Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sunflower League Extra: Week Seven

Brett Sterbach. C: Elaine Ferguson.
Top 5 Player Ratings

1. Brad Strauss, Quarterback, Lawrence
Week Six Stats: 19-of-22 passing, 235 yards, 3 TDs; 14 carries, 48 yards

Strauss had yet another excellent week, passing for three touchdowns while also coming up with half a dozen tackles from his free safety position.  He now has 22 combined touchdowns on the season to go along with 1,769 yards of total offense.

2. Kyle McFarland, Quarterback, Free State
Week Six Stats: 3-of-11 passing, 58 yards, 2 TDs; 9 carries, 27 yards

McFarland didn't have a huge game against SM East, but he didn't need to--Free State's defense scored two touchdowns in the game.  When he was called on to do work on the offensive side of the football McFarland still managed to throw for two touchdowns passes, leading Free State to their fifth victory on the year.

3. Gabe Guild, Running Back, SM South
Week Six Stats: 32 carries, 161 yards, 2 TDs

Guild is always impressive to watch run.  He didn't break a play longer than 25 yards and his team didn't win, but he was one of the main driving forces behind SM South hanging with LHS for the first half.  His number will really be called this Friday when SM South takes on Blue Valley Northwest.

4. Brett Sterbach, Running Back, SM West
Week Six Stats: 25 carries, 92 yards, 3 TDs

Sterbach was held under 100 yards rushing in a game for the first time all season but it's not like it really mattered.  He still scored three touchdowns and his Vikings won easily.  Expect him to put up big numbers this Friday when SM West host's SM North for homecoming.

5. Russell White, Running Back, Olathe South
Week Six Stats: 13 carries, 96 yards, 2 TDs

White gets a cup of coffee after leading the Falcons to an easy victory over SM Northwest.  While he hasn't been a real well-known commodity this year, his efforts will go a long way determining what Olathe South does from now through the playoffs.  He also ranks third in the league in rushing touchdowns with nine.

Honorable Mention: Hayden Frazier, Olathe East; Joe Dineen, Free State; Erick Mayo, Lawrence; Connor Rellihan, SM East; Demarko Bobo, Free State; Braden Smith, Olathe South; Corban Schmidt, Free State; Judson Cole, Leavenworth.

Stat Check

Passing Yards
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 1,304, 13 TDs
Holdyn Halperin, Olathe Northwest: 1,301, 6 TDs
Jordan Darling, SM East: 1,072, 6 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 840, 9 TDs
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: 725, 6 TDs
AJ Verdini, SM West: 534, 5 TDs
Lucas Karlin, SM Northwest: 519, 2 TDs
Jon Prueter, SM South: 446, 4 TDs
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 390, 5 TDs
Dontez Sanchez, Olathe North: 257, 2 TDs
Nick Finazzo, SM North: 182
John Blazevic, Olathe East: 160

Rushing Yards
Gabe Guild, SM South: 1,199, 10 TDs
Brett Sterbach, SM West: 995, 12 TDs
Jason Randall, Leavenworth: 769, 6 TDs
Hayden Frazier, Olathe East: 757, 7 TDs
Russell White, Olathe South: 722, 9 TDs
Alex Pruss, Olathe Northwest: 573, 5 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 551, 6 TDs
Henry Bell, SM North: 525, 6 TDs
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 496, 4 TDs
Patrick Blackburn, SM East: 468, 8 TDs
Kelby Quint, SM Northwest: 468, 4 TDs
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 465, 8 TDs

Receiving Yards
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 573, 4 TDs
Will Thompson, Lawrence: 446, 3 TDs
Nathan Power, Olathe Northwest: 395, 2 TDs
Chase Gitlin, Olathe Northwest: 386, 1 TD
Tye Hughes, Free State: 366, 4 TDs
Erick Mayo, Lawrence: 360, 6 TDs
Drake Hofer, Lawrence: 321, 4 TDs
Eli Keppler, Leavenworth: 294, 2 TDs
Jeff George, Leavenworth: 272, 4 TDs
Andre Maloney, SM West: 214, 6 TDs
Manny Psihountas, Olathe Northwest: 211, 1 TD
Jake Horner, SM Northwest: 200

Corban Schmidt, Free State: 72
Josh Ammel, Leavenworth: 70
Jeramie Fischer, SM South: 67
Remington Whitley, Olathe South: 66
Sawyer Hawkins, Olathe South: 61
David Stewart, SM East: 59
Jordan Donnelson, Leavenworth: 58
Keith Loneker, Free State: 57
Robert Rice, SM West: 56
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 52
Alex Durr, Olathe Northwest: 52
Marquan Osbey, SM West: 51
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 51
Max Bullard, SM West: 50
Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 50
Rashaun Owens, SM West: 50

Max Bullard, SM West: 5
Jarred Donnelson, Leavenworth: 4.5
Lee Spight, SM West: 3.5
Connor Holsinger, Olathe Northwest: 3
Keith Loneker, Free State: 3
Kieran Severa, Lawrence: 3
Braden Smith, Olathe South: 3
Rashaun Owens, SM West: 2.5

Forced Fumbles
Ryan Ahlgren, Olathe East: 3
Dominique Atkinson, SM East: 3
Corban Schmidt, Free State: 3
DaQuan Blake, Leavenworth: 2
Carson Bown, Free State: 2
Rasheed Brady, SM South: 2
Graham Farris, Olathe South: 2

Fumble Recoveries
Chaz Union, SM South: 4
Sawyer Hawkins, Olathe South: 3
Rasheed Brady, SM South: 2
Justin Magott, Olathe South: 2

Demarko Bobo, Free State: 3
Andre Maloney, SM West: 3
Kyle McFarland, Free State: 3
Joe Dineen, Free State: 2
Matt Elliott, Olathe South: 2
Chase Hanson, Olathe South: 2
Jake Hoskins, SM Northwest: 2
Erick Mayo, Lawrence: 2
Connor Rellihan, SM East: 2
Robert Rice, SM West: 2
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 2
Brad Strauss, Lawrence: 2

Defensive Touchdowns
Demarko Bobo, Free State: 2 (2 ints)
Jordan Brown, Lawrence: 1 (fum)
Joe Dineen, Free State: 1 (fum)
Khalil Hattley, SM Northwest: 1 (int)
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 (int)
Frank Seurer, Olathe South: 1 (int)
Chaz Union, SM South: 1 (fum)

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Tye Hughes, Free State: 2 PR TDs
Thomas McCue, Olathe South: 1 PR TD
Ra'Keim Abdul, SM South: 1 KR TD

Field Goals
Judson Cole, Leavenworth: (4/6)
Joey Reed, SM West: (4/6)
Riley Adam, Olathe Northwest: (3/3)
Jorge Rivera, Olathe North: (3/3)
Will Humphrey, SM East: (3/4)
Alex Allen, SM Northwest: (2/2)
Jonathan Killeen, SM Northwest: (2/2)
Dainan Swoope, SM South: (2/3)
Antonio Shoenich, Free State: (1/1)
Logan Swartz, Olathe South: (1/1)

Stats courtesy Mid-Statesports.com
Lawrence defensive stats courtesy Trae Green


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