Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sunflower League Extra: Part VII

Lawrence running back JD Woods became
the first player in the Sunflower League to
eclipse the 1,000-yard rushing mark with his
294-yard rushing night. Photo LJWorld.
Week Seven Players of the Week

JD Woods, Lawrence: The league's leading rusher had 21 carries for 294 yards and three touchdowns on Friday against Olathe Northwest. The impressive thing about his touchdowns is they came on runs of 48, 85 and 76 yards. Big plays are very much a part of Woods' running style. In fact, seven of his 11 touchdowns have come on runs of 44 yards or more.

Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: As mentioned yesterday, Ross had a pretty solid showing on Friday night. The fourth-year starter recorded four tackles, three interceptions (one of which he returned 30 yards for a touchdown) and one pass deflection. Offensively he caught three passes for 74 yards and a touchdown, and he also added 38 rushing yards on eight carries. Hats off to Ross for the impressive showing, and his coaching staff for getting him involved in a variety of ways.

Week Seven Coach of the Week

Dirk Wedd, Lawrence: Wedd pressed the right buttons on Friday. After trading scores with Olathe Northwest for three quarters, the Chesty Lions put the final touchdown on the board late in the third, then held on for victory. What we're finally seeing from LHS is a team that's playing to its strengths -- running the ball and hunkering down on defense. Wedd and his club looked completely lost in week one, losing by 24 points to Blue Valley West, but they've gone on to win four of their last six games, and they have a good shot at making the playoffs.


Passing Yards (QB rating)
Will Schneider, SM North: 1,445, 15 TDs (85)
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 892, 8 TDs (101)
Gunnar Englund, SM East: 834, 11 TDs (116)
Chase Miller, Olathe East: 769, 6 TDs (56)
Landry Hodges, Leavenworth: 699, 6 TDs (54)
Jack Hatzfeld, Olathe Northwest: 611, 4 TDs (68)
Matt Hollingsworth, SM South: 537, 3 TDs (32)
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 493, 4 TDs (62)
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 461, 5 TDs (80)
Adam Rellihan, SM West: 434, 5 TDs (45)
Ron Kopp, SM Northwest: 327 (21)
Alan Clothier, Lawrence: 292 (25)

Rushing Yards
JD Woods, Lawrence: 1,172, 14 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 922, 14 TDs
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 835, 10 TDs
Wyatt Edmisten, Olathe South: 751, 18 TDs
Jalen Branson, Olathe East: 589, 5 TDs
Tarik Watson, SM West: 589, 5 TDs
DaeVonte Nance, Olathe South: 502, 6 TDs
Duron Lowe, SM Northwest: 483, 4 TDs
Calvin Jones, SM East: 481, 4 TDs
Collin Fischer, Olathe South: 448, 5 TDs
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 420, 10 TDs
Dalton Lewallen, SM South: 409, 5 TDs

Receiving Yards
Nick Perez, SM North: 746, 8 TDs
Alec Dean, SM East: 431, 6 TDs
Zach Cahill, Olathe East: 367, 5 TDs
Jeighlon Cornell, Olathe North: 332, 4 TDs
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 325, 3 TDs
Tyler Burnett, SM North: 286, 3 TDs
Manny Psihountas, Olathe Northwest: 259, 1 TD
Coleman Clanton, Olathe South: 202, 2 TDs

Price Morgan, Lawrence: 96
Anthony Hunt, Leavenworth: 95
David Burton, Olathe Northwest: 91
Nick Perez, SM North: 84
DJ Turner, SM West: 84
Zach Gerber, SM South: 72
Dalton Lewallen, SM South: 68
Josh Morgan, Leavenworth: 67
Kyle Ball, SM East: 64
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 64
Joe Fales, SM South: 62
Micquel Riddle, Leavenworth: 61
Sean Young, Leavenworth: 61
Josh Compton, SM West: 60

Amani Bledsoe, Lawrence: 10
Kyle Ball, SM East: 7
Eli Pruss, Olathe Northwest: 5
Parker Soukup, Olathe South: 4.5
Mitch Holsinger, Olathe Northwest: 3
Noah McGinnis, SM North: 3
Isaac Medrano, SM North: 3
Rider Terry, SM East: 3

Forced Fumbles
David Burton, Olathe Northwest: 3
Shane Hofer, Free State: 3
Nick Perez, SM North: 3
Joe Fales, SM South: 2
Mitch Holsinger, Olathe Northwest: 2
Parker Soukup, Olathe South: 2

Fumble Recoveries
(12 players tied with two)

Johnathon Sands, Olathe South: 7
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 6 (1 TD)
Isaiah Macklin, SM West: 5 (1 TD)
Andrew Keating, Free State: 4
Jordan McKinney, SM West: 4
Asher Goldston, SM West: 4 (1 TD)

Kick Return/Punt Return TDs
Juwan Potts, Leavenworth: 2 KR TDs
Nyle Anderson, Lawrence: 1 KR TD
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 1 PR TD

Field Goals
Devin Antcil, Olathe Northwest: (5/9)
Chris Diddle, Olathe East: (5/6)
Jonathan Killeen, SM Northwest: (4/4)
Logan Swartz, Olathe South: (3/4)
Jake Boyce, Leavenworth: (2/6)
Tyler Thayer, SM West: (2/4)
Daniel Clarke, Free State: (1/1)
Cody Corbin, SM South: (1/1)

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