Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunflower League Coaches Poll

All Sunflower League coaches were asked to rank the league without including their own team. A first place vote awarded 11 points, second place awarded 10, and so on. Olathe North received the most first place votes with five, but the Eagles were hardly a unanimous top pick. Olathe East received two first place votes, SM West received three, and SM East and Olathe Northwest both received one.

Sunflower League Coaches Preseason Poll (Team, points (first place votes))
1. Olathe North, 111, (5)
2. Olathe East, 106, (2)
3. SM West, 104, (3)
4t. Olathe South, 77
4t. SM Northwest, 77
6. SM East, 74, (1)
7. Lawrence Free State, 68
8. Olathe Northwest, 52, (1)
9. Lawrence, 45
10. SM South, 36
11. SM North, 36
12. Leavenworth, 16


Anonymous said...

Fascinating. Would love to know who picked ONW to win the conference..or SM East for that matter. I hope it wasn't the coaches at those schools! That would really make the whole concept of taking the poll a joke.

Anonymous said...

coaches can't vote for their team can they? But yes, interesting to see who voted those two.