Friday, November 15, 2013

Sectional Round Playoff Scores

Friday, Nov. 15

Olathe North 22, Lawrence Free State 18
SM East 20, Olathe East 13


anb9924 said...

Was at the LFS vs ON game last night. Fun game to watch that went right down to the wire. Although I couldn't figure out why LFS didn't try running the ball more. I haven't seen the game stats, but it seemed like they passed the ball 75% of the time.

TheImpaler said...

And from the west:

Derby 55 Manhattan 20
Garden City 35 Wichita Hts 28

Derby looks tough but I think the East is going to get it's third straight this year!

Eli Underwood said...

I too found it a bit odd that Free State was so intent on passing the football (Dineen threw the ball 45 times), especially deep passes, when it looked like the intermediate game and rushing attack were working more effectively.

Truth be told it looked alot like what happened in Sub-State last year, where Free State had success early running the football, then abandoned it completely and came up short down the stretch.

I wouldn't say Olathe North looked that much better, but they just kind of hung around and capitalized on Free State committing unforced errors (six turnovers, no successful PATs or two-point conversions, fade routes galore). And that's sometimes what it takes to win this late in the season.

As far as West Kansas goes, it's really tough to gauge from their scores and records how good they are. Derby has a loaded roster, but they had a better team last year, and Hutchinson basically outsmarted them in Sub-State. The good news is SM East and Olathe North are both playing their best football of the season, and whoever represents the SFL in the state title game, we know they'll have a good showing.

Free State Fan said...

FS took advantage of the safety doubling Lane and exploited the middle all night, that's why they kept throwing and ON couldn't stop them. This one is tough to take... first downs were 23-5... Triplett was held to 35 yards... total yards were 393-224... 6 turnovers was the equalizer. FS will look back on this one as yet another game that was theirs that got away. They dominated the game, yet came up short. Fantastic year and so much fun to watch. Congrats to this year's seniors... 19-4 as starters the last two years.

Congrats to ON for hanging in there and getting the win. Good luck to them and SME next week.

Signing off for the year! Thanks to all posters for the fun, analysis and good sportsmanship promoting SFL teams, individuals, fans and coaches. Go 'Birds!

Eli Underwood said...

Thanks for your contributions, FSF, hope to see you around these parts next fall.

To those breathing a sigh of relief that they don't have to face Joe Dineen anymore, I've got news for you: he has three younger brothers. In the meantime Bryce Torneden appears to be the next QB for the Firebirds, and we remember what happened the last time a Torneden took over...

jnb54 said...

Have to say big congrats. to my Olathe North Eagles showed the grit and grind mentality that many North teams have had in the past and heres to a good game next week against SME that being said have to bring up something

Glad it went in our favor but if I was on the other side I would have some questions

A couple big flags that were called, thought the results were funky

On the first one North thinks they come up with a big stop on there side of the field, Dineen finds no one open runs backwards to make a play but ends up sacked back at his 40 for about a 20 yard loss, A flag is thrown for defensive holding, my problem lies within since when does where the QB gets sacked determine where to 'spot the foul' they moved it 10 yards from where got sacked causing a manageable 3rd and 15 for the eagles defense
(sorry for the bad explanation but it was a weird situation to begin with)

and second I thought 5 yard facemask didn't exist anymore althought I don't agree with a bail out call by the refs north seemed to get a sack on the last drive and it would have been 4th and 15 but a 5 yard facemask penalty was called continuing the drive in a positive manner, just thought there was no more 5 yard facemask so thought either no call or 15 yard facemask should be the result

MahValley said...

jnb54, Did you attend the LFS/SMNW game the week before?

Possibly the worst officiated game I have ever been to and the refs made NO attempt to even hide it.