Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sunflower League Extra: VIII

Free State's Bryce Torneden has passed for 628 yards,
rushed for 949, and combined for 17 touchdowns through
eight games. Photo LJWorld.
Week Eight Players of the Week

Bryce Torneden, Lawrence Free State: If you track Free State's progress through the season, you can tell the Firebirds go as Torneden goes. Torneden was one of the league's best players in the early portion of the schedule (Free State began 2-1), slumped in its mid-portion (Free State went 0-2) but he's picked back up, of late (Free State's gone 3-0). On Friday he played flawless, completing eight of his 13 passes for 135 yards and three touchdowns, and rushing for 114 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries.

David Burton, Olathe Northwest: Burton has been the unsung hero of Olathe Northwest's 5-3 campaign. He made a statement on Friday, recording 19 tackles and an interception, helping the Ravens to a 34-7 victory over Olathe East. With the impressive effort, Burton climbed to the top of the league in tackles, with 110. The most impressive thing about those 110 tackles? Seventy-three have been solo.

Week Eight Coach of the Week

Ben Barlett, SM North: In week seven Barlett helped his team to slay the dragon that was the Indians' 25-game losing streak, and in week eight he coached his team to a victory which earned them a playoff berth. SM North was left high and dry just weeks before the season began, when former head coach Don Simmons unexpectedly bolted for a coaching job in Arkansas. Barlett, a SM North alum, and assistant coach, stepped up and accepted the interim head coaching tag for the 2014 season. Through eight games, he's already won two games, which is the same amount of wins the Indians combined for in 2010, 2012 and 2013.


Passing Yards (QB Rating)
Will Schneider, SM North: 1,613, 18 TDs (91)
Gunnar Englund, SM East: 971, 15 TDs (120)
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 958, 8 TDs (93)
Chase Miller, Olathe East: 837, 6 TDs (53)
Jack Hatzfeld, Olathe Northwest: 723, 7 TDs (80)
Matt Hollingsworth, SM South: 717, 4 TDs (34)
Landry Hodges, Leavenworth: 699, 6 TDs (54)
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 628, 7 TDs (78)
Cole Murphy, Olathe North: 611, 6 TDs (93)
Adam Rellihan, SM West: 511, 6 TDs (52)
Ron Kopp, SM Northwest: 327 (21)
Alan Clothier, Lawrence: 292 (20)

Rushing Yards
JD Woods, Lawrence: 1,230, 14 TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 967, 15 TDs
Bryce Torneden, Free State: 949, 10 TDs
Wyatt Edmisten, SM East: 759, 18 TDs
Tarik Watson, SM West: 688, 5 TDs
Jalen Branson, Olathe East: 659, 6 TDs
Duron Lowe, SM Northwest: 572, 5 TDs
DaeVonte Nance, Olathe South: 566, 6 TDs
Sanchez Williams, Leavenworth: 555, 6 TDs
Calvin Jones, SM East: 507, 4 TDs
Dalton Lewallen, SM South: 499, 6 TDs
Adam Harter, Olathe Northwest: 470, 1 TD
Marshall Bland, SM South: 453, 2 TDs

Receiving Yards
Nick Perez, SM North: 830, 11 TDs
Alec Dean, SM East: 485, 7 TDs
Zach Cahill, Olathe East: 367, 5 TDs
Jeighlon Cornell, Olathe North: 332, 4 TDs
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 325, 3 TDs
Tyler Burnett, SM North: 292, 3 TDs
Manny Psihountas, Olathe Northwest: 286, 2 TDs
Joel Spain, Free State: 270, 3 TDs
Coleman Clanton, Olathe South: 256, 2 TDs
Marshall Bland, SM South: 246, 1 TD

David Burton, Olathe Northwest: 110
Price Morgan, Lawrence: 108
Anthony Hunt, Leavenworth: 107
DJ Turner, SM West: 95
Dalton Lewallen, SM South: 85
Nick Perez, SM North: 84
Josh Morgan, Leavenworth: 78
Jake Seurer, Olathe South: 78
Joe Fales, SM South: 74
Zach Gerber, SM South: 72
Josh Compton, SM West: 70
Jadon McGaha, Olathe North: 70
Micquel Riddle, Leavenworth: 70

Amani Bledsoe, Lawrence: 10
Kyle Ball, SM East: 7
Eli Pruss, Olathe Northwest: 5
Parker Soukup, Olathe South: 4.5
Mitch Holsinger, Olathe Northwest: 4
Noah McGinnis, SM North: 4
Jonathan Pressler, SM North: 4

Forced Fumbles
David Burton, Olathe Northwest: 3
Shane Hofer, Free State: 3
Nick Perez, SM North: 3

Fumbles Recovered
Joe Fales, SM South: 3
(15 tied with two)

Johnathon Sands, Olathe South: 7
Isaiah Ross, Leavenworth: 6
Asher Goldston, SM West: 5
Isaiah Macklin, SM West: 5
Andrew Keating, Free State: 4
Jordan McKinney, SM West: 4

Kick Return/Punt Return Touchdowns
Juwan Potts, Leavenworth: 2 KR TDs
Venus Triplett, Olathe North: 2 PR TD
Nyle Anderson, Lawrence: 1 KR TD
Duron Lowe, SM Northwest: 1 KR TD
Isaiah Macklin, SM West: 1 KR TD
Charley White, SM East: 1 PR TD

Field Goals
Devin Antcil, Olathe Northwest: (5/9)
Chris Diddle, Olathe East: (5/6)
Jonathan Killeen, SM Northwest: (4/5)
Tyler Thayer, SM West: (4/7)
Logan Swartz, Olathe South: (3/4)
Jake Boyce, Leavenworth: (2/6)
Cody Corbin, SM South: (2/2)
Daniel Clarke, Free State: (1/1)
Paige Miller, SM North: (1/1)
Ellis Springe, Lawrence: (1/2)

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