Friday, November 8, 2013

Regional Round Playoff Scores

Friday, Oct. 8

SM East 36, Leavenworth 14
Olathe East 19, Gardner-Edgerton 7
Olathe North 14, Blue Valley Northwest 3
Lawrence Free State 40, SM Northwest 14


Unknown said...

North side or die!!

TheImpaler said...

ODAC and CBAC will both be jumping next week. Have to pull for the Lancers big time now I guess.

SMEaster1214 said...

@theimpaler, game at SMN district stadium, no? SME higher seeded team.

TheImpaler said...

No, the olathe teams won on the road this week so will be the home teams next week. seed is meaningful only so long as the higher seeds always win. otherwise they alternate home and road in the playoffs...yes it's another of those stupid Kansas playoff rules. The questions is, if both 'unseeded' Olathe teams were to win at home this week which one would be home team next week? Not sure there's a rule to cover that...any rule wonks out there? Both would be 8-3, might go to head to head result from the season I guess. If SME and ON win, SME would host ON in substate. If LFS and OE win LFS hosts. If LFS and SME win, LFS hosts.

TheImpaler said...

WestKan results:

Derby 56 Wichita North 7
Manhattan 60 Maize 59 5 OT
Wichita Hts 55 Topeka 48
Garden City 40 Wichita NW 36

Man-MAI game must've been a crazy one! I thought it would be a great game.

Who's Your Daddy said...

I've got to take my hat off to the Olathe East Hawks. They played a fantastic game defensively last night. Wrench struggled all night to gain yardage on the outside. The pass defense was just as good with or without the wind. Congratulations to Tre Wrench for a fantastic season and career at GE. Nothing wrong with him except he meet two really fast and good defenses over the last two weeks. I'm afraid it may be ON vs. OE in the regional finals. Those scores in the west are embarrassing. Don't they play any defense out there? Defense wins Championships !!!!!!

SMEaster1214 said...

Thanks Imp...I thought it was that a team couldn't have more than 2 home game in a row.

Free State Fan said...

Strong statement by the top SFL teams this week. Guaranteed to have one in the state championship. Derby has a cake-walk to Topeka. Go 'Birds!