Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunflower League Extra

Top Five Player Ratings
Player Ratings are subject to change on a week-to-week basis
1. James Franklin, running back, Olathe North: Franklin continued his stellar season with a 23 carry, 200 yard rushing performance Friday. He also addded three rushing touchdowns, boosting his season total to 14.
2. Camren Torneden, quarterback, Lawrence Free State: Torneden once again showed his versatility, rushing for 142 yards and a touchdown, in addition to returning a punt 52 yards for a touchdown.
3. DJ Balazs, quarterback, SM West: Balazs came back from a disapointing game against Free State with one of his best performances of the season. The senior signal caller completed 12 of 20 passes for 151 yards and one touchdown in leading SM West to a 23 point victory.
4. Brandon Willingham, running back/defensive back, Olathe East: Willingham (below) gets a bump up to the #4 spot after rushing for 168 yards on 19 carries in Olathe East's victory. Willingham's emergence from the woodwork this season has been quite impressive, and he has seemingly become one of the most complete players in the Sunflower League.

5. Kirk Resseguie, running back, Lawrence Free State: Ressguie has been on a tear the past few weeks and because of that he makes his first appearence on the list. In Free State's victory Friday Resseguie rushed for 201 yards and three touchdowns.
Honorable Mention: Matt Nowak, SM Northwest; Tre Walker, Olathe North; Lucas Vincent, Olathe North; Hayden Groves, Olathe East; Tanner Dutton, Olathe South

Week Six Power Rankings
*Power Rankings are subject to change on a week-to-week basis.
*See previous post for commentary on power rankings
1. Olathe North (5-0)
2. Lawrence Free State (4-1)
3. SM West (4-1)
4. Olathe East (3-2)
5. Olathe South (3-2)
6. SM Northwest (3-2)
7. Olathe Northwest (2-3)
8. SM North (2-3)
9. SM South (2-3)
10. SM East (2-3)
11. Lawrence (0-5)
12. Leavenworth (0-5)

Stat Check
Sunflower League Leaders
Passing Yards:
Tanner Dutton, Olathe South: 1,114
Kyle Goodburn, SM North: 612
Matt Nowak, SM Northwest: 592
DJ Balazs, SM West: 584
Camren Torneden, Lawrence Free State: 533
Robby Moriarty, SM East: 402
Carter McEntee, Olathe East: 361
David Blazevic, Olathe North: 313
Josh Lemke, Olathe Northwest: 309
Grant Hilton, SM South: 283
Mark Dabeck, Leavenworth: 145
Chris Gaston, Lawrence: 89

Rushing Yards:
James Franklin (below), Olathe North: 1,062
Hayden Groves, Olathe East: 595
Kirk Resseguie, Lawrence Free State: 595
Tyrae Jenkins, Lawrence: 556
Camren Torneden, Lawrence Free State: 502
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 500
Johannes Swanepoel, SM South: 428
Brandon Bouvilom, Olathe Northwest: 400
Kendall Kelly, SM North: 388
Cordi Pascal, SM West: 366
Will Livingston, SM West: 365
KC Waterman, SM Northwest: 358
Barry Sargent, Olathe South: 327

Receiving Yards:
Marquis Addison, Olathe South: 498
Antonio McFadden, SM South: 237
Chris Fields, Olathe East: 233
Will Maynard, SM North: 230
Kevin Webster, SM West: 201
Griff Gans, SM East: 183
Keene Niemack, Lawrence Free State: 170
Justin Austin, SM West: 169
Chris Mansker, SM Northwest: 165

Austin Fulson, Olathe East: 67
Adam Olsen, SM South: 65
Darrin Sorem, Lawrence: 51
Tanner Ginavan, Olathe South: 49
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 49
Dylan Hanson, Olathe South: 48
Chandler Smith, Olathe Northwest: 46
Trip Hiller, Olathe South: 44
Delon Barbour, Olathe East: 41
Gavin Blankenship, SM South: 41
Taylor Coleman, Lawrence: 41
Rodney Harris, Olathe East: 41

Brad Gourley, Olathe South: 4
Stephen Anselmi, Olathe Northwest: 2
Stephan Mangelsdorg, SM Northwest: 2
Chris Pinne, SM East: 2
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 2

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