Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Kansas 6A Playoff Bracket

East 6A

1. Lawrence Free State (8-1)
8. Olathe North (3-6)

4. Olathe East (5-4)
5. SM East (7-2)

3. Gardner-Edgerton (6-3)
6. Lawrence (7-2)

2. SM West (8-1)
7. BV Northwest (5-4)

West 6A

1. Derby (8-1)
8. Wichita North (1-8)

4. Manhattan (7-2)
5. Dodge City (4-5)

3. Wichita Northwest (6-3)
6. Topeka (8-1)

2. Hutchinson (7-2)
7. Wichita Heights (7-2)

*Higher seeds host all first round games.
**The winner of the 6A West bracket will face off with the winner of 6A East bracket in the 6A state championship on November 24 in Topeka.


Wii Not Fit said...

Great match ups across the board. GE vs. LHS will be a great game. My prediction, we will see another LHS vs. FS game in sub-state.

Free State Fan said...

Ponder this for a moment... You are from another state and you see the top division (6A) playoff bracket and see 3 teams with losing records - one at 1-8 no less. Seriously? How can KSHSAA justify this year after year? There is no way Kansas high school football gains any kind of regional or national respect from this. It is a crime that good teams with WINNING RECORDS are sitting at home now and average programs are rewarded for bad seasons because they are lucky enough to be in a district with teams as bad as them. Just not right! My 2 cents...

EagleSenior said...

I just don't understand how you can get in with one win? This playoff system is so confusing to me.

TheImpaler said...
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TheImpaler said...

Three teams tied in their district at 1-2, jr. Wichita North had the best point spread in district between the 3 teams even though they lost 70-7 to Wichita Northwest, because you can only get a maximum of 13 points plus or minus in one game. Supposedly to keep teams from running up the score...that worked real well with them losing 70-7, eh? They need to at least expand that to 28, 13 is a stupid limit. There's a big differnce between beating ssomeone by 13 and beating them by 28. I understand you don't want to embarass kids but obviously this is not stopping teams from running up the score.

Yes, WN in at 1-8 is ludicrous and something needs to be done but it's not the only ridiculous thing this year. SME and LAW both on the road in round 1 at 7-2 and Topeka High on the road at 8-1 plating at a 7-2 team. SME is playing at a 5-4 team. SMW will probably have to play two games in Lawrence to get to state in spite of the fact that they're the 2 seed. There's got to be a better way. It's hard to imagina a worse system.