Saturday, July 27, 2013

2013 Player Spotlights: Jimmie Swain

Jimmie Swain
Jimmie Swain. 247Sports.

Olathe North

Position: Linebacker
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 225 lbs.
Year: Senior

Stat to Note
After receiving over 16 FBS offers, Swain has narrowed his list of suitors to Michigan, Michigan State, Oregon, Stanford and TCU.

Scouting Report
Here's the 411 on Swain: after spending his sophomore season as a starting linebacker at Olathe North he transferred to Lee's Summit High School for his junior year.  At Lee's Summit Swain emerged as one of the best linebackers in the nation.  A marvelous junior campaign has him ranked as the nation's 18th best outside linebacker by  Last month Swain elected to transfer back to Olathe North, and he will be an Eagle for his senior year.

Swain is highly coveted by elite programs because he has everything you could ask for in an outside linebacker.  He has excellent size and strength to take on and shed blockers and he hits like a freight train.  His tackling ability is stellar and he doesn't just tackle an opponent, he devours them. His speed, timed at 4.51 in the forty, means he'll be as fast as any player in the Sunflower League.  If you watch his film you'll see that his ability to track ballcarriers laterally across the field is as good as you'll see from a prep prospect anywhere in the country.

Olathe North was looking like a legitimate league-title contender before Swain was added to their roster.  Now that the Eagles will have Swain's services this fall, Olathe North looks like a viable contender for a state title.  You can't put a price on the impact a dominant linebacker can have at the high school level and Swain will be a name you'll be hearing all fall.


TheImpaler said...

Don't F with The Sterbinator!! This kid is just amazing...someone needs to give him a scholarship.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Looks like North just moved up in my rankings.

OlatheEastfan said...

Wow!!! does anyone know why he came back to North ? Or why he left in the 1st place ? North Just Moved up in my ranking as well.. But still SW still on top .. FOR NOW !!!

jocosnob said...

I also find it interesting that he transferred from, then back to the same school a year later, as well. But, it's probably not a scenario exclusive to this particular student. In this day and age, people move a lot and/or family members live on both sides of the state line.

OlatheEastfan said...

@ jocosnob True true .. It happens all the time in Olathe ..We lost one to Bishop Misege all ready .. Hell my oldest son SR year we lost 6.. But we did have one come in as well.. Its Crazy to me ..

Unknown said...

You guys should take a look at Mauricio Chio he had a great off season look for him to be a key player in their quest to state championship run

Govannon Grey said...

From what I hear, his mother lives in Olathe. He moved out to live with his older brother in Lee's Summit, and now moved back to Olathe with his mother. Why? I don't know. That's just the word on the street.