Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunflower League Extra

Top Five Player Ratings
Player Ratings are subject to change on a week-to-week basis

1. James Franklin, running back, Olathe North: Free State's defense was developing a stingy nickname until Franklin came to town. His made his 287 rushing yards and four touchdowns look easy in his team's victory. He has now rushed for 1,3469 yards (224.3 ypg) and 18 touchdowns on the season. At this rate he will break Darren Sproles' career rushing record at Olathe North by season's end.

2. DJ Balazs, quarterback, SM West: Balazs had another solid game passing for 99 yards and and one touchdown. He is now just two wins short of 20 career wins as a starting quarterback, a number many great quarterbacks in the league have fallen short of.

3. Camren Torneden, quarterback, Lawrence Free State: Torneden (below) completed nine of 19 passes for 97 yards and two touchdowns on Friday, but on the ground (the area where he usually makes the biggest impact) he was held to just 20 yards. Torneden drops one spot, but could easily jump back to #2 next week with a good game.

4. Brandon Willingham, running back, Olathe East: Against Leavenworth Willingham received limited playing time to reduce the chance of injury, and to give other players more reps. Regardless, he still rushed for 80 yards and a touchdown, and recorded nine tackles on defense.

5. Matt Nowak, quarterback, SM Northwest: Nowak bumped himself back into the Top Five Ratings with a stellar bounce back game against Olathe Northwest. Nowak rushed the ball eight times for 23 yards and a touchdown, in addition to completing six of nine passes for 93 yards and a touchdown. He also successfully booted two field goal attempts.

Honorable Mention: Kirk Resseguie, Lawrence Free State; Tre Walker, Olathe North; Lucas Vincent, Olathe North; Tanner Dutton, Olathe South; Hayden Groves, Olathe East

Week Seven Power Rankings
*Power Rankings are subject to change on a week-to-week basis.
**See previous post for commentary on power rankings

1. Olathe North (6-0)
2. Lawrence Free State (4-2)
3. SM West (5-1)
4. Olathe East (4-2)
5. Olathe South (4-2)
6. SM Northwest (4-2)
7. SM South (3-3)
8. Olathe Northwest (2-4)
9. SM North (2-4)
10. SM East (2-4)
11. Lawrence (0-6)
12. Leavenworth (0-6)

Stat Check
Sunflower League Leaders

Passing Yards
Tanner Dutton, Olathe South: 1,418
Kyle Goodburn, SM North: 685
DJ Balazs, SM West: 684
Matt Nowak, SM Northwest: 674
Camren Torneden, Lawrence Free State: 629
Carter McEntee, Olathe East: 552
Robby Moriarty, SM East: 441
Josh Lemke (below), Olathe Northwest: 410
David Blazevic, Olathe North: 313
Grant Hilton, SM South: 312
Mark Dabeck, Leavenworth: 283
Chris Gaston, Lawrence: 131

Rushing Yards
James Franklin, Olathe North: 1,349
Hayden Groves, Olathe East: 718
Kirk Resseguie, Lawrence Free State: 625
Tyrae Jenkins, Lawrence: 592
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 580
Johannes Swanepoel, SM South: 571
Camren Torneden, Lawrence Free State: 522
Kendall Kelly, SM North: 477
Brandon Bouvilom, Olathe Northwest: 439
Cordi Pascal, SM West: 433
Barry Sargent, Olathe South: 388
Will Livingston, SM West: 365
KC Waterman, SM Northwest: 358

Receiving Yards
Marquis Addison, Olathe South: 517
Chris Fields, Olathe East: 310
Antonio McFadden, SM South: 273
Kendal Harland, Olathe South: 253
Will Maynard, SM North: 230
Keene Niemack, Lawrence Free State: 215
Connor Stremel, Lawrence Free State: 209
Grant Ellis, SM East: 208
Kevin Webster, SM West: 207
Chris Mansker, SM Northwest: 198
Arthur Rucker, SM North: 198
Jason Peete, Olathe North: 191
Charles Davis, Leavenworth: 186
Griff Gans, SM East: 183
Justin Austin, SM West: 182

Austin Folson, Olathe East: 86
Adam Olsen, SM South: 73
Tanner Ginavan, Olathe South: 61
Darrin Sorrem, Lawrence: 61
Gavin Blankenship, SM South: 60
Dylan Hanson, Olathe South: 58
Brandon Willingham, Olathe East: 58
Trip Hiller, Olathe South: 54
Chandler Smith, Olathe Northwest: 53
Rodney Harris, Olathe East: 52
Derrick Crandall, SM South: 50
Seth Krug, Olathe Northwest: 47
Paden Murray, Olathe East: 46

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