Saturday, May 11, 2013

2013 Player Spotlights: Braden Smith

Smith at a recent Under Armour Combine.
Braden Smith
Olathe South

Positions(s): Offensive/Defensive Line
Height: 6-foot-7
Weight: 295 lbs.
Year: Senior

Stat to Note
Smith's offer list includes Alabama, Arkansas, Clemson, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Stanford, TCU, Texas, Texas A&M and Virginia.  In April he listed Notre Dame, Texas A&M and TCU as his early favorites.

Scouting Report
Smith's legend has been growing rapidly over the past three years.  It's likely he's the most highly-touted player to ever come out of the Sunflower League, and he's certainly the most highly-recruited (he's rated as the 19th best player in the nation for the class of 2014 by  What's there to like about Smith's game?  Well, just about everything.

In his two years on varsity Smith has twice garnered First Team All-Sunflower League honors on the offensive line, in addition to First and Second Team honors on the defensive side of the ball in his sophomore and junior years, respectively.  He's also been named All-Everything at the state level.  Tenacious, with a motor that never stops, Smith regularly commanded double and triple teams while spearheading Olathe South's defense the last two seasons.  Offensively, recruiting gurus are calling his run-blocking abilities uncanny for a high school prospect.

His tangibles off the field are probably the best of any high school player in the country, some of which can be credited to his relentless training routines. In the weight room Smith's bench press hovers around 500 pounds, while he can squat well into the 600s.  His ideal height (6-7) and wingspan (7-0) will allow him to play offensive tackle at the next levels, and he's lean enough (he's roughly 9% body fat) that his frame can handle another 40 to 50 pounds. Oh, and his vertical jump was 37 inches last summer.

Smith helped lead Olathe South to a state title in 2011, before seeing his team fall to 5-4 last season.  He's now bigger and stronger (as scary as that sounds) with even more motivation after his team missed the playoffs in 2012.  Players of Smith's ability don't come around very often, and if you haven't seen him play, you'll definitely want to catch an Olathe South game this fall to witness him in action.


Viking Fan said...

I can't lie that the week two match up against them scares me for my Vikings. I don't care who the Vikings put against him, this kid is tough.

Govannon Grey said...

Totally looks like Ivan Drago.

TheImpaler said...

I think OS is the big question mark this year. SMW, ON, LFS all figure to be first rate, LAW, OE and now especially SME all look to be rebuilding at best. Certainly this kid gives the Falcons a leg up but against SMW with Chambers and Pembridge maybe not so much. Can coach Gourley produce his usual crop of scatbacks to get the Falcons back to 2011 form?

Viking Fan said...

I think SMW is a big question mark also. My Vikes return several good players but the holes that were left are BIG holes. Reminds me of OS after their State Championship in 2011.

BobPrather said...
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BobPrather said...

I honestly wonder what offenses plan to do against the SMW defense. Arguably the best defense ive ever seen. The best defensive backfiels, best defensive line, and i believe most linebackers are returning..? Keep an eye out for Isaiah Macklin.

TylerMarshall said...

Speight, Chambers, and Pembridge... oohh boy..

Eli Underwood said...

SM West has some holes to patch on defense (Demby, Bullard, Rice, Spiller, Neff and Lake), but overall they return as much experience as you can ask for at the high school level. Of course, Olathe South looked the same last year. You never know how these things will play out.

DT - Chambers
DE - Spight
DE - Pembridge
OLB - Arner
MLB - Osbey
MLB - ?
OLB - ?
OLB - Owens
CB - Maloney
S - ?
CB - Macklin

mr.solutions46 said...

All things said here can be seen on the football field. Pound for pound,mean for mean,muscle to muscle no one in high school can stop Randal Byers Jr.#56 D-lineman 6'6" 300lbs.@ONW

Govannon Grey said...

The difference between SM West this year and OS Last year is OS lost 5 of 6(Counting the TE) Offensive lineman last year, and with a ground and pound team, if you're missing the pound, you will be inconsistent on offense. Not to mention the speed they lost. If I'm not mistaken SM West will get 3 of their lineman back on O, and their speed guys, Maloney and Macklin, are back too.

That kid from ONW is big, and tough at times. If he becomes more consistent as a JR, he'll be a force. He does lack the quickness off the ball that Braden and Austin show.