Friday, October 25, 2013

Week Eight Game Scores

Friday, Oct. 25

Gardner-Edgerton 29, Olathe North 26
SM East 27, SM West 0
Lawrence Free State 25, Leavenworth 23
Blue Valley Northwest 31 , Olathe East 21
Olathe South 28, Olathe Northwest 7
Lawrence 81, Wyandotte 42
SM South 41, Blue Valley North 13
SM Northwest 56, SM North 28


Seth Nation said...

81-42....craziest game I've ever seen...can't wait to see the stat lines....NO DEFENSE at all tonight

Govannon Grey said...

81 points? That would have been interesting to see the situations that made them have to score that much. It must have been a fun game to watch at some level.

TheImpaler said...

Combined with LFS' lackluster performance makes that game look interesting next week. ON-OS for a play in game (where have we seen this before?) Vikings look to be finished...stick a fork in them or can they rebound to beat cougs and avoid 1st losing season in 10 years? OE-SMS also elimination game.

Things look bleak for SFL, GE and BVNW look to be top teams right now. SMWpops, Mitch Buhler is a senior next year and AJ is exactly the kind of athlete Scheurig likes at QB....just saying...Bods are on the rise, 8-0 and play a fun style of offense.

Free State Fan said...

Dineen went down with 11:04 in the 2nd quarter, so 3/4 of the game was played without him on either side of the ball. That makes a big difference. Soph Tornedon, younger brother of Cameron, came in and provided a nice spark. FS must avoid the penalties and turnover bug that has plagued them off and on. When they are on, they can compete with anyone, but they tend to play to the level of their opponent rather than playing at their own level regardless. That could be good (or bad) come playoffs - if they make the playoffs, it ain't guaranteed. Two years ago, FS was 2-0 and lost to LAW 20-0 to miss the playoffs by being the #3 2-1 team in the district. Simple this week, win and you're in! Leave no doubt.

LAW racking up 81 against Wyandotte is impressive, but they've been giving up big points all year to lesser opponents. FS hung 55 on them slipping and sliding in the mud. You heard it here first, LV will ring up 50+ and Randall could run for 400 or more yards easily. Their D is that bad and he is that good.

Sunflower football news said...

Since the 1951 SFL season (First official year & 62nd current Fall year)... Of the 17 total teams to have competed in the league including the current 12, no team has ever put up 81 points in a regular season/district game.