from Olathe North when they failed to monitor the chain gang's mishap.  Two personal foul penalties ensued--one on the field and one related to the botched down--which resulted in a major loss of yardage and subsequent punt.  Free State was able to score shortly thereafter on seven yard touchdown run from Kyle McFarland.  Free State led 20-7 at the start of the fourth quarter but Olathe North made a furious comeback, tying the game at 28 with just minutes remaining the game. 

Lawrence 46, SM North 20

This game started in similar fashion to the way most Brad Strauss-led games for LHS have--the Chesty Lions dominating on offense.  The first two scores of the game came on passes from Strauss to Erick Mayo and Will Thompson to give LHS a 12-0 advantage.  Both teams added a touchdown before the half to make things 18-7 at the intermission.  In the second half LHS broke things open with two rushing scores from Strauss, a interception returned for a touchdown by Kieren Severa and a 60-yard touchdown run from backup quarterback Tucker Sutter.  The bright spot on the night for the Indians was running back Jesse Patterson who had 21 carries for 162 yards and one touchdown.

SM South 21, SM Northwest 17

SM Northwest played better in the first half in this one.  The Cougars jumped out to a 14-7 lead on a 20-yard touchdown run from Kelby Quint and a 19-yard touchdown pass from Lucas Karlin to Ryan Spaits.  SM South kept things honest with one touchdown run from Gabe Guild.  In the second half SM South added two more touchdowns on runs from Guild, while SM Northwest added one field goal.  Trailing 21-17, the Cougars regained possession with minutes to go.  They drove down the field and actually came within a dropped touchdown pass of winning the game, but in the end they weren't able to pull out the victory as they dropped to 1-3.

Leavenworth 30, Olathe Northwest 23

Olathe Northwest jumped out to an early 14-0 lead and it looked like the Ravens were in position to blow the game open.  But that was quite opposite of how things transpired thereafter.  Leavenworth, led by Jason Randall's 242 rushing yards and two touchdowns marched back to win.  The game was tied at 23 late in the fourth quarter, but a 41-yard run from Isaiah Ross set the Pioneers up to score in the redzone.  A one-yard plunge from Randall gave Leavenworth a touchdown lead and ultimately the victory.  It marked the first time in last 12 years that Leavenworth has won back-to-back games.


Who's Your Daddy said...

I cant believe you have Leavonworth and SM South at 3-1 ranked behind Olathe East at 1-3 in the power rankings. Give credit where credit is due. Olathe East is a victim poor play calling and preparation not a lack of talent. If you put the best talent in the league on the field and call the same play every time they will lose. Based on the powers that be reaction to Fridays loss this should be Meyers last season. My prediction is that East will win a State Championship within three years after his departure.

SMEaster1214 said...

@daddy, looks to me like Eli updated records but not power reanking yet...

TheImpaler said...

Besides OE-SMS in week 9 will settle that one. BVNW looks like a lock to win that district so the Raiders-Hawks game may well be for a play off sport.

Scotts8826 said...

I agree with Thelmpaler, at least SMS and Olathe East will play each other to decide who's better. OE may not be the caliber of team they have had in the past but their schedule has been brutal. Olathe South, Lawrence, SM West and SM East with a current combined record of 13-3! Look at Leavenworth's and SMS schedule and tell me that either school would have done better against OE's oppoonents?

SMS watcher said...

Yeah, the only ranking that matters is the one at the end of the season. Sms best win is Leavenworth and leavenworths only win against a team with a win is smnw. OE has had a tough schedule

team player said...

Who's your Daddy well said on OE!!
I have to stand up for the OE team and QB Blazevic. The reason he can not take the pressure off of the running game with passing is because the coach never calls a pass play! The last 3 years tight-ends are just linemen and not receivers. OE sends out one receiver instead of two or three and they don't go out of the shotgun at anytime. That is not the kids choice. They are playing the 1970 offense the coach knows

Eli Underwood said...

I don't update the Power Rankings until I release the new ones late Monday night/early Tuesday morning. I update the records on the box on the right, but the new rankings aren't put in place yet.

You can always tell because of the week it addresses. For instance, the box still says "Week Four Power Rankings." That was last week's. The next ones will be "Week Five Power Rankings."

Bird Hunter said...

Meyers play calling is no worse than having your right footed kicker do a left footed onside kick that ends up going backwards when your team is up 14-0. That is what Dain did to his ONW team turning that game totaly around with 2:00 to go in the 1st qtr friday night. OUCH!!!

olathefootballfan said...

I agree with who's your daddy Myers has to go. The game has passed him in his defense coordinator up. don't get me wrong the man has done a lot for Olathe East football record shows for its self. but 21 years no state championship that's ridiculous to me with all the talent that has ran through Olathe East. Running the same play 3 times in a row( come on man) your cheatin boys that work so hard for you. to Shawnee Mission schools good job so far to the Olathe school districts you need to pick up your game new coaches better play calling. what I saw Friday night was Not football..

olathefootballfan said...

And if only 2 East does not change their defense to a 3-4 shawnee Mission East is going to throw 440 yards

Who's Your Daddy said...

I was talking to a Coaching Buddy of mine that was in the press box with the SM East coaches on Friday night for the OE SMW game. He said the SM East coaches were calling every play from the formation that OE lined up in before the snap. He also said they all left at halftime from boredom. Are you kidding me!!

SMEaster1214 said...

@daddy, actually they were sitting in visiting stands right near the West youth players & coaches. Some of them were speaking to a few of West youth coaches, and yes, more then a few of the East coaches were calling plays before the snap. They actually left mid 3rd quarter because at halftime Sherman said, "let's see if they show anything different during the first couple of series...".
I have to say...truth be told, and not taking anything away from West because a win is a win, but OE is not good. Myers has lost that team. I do have some concerns going into the SME v OE game: 1) that SME has a let down after a huge win, and 2) that the OE kids come out with a feeling that they have nothing to lose.