Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Pick 'Em Standings

The comments section of this post is reserved for the weekly standings of those users who predict the outcomes of the games.


SMS watcher said...
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TheImpaler said...
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TheImpaler said...

Whosyouredaddy is the man. My hats off to can't catch him when he goes 8-0.

Who's Your Daddy said...

TheImpaler, Thanks for the compliment. But I have to be honest here I missed the OE BVNW game. You must have misread my picks. 7-1 for the week 40-5 for the season

TheImpaler said...

Let's try this again...I had the OE=BVNW game result backward. Whosyour daddy still ahead but not quite as uncatchable:

Week 8 pick 'em results:

Handle Week Season GB
WhosYourDaddy 7-1 40-5 0
Footballer21 6-2 36-9 4
TheImpaler 5-3 38-14 5.5
Slugger 6-2 37-15 6.5
The Biscuit 6-2 29-8 7
SoccerLover1080 0-0 22-6 9.5
SFL Football 0-0 21-9 11.5
Adam 6-2 17-5 11.5
Eagle Junior 6-2 15-4 12
MahValley 0-0 20-15 15
Olathefootballfan 0-0 3-3 17.5
SMEaster1214 0-0 5-7 18.5

MahValley said...

TheI did I miss out because I did not enter the thursday night picks? I made the Friday picks.

You can mark me down for 0-2 on Thursday if that is the case.

TheImpaler said...

Was you post under the game previews, Mah? If it was under a different post feed, I may have missed it. Tell me what feed it's under and I'll factor it in. No mark downs for missed picks, you'll just be 0-0 for Thursday. I thought it was odd you didn't pick.

EagleSenior said...

hmm 15-4 seems good to me!

Adam Sullivan said...

Impaler, I'm 42-10 on the season not 17-5

MahValley said...

Thel, yeah working 16 hrs. a day for several months now is starting to take a toll on my mental faculties. That said I am the last one in on the "week eight game preview" feed I got them in shortly before game time. My first 6n OHHHHHHH! lol

MahValley said...
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TheImpaler said...

So MahValley is 26-15 and 12 games back. I've put it into the spreadsheet and will reflect it in next weeks standings. Adam, I'm sorry but I cannot take posts from other sites, I have enough trouble tracking down posts from all the different threads on this one. You can keep posting your caveat after my standings if you like.

MahValley said...

Thanks T. I., if I can finish 34-15 it will make up for the times I thought smnw would cowboy up and did not.