Friday, October 26, 2012

Weekly Pick 'Em Standings

The comments section of this post is reserved for the weekly standings of those users who predict the outcomes of the games.


TheImpaler said...

Week 9 pick 'em results. Daddy seems uncatchable...I finally got him on the Law/LFS game and he makes it up by being the only one to pick the Eagles. Sheesh. Your post says it was posted Friday morning though, daddy so I can't give you the BVNW game. Still going to be very hard for anyone to catch him in the few games remaining.

Handle Week Season GB

WhosYourDaddy 6-1 46-6 0

Footballer21 7-1 43-10 3.5

TheImpaler 7-1 45-15 5

Slugger 6-1 43-16 6.5

The Biscuit 5-2 34-10 8

SoccerLover1080 0-0 22-6 12

MahValley 6-2 32-17 12.5

SFL Football 0-0 21-9 14

Adam 0-0 17-5 14

Eagle Junior 0-0 15-4 14.5

Olathefootballfan 0-0 3-3 20

SMEaster1214 0-0 5-7 21

EagleSenior said...

PLayoff brackets? eh? eh?

TheImpaler said...

You're at free state, JR...see the other thread.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Hey Imp, You better check the Date on my picks again. Rumor has it that after my ON vs OS call I may have insider info. LOL

EagleSenior said...

i meant predictions?

TheImpaler said...

We don't usually pick til Thursdays jr....but I'm thinking it will be pretty much unanimous for Vikings, Firebirds and Lancers. The other game may take some thought....You still have to think LAW is the better team with a lot more weapons and a better defense but their kicking game is a glaring weakness and you have to wonder how much they have left in the tank emotionally after getting whacked by LFS. If they can hold Wrench under 150 they should win but it could be close. Not sure who I'll pick in that one yet.