Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week Eight Game Recaps

Gardner-Edgerton's Jaylon Radel was able to catch
the above pass, after it was tipped by several Olathe
North defenders, and take it in for a late touchdown.
Photo KC Star.
Gardner-Edgerton 29, Olathe North 26

Olathe North established themselves on the opening drive of the game, capping it off with a 14-yard touchdown run from Venus Triplett to go up 7-0. A few drives later quarterback Cole Murphy scored on a seven-yard touchdown run to push the lead to 13-0. Gardner-Edgerton got on the board just before halftime on a 34-yard touchdown pass from Jared Hobby to Josh Lang to make things 13-7 at halftime. In the third quarter Olathe North scored first, once again, on an 18-yard touchdown run from Triplett to go up 19-7.

But Gardner-Edgerton wouldn't go away. The Trailblazers scored on a 58-yard touchdown pass from Hobby to Deontre Kendrick to make the game 19-14. Olathe North's Jesse Kendricks picked off a Hobby passed and returned it 45 yards for a touchdown to give Olathe North a comfortable 26-14 lead in the fourth quarter, but it wouldn't last. Traevohn Wrench took a screen pass 58 yards for a touchdown to cut into the lead, making the game 26-21. Late in the fourth quarter, with Gardner-Edgerton searching for anything, Hobby dropped back and found Jaylon Radel on 75-yard touchdown pass (which was tipped into his hands), which was just enough to come away with the victory.

SM East 27, SM West 0

The Lancers pushed their record to 7-1, claiming the Nut Cup and putting together perhaps their best all-around effort of the season. They opened the scoring with a 24-yard touchdown pass from Christian Blessen to Alec Dean in the first quarter to go up 6-0. A long drive capped by a two-yard touchdown run from Luke Taylor made things 13-0 at intermission. Taylor would add a seven-yard touchdown run in the third quarter, and Blessen notched a one-yard touchdown run to give SM East a 27-point shutout victory.

Lawrence Free State 25, Leavenworth 23

For awhile it looked like Leavenworth would punch their playoff ticket and score a major upset, but they couldn't hold a late lead as Free State went on to claim the victory and their second Sunflower League title in school history. Jason Randall opened the scoring when he broke loose a 67-yard touchdown run in the first quater. Free State matched the touchdown on their next possession, on a 14-yard run from Stan Skwarlo, then added a two point conversion to go up 8-7. Joe Dineen added a four-yard touchdown run at the end of the first quarter to go up 15-7. Free State added to their lead with a 37-yard field goal from Alex Trent to make the lead 18-7. Leavenworth responded with a 25-yard field goal from Jake Boyce to pull make things 18-10. The Pioneers would add another second quarter score, on a 31-yard pass from Landry Hodges to Isaiah Ross to make the game 18-16 at halftime. Randall opened scoring with an 83-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to give Leavenworth a 23-18 lead. Without Dineen in the game (he left in the second quarter after taking a shot to the ribs), Free State struggled to get much going, but they did manage a 30-yard touchdown pass from Bryce Torneden to Zach Bickling to get the lead back, which they were able to carry to the victory.

Blue Valley Northwest 31, Olathe East 21

After a 52-yard touchdown pass from Connor Leach to Branden Trinkle early in the first quarter, it looked like Olathe East might cruise to another victory, but they weren't able to keep the momentum going. BV Northwest answered with a 76-yard touchdown run from Miles Alexander, a one-yard run from Jake Rominger and then added a field goal to go up 17-7 at halftime. In the third quarter, the Huskies scored a third touchdown on an 80-yard pass from Rominger to Jaqwan Stone to make things 24-7. Leach capped a drive with a one-yard touchdown run to make things 24-14, but a 58-yard touchdown pass from Rominger to Stone made the game 31-14. Olathe East added a late touchdown on a 17-yard touchdown pass from Leach to Erae Johnson.

Olathe South 28, Olathe Northwest 7

Olathe South managed to stay in playoff contention, while Olathe Northwest was eliminated from making the playoffs with the loss. Jake Seurer opened the scoring with a 63-yard touchdown run in the first quarter to give the Falcons a 7-0 edge. In the second quarter Brian Carpenter added a three-yard touchdown run for Olathe South to make things 13-0. A one-yard touchdown run from Cole Dahlquist before halftime kept Olathe Northwest competitive, as they headed to the half trailing 13-7. Olathe South added the first score of the second half on a six-yard touchdown run from Kyhiem Matthews to go up 21-7. Dresden Wilbur found the endzone on a 21-yard pass from Seurer in the fourth quarter to give the Falcons the 21-point margin of victory.

Lawrence 81, Wyandotte 42

Lawrence's 81 points are believed the have been the most points ever scored in a single game by a Sunflower League team. That's saying something. Without going into too much detail, I'll simply list out Lawrence's scoring, to sort of paint the picture for how things went. First quarter: Kieren Severa, TD; JD Woods, TD; Woods, TD. Second quarter: Drew Green, TD; Severa, TD. Third quarter: Woods, TD; Alan Clothier, TD; Clothier, TD; J'Moni Bryant, TD. Fourth quarter: Nyle Anderson, TD; Woods, TD. All told, Lawrence kept their playoff hopes alive, and can make it to the postseason if they beat Free State by six points or more next week. This game had a combined 1,183 yards of total offense and 17 touchdowns.

SM South 41, Blue Valley North 13

SM South opened with four straight touchdowns, determined to stay in contention for the playoffs (which they did). Ra'Keim Abdul scored on a one-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, before Marshall Bland scored from four yards out. Next, Abdul added a 47-yard touchdown run and then Abdul found Nick Oliver on a 10-yard touchdown pass to put the Raiders up 27-0. BV North added a second quarter touchdown to make things 27-7 at halftime. In the third quarter Bland scored on a run of six yards, and Jawann Stennis scored on an 11-yard run in the fourth quarter. BV North was eliminated from playoff contention with the loss.

SM Northwest 56, SM North 28

SM Northwest made sure they didn't leave anything on the table against their rivals. The Cougars scored five first half touchdowns to SM North's one, setting the tone for the game. The SM Northwest touchdowns came on a 61-yard run from Jake Horner, a 29-yard run from LaPhonso McKinnis, a 42-yard run from Duron Lowe, a 62-yard pass from Horner to Lowe, and a 44-yard punt return by Horner. SM North's lone score came in the second quarter on a one-yard touchdown run from Jesse Patterson. Hoskins opened up scoring in the third quarter with a four-yard touchdown run, before Justin Moody found the endzone from 21 yards out, giving the Cougars a 49-7 lead. SM North scored three straight touchdowns after that -- on a 49-yard pass from Will Schneider to Nick Perez, a three-yard run from Patterson and a 13-yard pass from Perez to Patterson -- while SM Northwest added one more score on a three-yard run from Clay Droullard. With the loss, SM North was eliminated from playoff contention.


Unknown said...

The Nut Cup is between SMN and SME,not SMW and SME Shake my head man

Viking Fan said...

Uh oh, somebody better tell SMW and SME that one Mr. Fischer. That dang brown cup with both SME and SMW painted on the shield might be an illusion.
Not sure how long it's been around but it's been a while. The tides have changed recently but it might have been forgotten about for a few years due to East never winning it.
Before you try to spout off at Eli maybe step back and learn. I guess I should now "Shake my head man"

Now it is a little strange that there are multiple "nut cup" games

Sunflower football news said...

Jared -

There are two (2) Nut-Cup games, and historically only between the three SMSD schools: E, N & W.

The original started between the Indians and Lancers during the '58 season when SME opened and a handful of transfers build a small Cup in the woods room. The schools Administration at the time believed this was a good thing to share competitively as a Trophy to share between the schools. The Lancers defeated the Indians 14-13 at the original SMN (Larry Taylor Field) in week 7 in their first of many meetings.

When SMW was opened in the Fall of '62, a second "Nut-Cup" game was established as well, with no significant ties to the SMN game on the schedule. These matches were both coached by Lancers Arch Unruh at the time, and also Ross Correll (1st HC in West History.) Bryan Speery (of SMN) was the first Indians Coach to face the Lancers when the schools split and the District itself began to get larger.

In recent time, yes the Lancers have crawled out of the Sunflower League cellar. That could not have been done during the horrific late 70s 80s & 90s teams SME put on the field, and the former Head Coaches. Had it not been for Chip Sherman and Dustin Delaney, the Lancers of old would still be fielding the usual 2-7, and 3-6 records of years past.

Hope that everyone has enjoyed this SFL History lesson!

I hope this clears up any and all misunderstandings.

SM-East 2000
SFL & EKL Historian

Unknown said...

So yeah exactly,Nut cup is SMN VS. SME :)

Child please said...

So Kevin,
What is the history behind the Hula Bowl (N/NW)?

Child please said...

Are there other trophies like this in the SFL? Sounds kinda like the Big 10.

SMEaster1214 said...

Jared, you're just making yourself look foolish...again, there is a "Nut cup" game between SME & SMW. Eli was not wrong so just apologize and move on. No need to be belligerent...

Sunflower football news said...

Sounds good!

Hula Bowl - Indians vs. Cougars circa 1969

Began in the early SMN-Larry Taylor era, and start the NW program led by Ken Johns for the first 8 seasons of the schools program. It was a rather rocky era for Ken Johns vs. the legendary Larry Taylor 4-time State Champion SMN Indians.

Larry Taylor of SMN owns the most W's against the Cougars going 10-0 (winning 10 straight gc) before retiring in 1978. Former Cougars HC Tony Severino managed a winning 4-2 record from 1977-82.

That said, with a rather early dip back in to the years since NW opened its doors, the roles have been reversed drastically since the exit of Sam Brown in 2004 (9 seasons ago.) The Cougars have dominated since the 2003 season winning 10 straight games. This streak also includes the week-1 W against the Indians in the opening of the new-Larry Taylor Field in '06.

After 41 games played, the Cougars lead the series 21-20 over the Indians. North's last win was a 28-8 W coached by Sam Brown. Following that W, Brown closed out with a 0-2 record, Ryan Majors 0-4, and Dennis Grayless 0-3 and now Don Simmons 0-1.

Child please,
As for other internal game-trophies or "Cups" played for within the league, much is unknown. There are many rivalries which we are all aware of via city of Olathe with N & S, as well as Lawrence & Free State which also started in Fall of 1997.

Enjoy the read on this rainy day and another day close to game day!