Saturday, November 2, 2013

2013 Kansas 6A State Playoffs Bracket

6A East

(1) Lawrence Free State (8-1)
(8) SM Northwest (3-6)

(4) Blue Valley Northwest (7-2)
(5) Olathe North (6-3)

(3) Gardner-Edgerton (8-1)
(6) Olathe East (6-3)

(2) SM East (8-1)
(7) Leavenworth (3-6)

6A West

(1) Derby (8-1)
(8) Wichita North (1-8)

(4) Maize (7-2)
(5) Mahattan (7-2)

(3) Topeka (8-1)
(6) Wichita Heights (6-3)

(2) Wichita Northwest (5-4)
(7) Garden City (6-3)

*Higher seeded teams will host all first round games.
**The winner of the 6A East bracket will face off with the winner of the 6A West bracket in the state championship game on November 30th in Topeka at Yager Stadium.


TheImpaler said...

Booyah, theimp's calculations right on the money, eh?

MahValley said...

Imp, you are the man ;)!

On a side, if others do not mind you could throw out the BVNW win points.

The only reason I entered it this week was because of the slight mention that game got in the weekly run down.

Free State Fan said...

The road to Topeka is full of tough games on the East side. Congrats to all who qualified for the playoffs and good luck (unless you're playing FS)! ;o)

MahValley said...

Anyone have an idea when kshaa will give every school a 10th game then just take top 8 or 16 to playoff system? Or will they just keep rewarding 1-3,4 loss teams?

Sunflower football news said...

Tough call on the 10th game. KSHSAA has ran with 9 regular season games for 50+ years to all schools in the state. Best closest thing they did in 03 or 04, was finally add a fourth round of playoffs and a 2nd team from district play to get a 13 game season (State Final) instead of a 3 round playoff... TBD one of these days.

SMEaster1214 said...

@FSF, couldn't agree more...all LFS & SME have waiting for them (should they win 1st rd), is ON/BVNW winner & OE/GE winner.
I do love this time of year!!!

Fightin Eagle said...

I'm looking for the Eagles to revenge some season losses on their way to another championship game.

Who's Your Daddy said...

Just curious as to how a 1-8 Wichita North team makes the playoffs? Thats embarrassing.

Eli Underwood said...


A 1-8 record and in the playoffs? That's almost impressive.