Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jeff Meyers done as Olathe East's head coach

Former Olathe East head coach Jeff Meyers.
Jeff Meyers is no longer the head football coach at Olathe East.

The Sunflower League Football Blog had received word his coaching departure was imminent, but nothing materialized until Friday afternoon.

The announcement became official when the Olathe School District website posted a job opening for the Olathe East head coaching position.

Meyers' exit comes on the heels of a 3-6 campaign, which marked the program's first losing season since 1999.

The Hawks began the year 3-1, but closed out the season on a five-game losing streak.

Sources close to the program say the poor results on the field this fall were correlated with a general decline in the condition of the program the past few years.

The sources cited intrasquad conflicts of interest, apathy from the coaching staff, and a general lack of cohesion as a handful of the the problems that had arisen.

Meyers was the first and only head football coach in Olathe East history. He took over in the fall of 1992 when the building opened its doors, and had remained the head coach ever since.

In Meyers' 23 years at the helm, the Hawks combined to go 163-74. His teams advanced to the Sub-State round of the playoffs on six occasions ('94, '02, '05, '10, '11, '12) and his 2005 team finished as the 6A State Runner-Up. 

A seasoned veteran, Meyers' 23-year tenure in the Sunflower League was the longest active streak of seasons coached within the league.

Meyers, who's served as the Mayor of Shawnee since 2004, has been linked to the Blue Valley Southwest head coaching job. The position came open last week after Bill Lowe stepped down as head coach.

As far as Meyers' replacement goes, early reports indicate the program will likely seek an external hire.


Free State Fan said...

I wish OE well in moving on to a new coach. FS didn't play them this year, but I caught the LAW/OE game on local TV replay. Could have been that LAW was having a great night, but it was a very different OE team on that night than I had seen in past years. Can't imagine being a mayor and a HS head coach. That'd be a tough combo to juggle.

Hawk mom said...

The sources you are using do not have correct information.

Varsity Blues said...

@Hawk mom, please share correct info. You can log into the message board to share--there have been several posts there about Olathe East. It appears that Eli is doing his best here to remain diplomatic about this situation, though.

Gridiron Fan said...

The post Eli created was the latest in a series of posts about the situation at OE. His post was non judgemental and was also not posted until the Olathe School District posted the head coaching position at East on its website as being available.

There has been much said about Meyers problems at East and it has all been very similar in content.

Sunflower football news said...

I could only imagine seeing the names filing in for an interview with the Olathe 233 in the months to come. Having checked the 233 site, best of luck to the OE Admin & AD as their search begins.

Hawk mom said...

I certainly was not meaning to imply Eli was not being diplomatic or was being judge mental. The sources were my concern.

"The sources cited....apathy from the coaching staff, and a general lack of cohesion as a handful of the the problems that had arisen."

The coaching staff has always been the same outstanding class of men... No apathy, always supportive of each other and players. The non-constant from year to year are the players and parents.

"Meyers...has been linked to the Blue Valley Southwest head coaching job"

As of The time of the post, this statement is not correct.

Unless the source is Dr. Weber, athletic director Kraig Taylor, Jeff Meyers, or a member of the coaching staff then the information is second hand at best and possibly biased. I am not one of these people, so my information is also second hand so am I to be considered a source.

Luck will be needed to replace this Hall of Fame coach!

Gridiron Fan said...

Very anxious and excited for new beginnings at East next year!! Fresh start, GO HAWKS!!

Varsity Blues said...

I would definitely agree that the coaching staff is very supportive of one another.

I'm with you, Gridiron. Go Hawks!