Monday, July 22, 2013

2013 Player Spotlights: Lee Spight

Lee Spight.
Lee Spight
SM West

Position(s): Defensive End/Offensive Guard
Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 225 lbs.
Year: Senior

Stat to Note
Spight was a First Team All-Sunflower League selection as a defensive end as a junior after recording 52 tackles (14 for loss), nine sacks and forcing and recovering one fumble.

Scouting Report
In a season in which the league will notoriously be stacked along the defensive line (see Braden Smith, Austin Chambers, Dominique Atkinson, etc.) Spight returns as the most well-known defensive end.  We knew Spight was a special talent after he garnered second team all-league honors following his sophomore season.  This past fall he took his game to another level and he was as important to SM West's state title run as any player on their roster.  The sky is the limit for his production this fall.

The best way to describe Spight on defense is that he's slippery -- offensive lineman seem to have trouble containing him no more how they approach blocking him.  Spight doesn't overpower players with brute force, but he's quick, he's agile and he has an uncanny ability to slide through an offensive line.  He's also very talented when it comes to pursuing a ballcarrier after a play is beyond the initial stages. Several of his sacks this past fall came long after the pocket had collapsed and the quarterback was way beyond the hash marks.

On offense Spight spent last fall rotating at the left guard position and it's presumed he'll play guard again this year.  He's more talented defensively, but that's not a dig at his offensive game.  With his experience and his natural abilities he'll be one of the better guards in the league this season.  In fact, with a new running back to block for, his role on offense may be as important to SM West's success as what he does on  the defensive side of the football.


Unknown said...

wests d line this year is downright scary.

Unknown said...

free states took a blow... sad stuff

Eli Underwood said...

It's really a shame Fred Wyatt tore his ACL. The more talent the league has the better the football from week to week. Free State won't be able to replace him, but they're one of the few teams in the league who could lose a Wyatt-type talent and still be able to compete for a state title. At least we'll be able to watch him play in college at Northwestern.

OlatheEastfan said...

Looking for other great year in Sunflower

TheImpaler said...

Hey, Eastfan, the AP classes are really working out well for you! 6 weeks baby!

Who's Your Daddy said...

Imp why do you have to start the season with a negative feedback. You should apologize. Obviously a typo. 6 weeks until I start defending my picks title baby.

Adam Smith said...

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