Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekly Pick 'Em Selections & Standings

Make your Sunflower League game predictions in the comments section of this post. Standings will be updated weekly by TheImpaler.


Unknown said...


Corban said...

Olathe East - will take all 4 quarters to win
Freestate - pulls ahead in 2nd quarter and never looks back
SMNW - lhs just isn't there quite yet, they will live in the Free state shadow for a little longer

Wii Not Fit said...

I'll try not to forget a game this week...

OS @ OE - Call me crazy, but I truly believe OE is the 3rd best team in the SL this year behind FS and ON (yes I think they're better than SMW but that's a whole different topic). OE wins convincingly.

FS @ ON - I like ON a lot. They without a doubt have some of the most talented players in the league and arguably the best coach, but they are top heavy. Not enough talent throughout the roster to take down FS. Coach Wier will have his boys hungry and ready to play, but they're playing FS. FS pulls away late.

LV @ SMW - Great refocusing game for SMW after a really tough loss last week, this game will allow them plenty of room for error as they transition to the second part of they season. SMW wins on talent alone.

SME @ SMS - Man if only SMS could score some points. Great defense and some talented players but no results as of yet. Could potentially be a trap game for SME with FS on the horizon. I'm taking SME here but I'm putting them on upset alert.

LHS @ SMNW - I am very torn on this one. Both programs really seem to be on the rise and the LHS offense seems to be taking off but the SMNW defense is just as solid. SMNW lack of passing will haunt them in the end. LHS by 2 scores.

SMN @ ONW - Bless SMN heart I really hope they win this year. ONW big.

Good luck to all the players and coaches this week!

Slugger said...

OK, Got to do better than last weeks 3-3. Just unacceptable. Here is Slugger's weekly picks...

OS @ OE – If you’re a fan of High School football and appreciate a good rivalry game, this is it. There have been some great games in this rivalry and this will be another. I’m picking OS by less than a touchdown. (If any of you plan on coming to the game and can make it out early, catch up with me at the OS tailgate).

LFS @ ON – LFS rolls on. I don’t think ON has the horses to keep up with LFS.

LV @ SMW – SMW gets back in the win column against a LV team that is improved but struggling to get a win.

SME @ SMS –Is SME the surprise team of the league? I have got to get out to a SME game this year. SMS maybe the best looking team getting off the bus, but they are struggling to find a way to win. SME runs away with it.

LAW @ SMNW – This may actually be a pretty good game. Two teams who aren’t as bad as their records. I’m giving this one to LAW

SMN @ ONW – What’s the remedy if youre stuggling to get a win.. play SMN. ONW in a route.

Play hard, play safe, one heart beep.

Move the Chains said...

LFS-how can we pick against them?
SMNW---might be game of the week. LAW finding their stride
ONW---keep improving SMN

TheImpaler said...

TheImpaler's week 5 picks: Last week (4-2), Season (20-4)

LAW (1-3) @ SMNW (1-3) Two teams that got big wins last week and badly need this game to keep the momentum going. Lions impressed me more. LAW 31 SMNW 24

LFS (4-0) @ ON (2-2) Big let down for the Eags last week and there's no rest this week. I think the 'Birds are way too much for the young Eagles. LFS 35 ON 13

LV (1-3) @ SMW (3-1) Two words, Vikes....Turn Overs. And I'm not talking flaky fruit filled pastries. This starts a three game stretch where you should be able to get your, um... ACT together. Defending state champs don't lose to the 'Neers. Show some pride, boys. SMW 42 LV 14

OS (3-1) @ OE (2-2) I picked the Falcons here in my pre-season analysis but I think OE has been more impressive against a tougher schedule so far. If the OS offense performs like it did last week, I'm staying with my original pick in a wild one. OS 36 OE 35

SME (4-0) @ SMS (2-2) I flagged this as a red letter game for the Raiders pre-season and I think that's even more true now. Very disappointing effort last week against O South after a good first 3 games. Lancers obviously the surprise team of the league. I got to go with East here. SME 27 SMS 19

SMN (0-4) @ ONW (1-3) Good news, Indians, this is the midway point of the season, you only have 4 more after this. Maybe you can hold the Raves to less than 50. ONW 45 SMN 20

SMEaster1214 said...

OE over OS
FS over ON
SMW over LV
SME over SMS
ONW over SMN

Good luck all...and good luck to all the particpants on Thursday & Friday night-play hard, stay healthy!

4cornerstones said...

Going out on a limb here
get the rest tomorrow

Seth Nation said...

My picks for the week


ON- I hate to pick against Free State, but I just have a feeling that after a big win, and a short week, they may come out flat (as they have done before) and ON takes advantage of it. Would not be surprised at all if Free State wins in a blow out either.....

LAW---THE best offensive line in the league once again dominates the opposing front four. I think LHS has found there strength, and the coaches have adapted to it. Gone are the Strauss areas plays and we are back to 3 yds and a cloud of dust, wearing teams out in the second half. Love the smashmouth tenacity of this team, and the hardnosed, low to the ground running of Drew Green. One thing is for certain when you tackle him, he will not be the one going backwards.

Free State Fan said...

Fight on FS! Short week for both teams, but I wouldn't want to have to prep to play FS on a short week. That said, ON could be 4-0 themselves at this point and I expect a great game. FS is gaining momentum and will prevail. Go 'Birds!

Unknown said...

Olathe East
Lawrence Free State
Shawnee Mission West
Shawnee Mission East
Olathe Northwest

8timestatechamps said...

OE - Solid team
LFS - Not the old Weir
SMW - Solid team
SME - Keeps it rolling
SMNW - Why not
ONW - SMN just can't win

Sunflower football news said...

Great week of play all around. Rivalry week for a couple games SME vs SMS & OS vs OE.

Ill hold of on making picks since I have not the last few seasons as it is.

Separation week begins tonight for a few and building up to District play is certainly on us fans, and alumni minds!

Best Student Sections thus far:

1) OS - #KP4OS - OS, you were awesome to see in action last week and thank you for having me out to see the video and setup! @ CS
2) SME
3) SMW

What Do I Know? said...


MahValley said...

OE over OS(2 pt victory over LV, nuff said)

LFS over ON(eagles have home advantage but not enough to overcome LFS)

SMW over LV(pioneers may be down a bit this after losing to smnw)

SME over SMS(SME's O gets a little better each week)

LHS over SMNW(cougar D may be on field a long time due to lions rushing attack)

ONW over SMN(would love to see SMN get A win here but do not think it will happen)

Adam Sullivan said...


Who's Your Daddy said...

Missed my Thursday picks again.

Os vs Oe- Dont think East can defend the OS offense.
Os 24 OE 20

SME vs SMS- I said from the get go Flex bone rules and East is getting good at it, SME 27 SMS 14

LAW vs SMNW - Lawrence is developing nicely with the young group. Law 20 SMNW 10

ONW vs SMN- After watching North against OE last week. I dont believe I've ever seen a worse tackling football team. Sad!!! ONW 49 SMN 7

ON vs LFS ON 26 LFS 19 I'm so smart.

Leav vs SMW upset special. Leavenworth 37 SMW 34. LOL

EagleSenior said...


4cornerstones said...


TheImpaler said...

Results postponed until the complete of Olathe South's exciting comeback win against the Hawks tomorrow....stay tuned.

TheImpaler said...

Just giving you crap Coach Myers. I need the game for my picks. I guess you didn't need that swimsuit tonight after all?

TheImpaler said...

Week 5 pick 'em results. Rough week all around. AdamSullivan was the only guy to get 5 points this week. MahValley continues to lead for the year by a nose.

Handle Week Pts Season

MahValley 4-2 4 25

AdamSullivan 5-1 5 24

4cornerstones 4-2 4 24

TheImpaler 3-3 3 23

PubhouseNation 4-2 4 22

WiiNotFit 4-2 4 22

WhatDoIKnow 4-2 4 22

Slugger 3-3 3 22

8timestatechamp 3-3 3 21

WhosYourDaddy 3-1 3 20

SMEaster1214 3-3 3 17

GrantNicholson 4-2 4 15

MoveTheChains 3-3 3 15

EagleSenior 3-1 3 14

OlatheEastFan 0-0 0 4

AndrewStottle 3-3 3 3

RavensMama 0-0 0 3

Corban 2-4 2 2

SFLblogfan 0-0 0 2

4cornerstones said...

Darn south v east