Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunflower League All-Decade Team Breakdown

After 28 long weeks my roster of the Sunflower League's best over the past decade is finally complete. Here are is a breakdown of the team:

All-Decade Team Players per Year

2001: 2
2002: 3
2003: 3
2004: 4
2005: 3
2006: 1
2007: 5
2008: 1
2009: 2
2010: 4

All-Decade Team Players by School

Olathe North: 10
Jim Bouknight, Josh Carroll, James Franklin, Travis Greer, Maurice Mack, Dustin Moomau, Darren Sproles, Adam Venegas, Lucas Vincent, Royal Whitaker

Olathe East: 6
Todd Haselhorst, Andre Jones, Derek Miller, Anthony Parks, Derahn Williams, Jake Woten

Lawrence Free State: 3
Michael Lisher, Ryan Murphy, Camren Torneden

Olathe South: 3
Kyson Ginavan, Jervon Graves, Jason Santifer

SM West: 3
Blake Lawrence, David Leonard, Jared Witter

Lawrence: 1
Brandon McAnderson

SM North: 1
Brooks Faddis

SM Northwest: 1
Mike Rivera

Etc., etc.

*All 28 players on the team were named All-State as seniors.

*16 of the 28 players were named Kansas Top 11 as seniors.

* Two players, Darren Sproles and Mike Rivera, play in the NFL.

* Sproles, along with Maurice Mack, Jim Bouknight (right) and James Franklin were Simone Award winners. Meanwhile Dustin Moomau, Blake Lawrence, Andre Jones and Derek Miller were Simone finalists

So that formally concludes the list. I would like to say that there were dozens of players who were deserving of making this list that didn't. At many positions the final spot came down to two or three players. The decision making process wasn't easy, but I felt like in the end the best players truly did make the list.

Now to the rest of the summer. During the next three months I will be posting write-ups about the best returning players in the Sunflower League for 2010, as well as covering league related news, releasing my preseason rankings, and a boatload of other topics.

As the sole writer of this blog it is important that I am always coming up with new ideas and topics to cover. I am asking of you, the readers, to send any suggestions you have for the blog to me via email ( These suggestions can be related to summer topics, season coverage, and anything and everything in between. It is the best way for me to improve on the blog, so please, don't be shy.

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